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Summary: Two strangers. A masquerade ball. One intense night of passion. They never took their masks off and Bella never thought she would be able to recognize the man she spent the most amazing night of her life with even if she met him again. Once she is introduced to her new friend's brother something about him seems strangely familiar, though.

Edward Cullen couldn't seem to take the mysterious woman he spent a steamy night with off his mind. He wanted her again but finding her again was almost impossible, right? At least that was what he thought until then Bella Swan walked right through his door and he immediately knew he had found her again.

Chapter 1:

Bella sighed as she watched the people talking, laughing, dancing and, in the case of the couple standing in the corner of the room, kissing passionately all around her. Alice really had gone all out for this party.

Who knew so many people would agree to a masquerade ball these days? Then again, the party was organized by Alice and, even if they've only met three months ago Bella knew Alice really did know how to impress and how to put a party together. Maybe the fact no one could really recognize each other played a big part on why so many people where present.

Bella certainly knew the masquerade mask she was wearing was the only reason she was moderately comfortable standing there in that ridiculously tight costume Alice had made her wear.

"What are you doing here alone, Bella?" She jumped at the sudden appearance of Alice besides her dressed in a catwoman costume that managed to be even tighter and more revealing than hers was, if that was even possible.

"Oh, nothing Alice. I was just taking a look around."

"Yes, that's your problem, Bella. You should be there mingling with the people instead of just standing here. You're wearing that mask, no one will recognize you. You can just relax and let loose tonight."

"What exactly do you consider letting loose to be, Alice?" Alice seemed to think about it for a second before smiling wickedly and winking. Bella immediately knew Alice's intensions were not the most innocent.

"This is the perfect night to do something wild. Something naughty, Bella." Bella opened her mouth to say something about that but Alice didn't let her. "No, come on, I know you want to, Bella. There's no better setting to do something you normally wouldn't than this one. As I said no one will recognize you. Go flirt!"

Bella rolled her eyes at her friend who for the last three months been had constantly trying to get her to do something wild and, as she had said, naughty.

"You never change, Alice!"

"Of course not. I know what's best for you!" Bella wasn't so sure about that but so she just shook her head instead of replying. "You know, I've seen a couple of guys dressed as vampires, go talk with one of them."

"Vampires? Why do you want me to go talk with a guy dressed as a vampire?

"You're dressed as a vampire huntress, aren't you?" Bella nodded, thinking Alice should know since she had been the one to dress her. "So, get your hunt on! Go get a vampire!"

Bella rolled her eyes but didn't get the chance to say anything else as Alice walked away when someone called her.

Well, maybe Alice was right. She was there already so she might as well mingle a little and maybe even enjoy the night. What did she have to lose?

She looked around the room again, searching for someone that seemed to be able to hold a conversation. Her eyes suddenly fell upon a guy standing not too far away from her. A guy who was looking at her and who was dressed as, what else, a vampire. A lot of people seemed to be dressed as vampires. It was, apparently, the costume of the year.

Even though Bella couldn't see the vampire's in question whole face since his masquerade mask, similar to hers, covered most of his eyes and nose, she could see his mouth and jaw and she had to confess he had a very nice jaw, indeed! Plus, he actually managed not to look ridiculous wearing that costume unlike most other people. He actually made it look very… appealing.

Edward had noticed the girl dressed as a vampire huntress the moment he had stepped inside the living room. He wasn't a party man and was walking around, looking for his sister – who he probably would never find since she hadn't told him what costume she would be wearing - so he could tell her he was leaving, when he caught sight of her.

She seemed a little nervous and just as out of place as he was. She was definitely not a party girl either, that much was obvious.

One thing she was, though, was definitely good looking. Most of her face was covered by her mask but her long brown hair and full lips had immediately drawn him in. Plus, thanks to her revealing costume he could tell she had a tight little body. He appreciated that. He was a man, after all. A man interested in getting to know that fascinating girl.

He made a move to approach her but as he started to walk someone stopped to talk to her. He would have to wait for his opportunity…

Bella stood looking at the vampire for several minutes before finally deciding to take Alice's advice and relax at least for one night.

The hell with it, she thought. Tonight was a night to let loose. If she was ever going to let go and embrace her wilder side, tonight was the night.

She headed his way and stopped right in front of him, smiling as seductively as she could.

"Do you bite, Mr. Vampire?" He smiled down at her, taking in all of her again before looking down at himself in that ridiculous vampire costume. He still couldn't believe he had let Alice convince him to wear it. His sister had way too much power over him. He would have to do something about that soon.

At least the ridiculous costume had been enough to make this girl approach him. He liked that. He liked that very much.

"I want to say I definitely do, Ms. Vampire Huntress, because that would be the truth but I'm afraid that if I say so you'll hunt me down and try to kill me."

Bella smiled at him but couldn't help but to think of the vampire huntress costume she was wearing. How the hell had she let Alice convince her to wear it? It was too short, too tight, too revealing, too… everything! Her best friend had too much influence over her. At least it had, apparently, been enough to catch one of the vampires' in the house attention.

If she was dressed as a seductress, she might as well act as one at least for one night and with one man.

"Oh, you have nothing to worry about tonight, Mr. Vampire. This vampire huntress is in a mood to be wicked." Very, very wicked.

"In that case I feel like I should warn you I'm in the mood to bite and your neck is looking mighty appetizing right now. You seem like the perfect person to be in the receiving end of my bites, nibbles and… so much more."

It was impossible to miss the full meaning of his words and Bella immediately felt her whole body shiver with anticipation. She even surprised herself by realizing she didn't mind flirting with him. She probably wouldn't even mind taking it further. As further as possible, actually.

Tonight was indeed a night to let loose apparently.

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