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Chapter 8:

Edward's parents really did turn out to be great – amazing even. They made Bella feel comfortable and Esme couldn't be happier with the fact Edward had brought his girlfriend for dinner. Bella couldn't have liked Edward's family any more than she did and was extremely happy with the fact they had welcomed her right in.

After dinner, everyone gathered outside in a beautiful garden Esme was responsible for and spent more than an hour simply talking until Edward decided he should show Bella the house, including his old bedroom.

Everything – every room - was lovely but what really impressed Bella was the library. Edward had to leave her there for a little while when his father called him and she couldn't have been happier. Carlisle's library was amazing. She could practically live there if he would let her.

Edward could immediately see Bella felt in her element in the library and he left her there for some time while he talked with his father. When he stepped back into the room, Bella was too engrossed in all the books in front of her to notice him, which gave him the perfect opportunity to surprise her.

He walked towards her and very slowly, very smoothly even, slipped in behind her, wrapping his arms around her and biting her neck like he always liked to, in that way he knew made her moan.

She gasped surprised and then immediately aroused as he bit down on her neck. He knew just how to get her all worked up. He made it all seem so simple.

As he ravished her neck with his lips and teeth, his hand made its way slowly up her stomach so he could cup a breast in it and then moved to her shoulder, pulling the strap of her dress down, exposing the breast he had just cupped and kneaded.

She wasn't wearing a bra and he had to confess he liked that. She was out to tease him and drive him crazy, that was the only explanation he could find.

He knew this was dangerous, they could be caught by one of his parents or their guests but he didn't care. He wanted her now. He had made sure the door was closed and he just wanted her. He had realized he wanted her the moment he had stepped into the library and saw her completely entranced by all the books there.

"I want you right now and right here, Bella." She shook her head.

"Edward, we can't. We're in your parents' library…" Bella hoped reminding Edward of exactly where they were: his parent's library on their home would make them both realize they shouldn't even be thinking about getting intimate there but her planned completely backfired. She quickly found herself giving in a little more with every single one of his persuasive and intoxicating touches, caresses and kisses.

Turning around in his arms, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a deep, possessive kiss, letting him lead her to the most secluded spot of the library just in case and push her against a bookshelf, her back pressed to his chest.

Bella hummed in contentment as Edward kissed her cheek and ran his hands up her thighs to her hips, pulling the skirt of her dress up so he could caress her soft skin. He could immediately tell that all she was wearing underneath that dress was a tiny thong that barely covered her. Edward groaned. Was that an incredible and impossible to refuse invitation or what?

Bella definitely knew how to drive him completely crazy.

Edward pulled the skirt of Bella's dress higher until it was pooling around her waist and her round and perky ass was exposed to him. He squeezed it while nibbling on Bella earlobe.

He never thought he would be doing this in his parent's library when he showed it to Bella but he couldn't say he regretted this little twist and judging by the whimper that escaped her lips neither did Bella.

As Edward nibbled and sucked on her earlobe Bella closed her eyes and bucked her hips back in Edward's direction. She was practically trembling with need and in anticipation of what they were doing already.

It was dangerous – they could be caught at any moment – but Bella had to confess that thrilled her somehow. She wanted Edward to take her right there and then. Fortunately for her, the way Edward was kneading her ass and ravishing her neck, let her know he wanted that as well.

Wanting to tease him as well, Bella moved a little and placed her right hand on Edward's tight, very slowly trailing it up until she was cupping his erection through the fabric of his pants. Edward couldn't help but to moan when she did that, pressing almost impossibly closer to her.

Bella smiled a little at that and took her hand back, placing it in the bookshelf in front of her. She then leaned in slightly in the direction of the bookshelf, making sure her ass brushed against Edward's straining erection.

"Are you okay there, Edward? I would have thought you had enough of this last night, no?" Oh, she wanted to play!

Well, if she wanted to play, Edward was all for it. He wanted to play as well.

He lightly slapped her ass, making her jump slightly in surprise and then moved his hand up her stomach, stopping just below her breast.

"I'm more than okay here, Bella and you know I can never have enough of you, my kitten." He sucked on her earlobe once more before using his free hand to very slowly start pulling Bella's thong down her creamy legs.

When her panties hit the floor he set out to accomplish the task of pulling down the other strap of her dress down until both of her breasts were exposed. He then cupped her full breasts in his hands, making them jump up and down slightly as she moaned louder than she probably should have. She couldn't control herself, though. She loved it when Edward played with her breasts, cupping them, making them jump a little and pinching her nipples. It made her stomach knot with desire.

