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Let's Be Friends

Crossover: Victorious and Drake&Josh
Part 3

Jade throws her bag on the couch, grunting under her breath while she does so. She doesn't know why she gets out of that house- could it be because of that stupid picture? Honestly, she thinks she could stand it, she has been bearing it the moment her father decided to marry that old wrench. Could it possibly be because of her step-family's all-annoying and irritating behaviors? But, to say she isn't used to it would be just a lie. Even though they do not bond well together, Jade is accustoms with how her step-family is, and the same goes with her step-family's reaction towards how she is. After all, they are family by the end of the day right? But- could it be because of, what's that guy's name again, oh yeah- Josh. Could be because of him, and their brief moment of staring?

She snorts, that couldn't possibly be it. Josh is just some goofy guy Fate decided she should waste her time on meeting with.

Oh, how much she hates Fate.

Jade stops biting her fingernails and pull away her hands. She scrunches up her nose in disgust. She hates the way she caught herself biting on her nails- not only it's a disgusting and disturbing habit, it doesn't exactly make her nails any prettier. Suddenly, the door from upstairs, her mother's bedroom, bursts open. She spins around, watching closely at the figure coming out from her mother's door.

The young man, she could guess he's approximately her age, comes out of the room with him just about to put on his shirt. She could catch a glimpse of his body, but instead of blushing or choose to look away (like any normal teenage girl would do when she sees a totally hot dude), she cringes her nose. She think she saw him before. It's somewhere in a court, where people are cheering and- "Hey," they boy breathes, finally spotting her. She knows he's uncomfortable, knowing fully well he's busted, but he tries to flash her his smile.

His smile... Jade swears she seen it before. Those dimples, his strong-jawed face and messy dark brown hair. She looks up at him again, this time her eyes are narrower, "I've seen you before," she tells him honestly, walking over to the stairs.

The guy swallows, confused written all over his innocent-like face.

"Connor Peterson, an athlete from one of those public school. Good grades, good friends and if I'm not wrong, you have a girlfriend-,"

Panic rises in his eyes and he straightly comes to her, climbing down the stairs, "Okay! I get it, you know me! Please, just shut it will you?"

She takes a step back, surprised of what he just said. She should give him credit though, no strangers ever was brave enough to order her to shut it. Oh this dude has no idea who she is, what she's capable of. She tilts her head backwards, sudden laughter bubbles up from her, shocking the 'Connor' guy in process. She shakes her head at him, still wearing an amused smile, "You should have never said that, Connor."

That guy's trying to act tough, she could sense it. He rolls his eyes, his innocent-like features are no where in sight right now, "Or what?"

"Or what?" Her eyes are sharp and angry- how dare he! With a swift, a scissor is in her palm and she's targeting it to his throat, slamming him against the wall. The shock wave travels in him with a speed of light, trembling as her eyes gaze down at him. Her pointy scissor tracing his skin. "You slept with my mother and you have the fucking balls to say that to me? Do you know who I am? I am the one who's going to ruin your life so bad, all you could do is crawl in that little pathetic corners of yours and cry yourself to sleep at nights because you wish you have never met my mother. I am your biggest nightmare, except I'm real."

He whimpers and close his eyes, his whole face is redder than it could be. She smirks and tug him, "Do you understand me!"

He nods his head at her, "Y-yes."

"Good," she releases him and watch as he tries to regain breaths. Naturally, with a hint of disgust she doesn't try to hide, she barks, "Now get the hell out of my house, you low-life!"

And with that, he scrambles away in fright. Jade watches the door for a while. It has always been this way. If she ever caught one of her mother's sleeping mate, they would always get either that treatment, or she would just ignore that guy and continue doing whatever it is she's doing. Her mother must be sleeping now, and soundly if she may add, that she didn't even heard her little yelling-session with Connor dude. That's fine.

She doesn't have time to argue with her mother either.

Jade returns to the couch and begins to gather the stuff which had managed to fall from her bag when she threw it. She bends down on her knee and starts humming to herself as her fingers picks on the 'garbage' she actually calls her stuff. But one thing gets her attention she stops humming. A ticket, a familiar ticket.

Her play's ticket.


That bastard must have slipped something inside her bag when he was trying to get her phone number. Jade grunts, her fingers tracing over the ticket. It's nothing fancy- as usual, you have writings in it, the play's name, the time, the price, the phone numbers, the... wait a second! Jade stops fiddling and focuses on the random numbers written in quick hand-writing. She couldn't hide the small grin when she realizes exactly what it is.

Josh's phone number.

He must have knew she wouldn't give him her phone number, so he gave his to her instead. What is he playing? What is his angle? Could he consider that she might not call him at all? But he looks like a smart person, he must know the risks. She's not friendly when they met- so why bother to know a thug like her? Jade rubs the bridge of her nose, in an attempt to ease the headache. Thinking is not really helping, that's why most of the times she prefers to just act instead of think first.

