"Where did Alphonse and Edward go?" the first words that he heard after landing to the ground was both a heart ache and a relief; Roy mustang gazed into her eyes and answered with a defeated tone. "They are both gone." From her face; it was certain that she was ask further however she did not pursue an answer which was weird for her; the reason though was clear when he felt a tap on his shoulders.

"Roy Mustang! Who asked you to be here?" Roy spun around quickly and saluted when he realized that the source of the voice came from a higher ranking officer that he had never seen before; there was no need to know any way, in the military just looking at their shoulders and the badges they carry on their chest is enough to know whether you are meant to speak in his presence of not. In this case; he waited for the person to continue.

A person bounced to Roy's side; from the corners of his eyes he caught a glimpse of short Reddish brown hair, he knew who it was and sure enough the voice tallied with the person. "General Marcon Gran! He was here in order to assist us in fighting these amours." Usually when you saluted higher personnel, there was no need to call out the full name. Breda must have said it so as to allow him to know who this person was. If Roy heard properly; this general had a growl in his tone as he spoke the next few words, "I understand that, however someone had better tell me about this beforehand." Roy was sure he would add 'or else' but he didn't. The general left the scene to view the damage; and Roy placed his hands down. Havoc had arrived next to Roy; he had a hand on his shoulders, in an undertone he spoke, "That person is our immediate superior after you left to the north, and he is quite an asshole really." Roy looked at Havoc; he winked at the colonel and gave a hearty pat before shouting to some rookies nearby 'clear this place up'. Breda and Havoc left the used-to-be-colonel standing with the only soldier left, Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye.

She peered at him uneasily; it had been six months since he had abandoned his subordinates to head to the northern side to become a mere guard, she held him with some grudge ever since however they seemed to have disappear just as quick, now he was there before her. She wonders if he had been eating well and taking care of himself enough. Roy caught her gaze and gave a little grin; she returned it with a subtle smile.

"Sir…" she started but was waved down by Roy; he shook his head "I am not your superior any longer, so don't call me that." Feeling that he should be a little bit more proper, he saluted at her "Nice to see you again, First Lieutenant Hawkeye." It was at this moment that Riza wished she could shoot him; she would never be used to him in a position below her. And after he had disappeared from their side a lot of things had changed; painful and difficult. She forced some unwanted flashes of memories to the back of her brain, "At ease." To others, it may seem that this formality was normal but to the both of them, it felt weird. However before Riza could speak more, a loud bark was heard.

"You, woman!" Roy thought he saw Riza face turn pale by the sound of that voice; but the next moment it was gone. The both of them turned around only to see the 'asshole' general approaching them; Roy swore that even his mustache was jumping in anger. What did they do now to incur his wrath? Roy look sideways at the lieutenant who was muttering something to herself which he could not hear, but he was good at lip reading; she said oh no. The words sent weird signals down his spine and into his brain; he had never in his life so far heard her say anything of this sort before. It sounded like a dread.

"Sir, you should have stayed here with us, we needed you here." Roy who was pondering about the dread; took another great stomp in his heart. The lieutenant spoke under her breathe; loud enough for Roy to hear. Her expression could not be read; however her tone was indignant and sad. It felt as though her sentence meant something more; but their short telepathic message was cut short when the general was right had arrived next to them.

"Woman, go and help the others gather samples now. I want a full report by 2pm, do you hear?" he was obviously speaking to her; Riza saluted "Yes, sir." Her 'sir' seemed to be mixed with dislike and distaste; in a way that only Roy could hear. Besides that it was already 1.20pm now, he wants her to rush a report out that soon? He knows from the bottom of his heart that the lieutenant was capable to rushing in work with good quality however even Roy himself wouldn't give the deadline that soon, plus did that general call her a woman? Roy had every intention to question all of the above but he was of no position to do so; soon he was also addressed, "Mustang, I want to speak to you."

The lieutenant refused to look at the Roy as they parted; though Roy noticed something white around her neck; Bandage? She was hurt! He wanted to ask her about everything but the general blocked his path; both literally and in words; he stood in front of Roy, the latter lowered his head slightly. "You noticed didn't you? The injury on that woman's neck?" without waiting for his reply, he continued "I did that to her last night."