Edward knew Bella liked the way he lavished attention to her breasts and he had to confess he was quite fascinated by them. He absolutely loved her breasts. They were just the right size and if he could, he would gladly spend the whole day just playing with them. Just that thought was enough to get him even harder.

Edward took his time running his hand along every inch of Bella's skin he could reach before resting his right hand beneath her navel. Kissing her neck he very slowly ran that hand down to between her legs, which immediately parted a little more for him, and traced her slick entrance with his finger.

Bella's whole body shook and trembled when he did so – more and more heat pooling right there between her legs.

A moan escaped Bella's lips and Edward wrapped his left arm strongly around her midsection so he could keep her in place while he traced her entrance once more, exerting a little more pressure this time.

As Bella whimpered again, Edward inserted a long, skilled finger inside her, only to take it back right after. She was so wet already! Wet, warm and tight just like Edward liked it. Bella was as ready for this as he was.

Once again Edward traced her warm pussy with his finger, enjoying the way Bella's breathing hitched every time he did so, before taking his hand back and placing it on her waist.

Bella looked over her shoulder at Edward when he did so and sent him a look that clearly let him know he was expected to go on touching her and not stop. The look on her face screamed arousal. She wanted Edward to touch her again. She wanted him inside of her, skillfully leading her to that delicious edge.

Edward smiled at that and whispered in her ear, making goose pumps cover all of her skin.

"You're so damn wet already, baby. Are you ready for me? Are you all ready for me to take you?" He knew she was but he still loved seeing her reaction when he talked like that to her. A little dirty talking did wonders to Bella. She truly was a little minx.

She moaned once again and nodded a few times before speaking.

"Yes, Edward. When am I not completely ready for you?"

It was Edward's turn to groan at that. He liked hearing her voice what he already knew was true. They seemed to always be completely ready for each other, after all.

"I love how warm and wet you are already, Bella."

"It's your fault. You do that to me. You can always get me like this almost without trying. I'm constantly wet for you, Edward."

Edward groaned again while pulling the skirt of her dress up once again until her ass was showing and he could squeeze it just like he had done earlier. He loved her perky as just as much as he loved her amazing breasts.

"Bend over for me then, love. I want to take you like this. Make you mine right here and now." Bella smiled at that and wiggled her against Edward's erection, making him groan loudly.

Bella surely knew just what to do to drive him crazy! They would both have to control the volume of their moans and groans, though, or else they would probably be caught and that was something Edward definitely didn't want to happen. It was one thing knowing they could be caught but it was another completely different thing being caught. He liked the danger but he didn't want to have to deal with the consequences of being caught by his parents while fucking his girlfriend.

"Bend over, hum?"

"Yes. Bend over for me, baby."

Bella smiled again but shook her head slightly.

"I think you're still wearing too many clothes, Edward. Maybe you should get rid of you pants first, no?"

Edward couldn't help but to chuckle at that. Bella seemed to want to get him naked pretty quickly.

"Don't worry about that, baby. I'll get rid of my clothes when I think the time is right. I want you to bend over a little more first, though."

Gripping the bookshelf in front of her a little harder, Bella very slowly bent over a little more until her ass was sticking up in the air for Edward. He kept his hands on her waist while she did so, enjoying the show she was providing him with more than he could even begin to express.

He then took the opportunity to slap Bella's ass again, with a little more force this time but not enough to hurt her, and then proceeded to caress the skin he had just slapped to soothe it.

"You have the most amazing ass, Bella. Have I ever told you that before?"

"Yes, actually and I have to say I think yours is pretty amazing as well." Edward laughed at that and then took a step back so he could appreciate the view Bella was providing him with while he pulled his pants and boxers down, freeing his hard erection from its confines.

There was little Edward enjoyed more than teasing Bella but he couldn't hold on for much longer. He was hard and he needed her. He needed to be inside her, feeling her tight, warm and wet pussy squeezing his cock in that amazing way it always did.

Bella didn't move from her position while Edward got rid of his pants, she simply kept waiting for him to take her.

Edward grabbed his cock and stroked it once and then twice before taking a step forward so he was pressed against Bella again. His hands went to Bella's waist as he positioned himself behind her.

With a long, slow thrust Edward entered Bella, making both of them whimper and moan in pleasure.

For Edward there was nothing better than being like that with Bella – inside of her. Bella shared the sentiment.

