He wasn't expecting Mina to throw her arms around him but it felt good to just hold her. In that moment he couldn't hold back the tumble of words he had wanted to say out loud since the day he realized the truth. "I'm in love with you," he blurted out. She didn't tense up or move out of his arms like he thought she might.

That was a good sign.

"You love me?" she asked finally pulling away moments later.

"Yes I do."

"I...I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything Mina. I just want you to know how I feel, I want you to at least consider being with me."

Grabbing his shirt she pulled him in to kiss him and stop him from babbling on and on. "Is that a yes?" he mumbled against her lips.

"Shut up," She said with a laugh grabbing his shirt and pulling him closer.

"Take that Pher!" He said wrapping his arms around her once again.

"Hate to interrupt this moment between the two of you but your needed in the Clinic," Keeton said pulling his mask off.

The clinic was packed more than usual that day. It seemed like a steady flow of patients kept coming through the doors. "Busy today," Tommy said as he grabbed a patients chart.

Mina knelt down in front of the little girl, "Hi I'm Dr. Minard."


"Habla usted ingl├ęs?"

"Yes," she answered with a heavy accent.

"Your going to need some stitches."

"Is it gonna hurt," The little girl asked.

"The Doctora will take good care of you. She's the best at what she does." Tommy said the last part more to Mina than the little girl.

The little girl smiled as she left the clinic, a sucker in hand. Grabbing another chart of the pile Mina studied the list of symptoms the patient was complaining of as she called the patients name. The man took a seat in front of her as Tommy stepped up beside her once again. "Need some help?"

"Alright patient's complaining of malaise, fever, muscle stiffness, vomiting and a rash," Mina read off the chart.

"Can we see the rash sir?" Tommy asked as the man lifted his shirt.