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Let's Be Friends

Crossover: Drake&Josh and Victorious
Part 1

The night was pretty ecstatic for Jade.

She got to do her play her way and her dad's got to admit that the play was brilliant. Not that she need to hear it from him, anyway. She knew it's brilliant. Still, it was a great deal hearing him admit it. It was almost like a dream. An hour passed since the play is over, all of her 'friends' were chatting among themselves in the empty theater, possibly amusing themselves with random stories and excitement about the play and their success of tricking Mrs Lee.

"...Oh my sweet potatoes, you should've seen her face," Andre ends his sentences with a small chuckles, as well as the rest of the gangs.

"Yeah," Tori breathed, "This turns out into a good night, doesn't it?" she gaze upon to look at each of the gang's faces. While they share small, genuine smile.

"Ugh, dude. My tummy hurts," Robbie murmurs, putting a hand on his stomach. They all look at him but it was Tori who said first "Are you okay?"

"There's one time when my brother had a tummy ache while walking and he barfs his Mexican food all over a small pink puppy. True story," Cat informed them, looking around with widen eyes and nodding lightly.

"Interesting," Andre told her, looking away and shaking his head.

"Ugh, pink puppy. Who would've been sick enough to paint their dogs pink?" Jade asks, taking a sip of her black coffee.

Cat gaze at her emo-like friend, "Are you talking about my Aunt Carla?"

The looks that the gangs shared were broken when Robbie suddenly shrieked with his hand rightly place on his stomach, "In the name of Mr Bean! Will any of you take me to see a doctor?" he said, now on the floor.

All of them just stare at him for a while, and shrugs, murmuring about something else, changing the topic.

"Please?" Robbie exclaimed loudly.

Sighing, Beck got on his feet, "C'mon, princess. Let's get you to a doctor," he said in his coolest tone ever. "Babe, I'll be back, kay? It'll just take a minute or so," Beck leans down and planted a small kiss on Jade's forehead. Jade shrugs, and rolls her eyes. "Good luck getting that cure," she sneers, smirking down at Robbie.

"Oh, thank you for your support, friend!" Robbie shrieks, sarcastically.

Jade let out a small laugh, "I am not your friend," she said, taking another sip of the coffee.

"Isn't that a surprise?" Robbie mutters under his breath before he was being pulled out by Beck saying, "Now, now, little creepy angel. We have a doctor to catch. Don't want you to die, now do we?"

Both the boys disappear in a matter of second as the door shut closed.

"Well, we might as well clean the place up for tomorrow," Tori said, standing up and stretching a bit. Andre stands up too, mostly agreeing with his friend's suggestion.

"Haha, did you know that an ostrich's brain is smaller than it's eyes?" Cat said, jumping on her heel, giggling all around, "Haha, what a small brain they have! So small, so cute! Haha,"

Jade sighs and stands too, putting down her now empty cup. "Well, I need an air. Feel free not to follow me," she said, before taking her steps out of the theatre. It was cold that night as she steps out on the roadside and she had her hands inside of her pockets.

She turns to her right and left before walking towards an alley near the theater. Finally reaching there, she takes out her cigarette and a lighter. Not wanting to waste any minute, she light up the cigarette in her hand and smokes it through her thin lips. The cloudy smoky air run through her nostrils and she closes her eyes, taking in as a pleasure. "Oh, it's you," she heard a deep voice mumbles.

It shocks the hell out of her. She turns her head to the figure in a flash with her famous glare. If looks could kill... she would be a murderer on that moment. Then, there it is. Upon her was an ordinary guy with slightly long black hair and natural pale skin. He also has some facial hair on his face, probably didn't shave for like, months or so- she couldn't see much in the dark. He was tall, that she was sure of. Wait a second, Jade has seen him before- he was the guy who tried to congratulate her, but she shooed him off back then.

"Excuse me?" Jade asks, somewhat offended by his 'oh, it's you', she takes a step closer, "Who are you?"

It takes him a while to notice that she was talking to him, so when he finally did, he says, "You talkin' to me?" he smiles, like he was impressed a girl like her would talk to a boy like him. Jade cocked her head to the side, frowning, "Do you see anybody else I was talking to?" she kind of shouts at him, annoyed.

"Uh no," his smiles seems to be fading, to which she smiles. He clears his throat before continuing, "I was just... making sure.., because the last time I tried to talk to you... nothing happened," he said, clearing things, looking down but not to her. Jade rolls her eyes and shakes her head- sometimes she wonders why she ever started talking to some idiot strangers.

Ignoring the guy once again, Jade inhales on her cigarette. She can feel as the smokes fills her throat and she let it out through her mouth and nose.

"You know, smoking isn't good. Especially if you're a female. And I don't think with your age, you are allowed to smoke,"

Jade shot him a glare.

He gulped, looking away, slightly afraid of her.

Taking a deep shallow breath, Jade throws the cigarette on the ground and step on it. She doesn't know why she does it, or why she is actually listening to this dude but she guess her hand has a mind of its own. "You happy?" she sneers, glaring at him- practically killing him emotionally. He doesn't have an answer, but his eyes were trained on her.

She walks at him and he closes his eyes shut. My head's going to get rip off by a teenage girl. Great. He thought to himself. But as he closes his eyes, nothing happened. He opens one of his eyes slowly to found out that she was staring back at him, frowning. Shocked by how close she is to him, he takes a step back. She just stands there, crossing her arms across her chest.

After almost like hours of just silence, he takes a water bottle out. "Here," he said, handing him the bottle, "Clear your throat,"

With a force, she grabs onto the water bottle without looking at him. She opens the cap and stuck the thing on her mouth, chugging in every drop of the clear water. Finally finishing it, she throw the water bottle at a near trash can as she wipes the corner of her lips with her fingertip. "You're weird," she spat at him.

"And you're...," the guy stop talking when Jade shot him a look, "I'll shut up,"

"Good," Jade states.

"I'm Josh," he informed her, smiling and offering her his hand.

But she didn't take it, "I don't care," she says, giving him a tight scowl. "You do know the play is over, right? Why are you still here?" she asks out of curiosity. Josh shrugs and from the look he's giving, Jade gets that the dude is annoyed, "My brother. He forgot to pick me up. Did you know-,"


"Well," a pause, "He was the one who got me a ticket to your play in the first place. Telling me I should enjoy some 'Hollywood' while I was here! I took the bait and ended up wondering around at a street alone passed my bedtime," he half-shouts. Jade couldn't care less, but she looked at her watch, "It's 9:45,"

"Exactly!" he exclaimed.

"Look, I'm sure one of my friends-,"

"Wait a sec," Josh said, taking out his cell after a 'bipped' was heard. He clicks on his phone and stare at it for a while. He gave Jade a relief smile, "Oh look, who had decided to finally shows his face up? The.. what... the Glorious Bar? Hey, do you know any Glorious Bar around here?" Josh suddenly asks, looking at her.

Jade was caught off guard- never had anyone has cut her off before, "Yeah, go straight and turn left. You'll see it immediately," she answered, shaking her head right afterward. He nods, smiling, "Thanks. Well, I got to go. Nice meeting you... uh, see you around," he starts jogging off, leaving her.

Jade ignores him and hears as he takes his steps away. Idiot. She scoffs to herself.

"Uh, great play, by the way!" she heard he shouts, and she turn to her left, but he disappeared at the corner. She chewed on her lips, "Whatever," before heading back to the theater and joins in the conversation with her so-called friends while she waits for Beck. That's what she was supposed to do in the first place.

But instead, she met Josh.

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