After giving Bella a few seconds to get used to having him inside of her, Edward started moving in and out Bella's sweet pussy, slowly at first so he could enjoy the feeling of being completely surrounded by her warmth. When Bella bucked her hips back against his so she could meet his thrusts, though, Edward started to move faster and faster.

Bella tried to keep quiet but she couldn't help moaning and whimpering every time Edward filled her to the brick, making her whole body shake as the pleasure took over her and the heat coursed through her veins. Edward enjoyed knowing he was the one making Bella whimper like she was way more than he probably should.

Their movements became more and more erratic and frantic as Edward plunger harder and deeper inside of Bella.

To Edward Bella felt incredibly good. Wet, warm and tight. He couldn't ask for better.

Bella was overwhelmed by how good it felt being taken by Edward like this. He felt so damn big and good inside of her. He was stretching her almost to the extreme but she loved that sensation. She loved having his hard cock inside of her.

"Edward! Oh… That feels so damn good!" Edward groaned in agreement with her and gripped her waist a little tighter so he could keep her in place even as she bucked her hips against his, creating a delicious friction between them.

Edward then ran his hand up Bella's back and knotted his fingers on her hair and she moved a little so she was standing more upward, her back pressed to Edward's chest and it all felt so incredibly good!

Edward could move impossibly deeper inside of her like this and despite her attempts her moans increased in volume as she tried to meet every single one of his thrusts with one of her own.

None of them would be able to last long like this. And they didn't.

Due to a particularly hard and fast thrust of Edward's Bella felt herself falling over that delicious edge. She moaned Edward's name at the same time Edward felt the heat take over his whole body as he spilled inside of Bella. Her body trembled in Edward's hand while they kept moving together until both their bodies went limp and Edward has to grab the bookshelf for support just like Bella was doing already, her knuckles having gone white.

When Edward regained some of his strength he pulled out of Bella and placed several light kisses on her neck and cheek as both their breathings came back to normal.

Bella then turned around in Edward's arms and buried her face on his strong chest, placing several lazy kisses there. He wrapped his arms strongly around her, pulling her even closer to him and kissed the top of her head. It was the perfect way to be as they recovered from what they had just done.

Several minutes passed before Bella leaned back a little so she could look up at Edward and smiled widely at him.

"You know, I have to say this was a very interesting experience. I mean, I was afraid – still am a little actually – that we were going to get caught but everything was still amazing."

"I know what you mean. I feel exactly the same, but then again, being with you is always amazing." Bella smiled at Edward's compliment while he moved his hand down her body, igniting all those wonderful sensations of pleasure and desire on her body once more. He stopped her hand on her ass and smiled before leaning in and taking her lips between his in a deep kiss.

They stood like that, kissing in each other's arms for a while and Edward had to confess the way Bella writhed against him every now and then was affecting him at the same time it give him all kinds of ideas of what he could and wanted to do with her.

Thinking about that he broke one of their kisses and took a step forward, pressing Bella firmly against the bookshelf.

Bella raised an eyebrow at that, wondering exactly what Edward had in mind.

"Edward? What is it?"

Edward shrugged nonchalantly.

"Nothing." Bella was pretty sure it wasn't nothing and her suspicions were confirmed when he fisted the fabric of her dress with one hand, pulling it up and moved his other hand to between her legs again, teasing her entrance with his fingertips, successfully making her moan and gasp.

"Edward! We've just done it!" He smiled at that.

"I know but I can never have enough of you. Plus, from what I can see and feel, I think that sweet pussy of yours needs a good licking. What do you say to that?"

Bella knew she should say no. They had already risked being caught once, after all, but she loved the feel of his talented mouth and tongue on her too much to be able to say no to him.

"Yes…" Edward smiled satisfied with her answer and before she even knew what was happening he had picked her up and carried her over to a table nearby and sat her down on it.

He then made her open her legs so he could stand between them. He leaned in to place a quick kiss on her lips and then quickly knelt down in front of her.

Bella couldn't help the shiver that ran down her spine at the sight of him kneeling between her spread legs, his breath tickling her inner thighs. This was all so… she didn't even have words to describe it. She only hoped that library door remained closed. She would never be able to recover from the embarrassment of being caught while Edward went down on her.

Not wasting practically any time teaser her, Edward buried his face between Bella's legs and immediately ran his tongue up her entrance once, tasting her.

Delicious. She was simply delicious. She really could never get enough of her.

Bella immediately moved her hand to Edward's hair, gripping it hard, and bucked her hips in his direction, silently asking him for more.