Roy lifted his head and looked into the general eyes' who seemed satisfied with himself; however it was not like a normal person to do such abuse to another human being without reason, he decided to find out for himself the reason. Roy forced a smile to show on his face though each of his muscles felt like punching himself in the gut for doing so. "May I know why?" he asked the general in a relaxed as possible tone he could ever manage.

The general laughed heartily seeing that the Mustang seemed to have not much reaction to his acts; so the rumors in central were not true, that woman is nothing to him. He placed an arm around Roy's shoulders as though he was a buddy; Roy nearly spat in anger but he kept it down.

"You see, I heard that when you are in command before" he emphasized the last word, "She was not treating you or her colleagues with respect, it was also not a woman's place in the military either." The general said seriously and nodded at the same time, Roy felt the cloth between his fingers tightening; What did he meant by not a woman's place in the military, she had every right to be in here. She was a good sniper and had been through the hell of war before. So how come he would say that…? Then it hit him in the back, this person is a sexist.

Roy forced a grin to appear and tried his best to nod along with the general however it was a curt nod instead. "She is a good soldier." Was what he said between slight rage.

The general snorted and patted his back or slapped whichever is harder; "Ha! She is not worth to be a soldier either, she entered the room when I was not around and rebuts my every word. Is that your definition of good?" The colonel clenched his fist; she was always allowed to do so before because he allowed her to; and if she was rebutting every word that can only mean the general was not listening or doing things right. "So what do you do if she disobeys your order?" the word Disobey was only used just to make the general happy, it made as though she was really at fault which was sure it wasn't however Roy needed to know more about his abuses; no matter how much he was uncertain he may not like it.

At that moment though, the two heard footsteps from behind. They both turned; Roy felt his heart almost tore when he saw that it was her. She saluted to the both of them; "Sir, the report." She said and passed the papers to the general; he pulled it away from her and read the headings, "Tsk, the heading is not written in. You can't even do that right?" he said and dropped the papers to the ground, some loose papers fluttered away in the wind. The heading was supposed to be filled in by the commander in charge therefore she left it blank however logic doesn't work with him; Riza could only look on as her hard work drifted in the wind, the bruise on her elbow taught her not to chase after them. She stood before them waiting for the general to speak; and indeed he spoke. Seeing that Roy was there, the setting was just perfect.

"Woman, I want a new report about that incident an hour from now on my desk. And…" the general smirked as he scanned the fallen paper on the ground, "I want this report too; a record of your incompetency, I guess" Riza peered at the fallen papers; some of them was blown into the trees and a few pages in the pond nearby. In one word 'scattered'. She looked back at the general; she wanted to say something however the once deep cut on her palms reminded her not to rebut. "Yes, sir." She replied; during this whole time she treated as though Roy was not there, she walked past him and just where his feet was was the first page of the report. She bent down and picked it up.

Roy could feel anger emerging even from his bones; he watched as the lieutenant left his sides looking for stray papers. He felt as though his whole being could have shattered into many pieces; Roy had never seen her looked defeated and bullied. The general who was watching on grinned; he tapped on Roy's shoulder. Roy wanted with all his might not to answer the asshole taps but he could not, not now. Roy glared at the general who did not seem to notice, "This is how I will treat her even without reason." he took big strides to the lieutenant side and pulled her up by her arms; without caring about the half healed burnt wound under the sleeves. He grasped her arm tightly; Riza could have cried out but she did not. Please Colonel don't see this; Go away… She could still see him from the corners of her eyes and watched as his face changed to white as the hands she had suffered in, hit the sides of her face; more painful than before.

Almost immediately her vision became dark then clears again; she fell to the ground when the grasp on her arm had released. Do not do things when you are not told, never think yourself equal to a male. A woman will always be a woman.

"Lieutenant!" Riza heard him calling her, vaguely she saw him running towards her direction.

Then everything became that dark and so still.

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