She gathers up her stuff, but keep the ticket right in her hand as she heads to her bedroom, passing her mother's bedroom on the way.

She stops just in front of her mother, Linda's door. The door isn't close shut, so Jade brave herself to push it. Slowly, the figure of her mother's sleeping under the white cover appears before her. Although naked and sweaty, Jade couldn't help but to stare at her. Once upon a time ago, her mother was clean from all of these 'activities'. She would be in mall somewhere, shopping for another shoes just because she isn't 'satisfied' with how things are at home. Or inviting some interior design to change their living room and spend millions of money. Back then, if she isn't around much, at least by the end of the day she isn't entirely disgusting.

She comes striding in and Jade puts her book down by her lap. She watches her mother, observing while she makes her way to her. "Jadelyn," she would say, wearing her big smile. Jade smiles back innocently. Even at night, her mother still looks good. "What did you do today?" she asks, caressing the innocent five years old's brunette hair and smiles widely when Jade starts to open up about her day, how a kid name Robbie Shapiro peed in his pants that day and Cat cries because she stepped onto an ant... Her mother hears, laughing all the way, amused by her daughter's story. And when she's done, she looks at her mother, her blue eyes reflecting her mother's warm brown ones. "What did you do today mama?"

Her mother tilts her head to the side, only watching her. She waits, because this is what they do during the nights, exchanging stories before she falls to sleep (only because she doesn't believe in story books. There are all bunch of blah blah) Then, her mother starts, "Well, I go to the mall today and meet Clarissa. Her daughter is getting married this weekend and she asked me to come. Isn't that wonderful, Jadelyn...?" and after a while, when her mother finally ends her story, her head is already on the fluffy pillow. Her mother leans down and kiss her forehead. "I love you Jadelyn. Toujours." She whispers the last part, in France.

Jade smiles, closing her eyes. "I love you too, mama..."

She stops and covers her mouth. She had say that aloud. It's a good thing the woman's fast asleep. Jade sighs, grabbing the doorknob and closes the door shut this time. It has been a long time ago, that moment. It ends when her parents' divorced. Her dearest 'mama' started sleeping with high school guys as some sort of sign to tell Jeffrey she's long gone, and he's nothing to her now. But really, it's all full of crap. Her mother was never happy to found out about Linda- that's why she do what she does.

She sighs and walks to her room.

Ah, there's nothing like her room.

She puts her bag on a table and continue walking to her bed, lying back on the comfy mattress.

First, she's going to find something about 'Connor-jackass' as much as she could (who knows? Maybe he could be useful someday). Second, she's going to burn her school paper which she prefers calling, 'bullshits in written words'. Third, she's going to write a blog about how stupid Vega is. Fourth...

Jade looks at the ticket in her hand.

She's going to think about it.

... "I hate thinking," she mutters.

Jade wakes up to blink at the ceiling.

She groans, forcing her head to look at the bedside- 1:03 AM- she rolls her eyes to herself. This has been the fourth time she stayed up that night. The fight she had with her boyfriend yesterday still hang in the back of her mind, stabbing herself with the words she now only regret. She sits up, tracing her fingers on her knees. The guilt's killing her inside, but her ego was not the one to lose the fight. Beck is going to Canada, only for a few weeks, for a workshop or something, and the thoughts of not having her boyfriend besides her... she clenches her stomach, in an attempt of stopping the pain from swirling crazily inside.

She turns to the other side and let her legs dangle by her bed, her toes just barely touching the floor. She still remember how she had met Beck, two years ago. He was the first one to see who she is, beyond just the appearance. And, unexpectedly, he had willingly fell (or is it still fall?) in love with her. But she's too stubborn, even after she accepted him in her life- they fight, a lot and most of the times, she refuses to back down. Sometimes, she hates herself.

1: 17 AM.

Jade sighs and lies back down on her back.

Her eyes stare back on the digital clock, in less than 30 seconds, it'll be 1:18 AM. She watches, and she blinks, letting the nothingness passes by her for a while. Suddenly, she spots something. Curious, her fingers go up to touch that 'something'. It graces on something familiar. She balances herself on her elbow, grabbing the thing in her hand and close to her. Her tic- Josh's ticket. The pen's ink is faint and she almost miss the 7, but she can see it.

It has been three days since she last seen this thing.

She put the ticket on her lips. It's cold. She closes her eyes and imagine some place that is better than where she is.


She needs ice-cream.

She sits up on her bed and begin to grab her nearest, cleanest jeans. Who is she trying to kid? She's never going to get a good night sleep, might as well make some use out of this vacant time. She grabs her boots and stuck her feet in it. Throwing a last glance at the ticket, she smirks.

Oh, and she really needs an ice-cream buddy.

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