Edward groaned at that and very slowly ran his tongue up and down he entrance a few more times, licking her like he knew she liked. Bella moaned and threw her head back at the sensations he was providing her with but only when he breathing hitched did Edward move to circle her clit with his tongue.

He used her tongue to tease her bundle of nerves for a few seconds before actually taking her clit in his mouth and sucking greedily on it. When he used his teeth to nibble on it, Bella almost exploded, letting him know she was close to her release. Very close. All Edward had to do was tease her like that a little more and she would come undone for him.

In her attempt to get Edward to give her more, Bella lifted her ass from the table and bucked her hips in Edward's direction. He kept on licking her and nibbling on her clit as she moaned his name and finally reached her peak. Trying to give her as much pleasure as possible Edward kept on pleasuring her until her body went limp.

He then pulled back and got up, standing between her legs. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheeks as she gripped his waist for support.

That had been amazing!

"Bella? Are you okay, baby?"

Bella almost laughed at that question. Was she okay? She was better than okay.

"Okay? I'm great!" Edward chuckled at that and pulled a few fallen strands of her hair back from her face, tucking it behind her ear and she leaned into him.

"That's good to know. Very good indeed." It was definitely a huge ego booster knowing he could make her feel like that.

Bella nodded and then pulled back a little so she could look up at Edward.

"What we just did was pretty crazy, no?"

"Yes, a little but I have to say you unknowingly just fulfilled a very specific fantasy of mine." Bella raised an eyebrow at that and smiled seductively at that.

"Really, Mr. Cullen? Well, of pressing me against a bookshelf in your parents library and taking me from behind was a fantasy of yours, I'm all too happy to have fulfilled it. I definitely couldn't have enjoyed it more."

"Yes, that was definitely my fantasy but we cannot forget that I also got to bury my face between your legs and lick that delicious pussy of yours dry. I really enjoyed that part as well. It added a lot to my fantasy."

Bella's only answer to that was a moan, Edward muffled with another deep kiss that was followed by several other.

They eventually managed to stop kissing and touching and untangled themselves. They got dressed and after smoothing her dress down, Bella looked up at Edward and then pointed at her clothes and then at herself.

"Okay. How do I look?" Edward looked her over and then smiled.

"As beautiful as always." Bella smiled at Edward's answer but shook her head

"That's not what I meant. What I meant was, does it look like I was just fucked from behind in your parent's library room?"

Edward smiled again, that crooked smiled that had her body melting, and wrapped his arms around her so he could pull her to him and nuzzle her neck.

"Well… Yes, maybe a little bit …" And that was something he loved. He loved knowing he had been the one to her a little tousled.

"Don't sound and look so proud, Edward because you look like you've just been fucked as well." Probably not as much as she did but he was a little disheveled himself.

"Oh, honey, I was the one doing the fucking."

"Really? I'm not so sure you were…"

"You think you were the one in charge?" Bella simply shrugged because she knew she definitely hadn't been the one in charge. He had been. He had taken control of what they were doing and she had to confess she really enjoyed when that happened.

"You like to be in charge, Edward? You like to dominate women in bed?"

"Well, If it is you I get to dominate then yes, I very much like it. But I'll tell you this, when this dinner is over, I'll take you to my apartment and I'll let you do the fucking. I'll let you be in charge during the whole night – for as long as you want.. What do you say to that? Does it sound good?" It definitely sounded good. Actually, it sounded more than good. It sounded amazing!

Bella bit down on her lower lip and nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes, it does. I really like that idea."

Edward smiled wickedly at her and leaned in to nuzzle her neck, whispering in her ear.

"I'm sure I'll like it very much as well, my little vixen"

Bella smiled and grabbing Edward's hand walked outside. Once they reached the garden where the rest of Edward's family was Emmett immediately smiled at Edward and winked at Bella, letting them know he knew exactly what they had been up to in the library.

Bella blushed at that but quickly found out it was okay. She was comfortable with this people and Emmett let it slide.

Bella couldn't help but to smile. Who would've imagined a masquerade party thrown by Alice would lead to this? If someone had told her Bella would meet and then fall in love with a great and amazing guy in that party and that that man was Alice's brother, she would never have believed it. But she had and she did. She was in love with Edward and judging by the way he looked at her and had whispered in her ear how much he cared for her – calling her love - when they were in the library it was clear he did as well.

It really was funny how things worked. Edward and Bella ended up finding the perfect match for each other in that very unlikely party.