"Sir, you wanted to see me?" Roy states carefully, he entered his office two minutes ago and yet the person who ordered him here had basically ignored his presence.

The general spins around his chair slowly and faced the solider with a stern expression drawn upon his face. "You destroyed that gate." It was not a question, it was a statement. Roy peered in his direction calmly.

"Yes, sir. I did."Roy answered truthfully. The general twitched; "Who gave you the orders?" he could hear by his tone, a steadily angry one. Roy bowed slightly, "Edward Elric instructed the gate to be destroyed on this end."

The general slammed his palm heavily on his desk, causing the room to tremble once. "And you listened to a boy, whose appearance brought a group of uncontrolled armors that wreaked havoc in central?"

"Yes, sir." Roy answered without flinching, he had never thought it was ed's fault that caused the chaos, the monster piloting the flying mechanism was the culprit.

The general glared at his solider, knowing that Roy was not a person to cower under pressure; he softened his voice dangerously low. "I only instructed to you investigate that area, not to destroy it…now, who was it that gave you permission to destroy that gate?"

Roy did not hesitate with his words, "The Elric brothers."

Marcon flashed a nasty grin, "You are playing with my words, Mustang. I shall ask again, more specifically."

"Was it Grumman who gave you permission?" Roy peered at Marcon with a neutral expression. "No." he asserted firmly.

Outside, dark clouds loomed and rolled in quickly, the first streak of lightning hit the grounds, distance away.

General Marcon closed his eyes and opened them again; he glared at Roy who does the same. He folded his arms and licked his lips, finally he smiled; warmly.

"So, you destroyed the gate on your own permission, disregarding my orders."

The solider saluted respectfully, "I apologize for my actions, Sir. "

Marcon considered Roy for a second, before shaking his head slowly. "No, there is no need to be apologetic."

Roy raised an eye brow in suspicion, the general left his seat and approached him, he was so close that Roy could count the amount of eye lashes his superior had; which was not much, since he deduced the number before Marcon could speak.

"In fact, I want to promote you, Mustang." Roy believed he had heard him wrongly, "Sir?" he clarified.

Marcon pulled himself away from his solider, throwing him a nasty look before putting a hand on Roy's shoulder. "What do you about being a lieutenant…?" he offered 'kindly'

Roy felt his side shaking furiously, in an office; there must not be more than two lieutenants. Havoc was one and the other was her…that can only mean… "You are planning to demote a soldier, sir?"

The general chuckled; he grips Roy's shoulder painfully hard. "You are a clever man, who do you think I would demote then?"

His voice was cold and stiff when he answered the general, "I do not know, Sir." Even though he already had a sinking feeling; who that person was going to be.

The general nodded uncaringly, "How about the woman who you conveniently borrowed away?" Roy flinched slightly, and the general seemed to felt the exact same thing. He removed his hands from the solider and put a finger near his lips, he cast a gleaming nasty look before adding in his final words.

"Thanking about it, I would just remove her from her duties instead, what do you think?"

The disdain and hatred must have shown up on Roy's face, he clenched his fingers tightly together, an impulse to land a fist in the general's face riveted through his body. Even so, Roy forced himself from saying the most inappropriate words in his dictionary, rather he settled for a more neutral one.

"I do not know, Sir."

General Marcon slanted his eyes menacingly, he stride past the solider and opened the doors; he gestured Roy to follow him. Roy lifted his frozen cold foot from the ground and followed the general orders.

Roy half wished that he would not see her standing there, outside the door waiting for him to return. But of course, she was there. The lieutenant saluted to the general; whose actions he ignored completely.

The general did not bother to look at her, "You are demoted to 2nd lieutenant." Roy gaped, "And Mustang here will be promoted to 1st lieutenant, from tomorrow onwards." Riza kept the emotions of shock away and deep inside her, "Understood, Sir!" she replied stiffly.

Marcon spun around and came face to face to the solider he taunted earlier, "Keep your toes in line, or I will help you keep them" he cooed delicately before stalking away. The last of his hem disappeared past the corner; before the two soldiers regain their posture.

"Are you alright?" seeing that he had gone, Riza come forward to support the colonel who seemed to have lost some of his feelings in his legs. He felt her hold him steady, warm hands that he had not felt in quite a while; calmed his nerves down considerably.

"Havoc will be shocked for being demoted without reason…" Roy uttered out, surprising him was a small chuckle that came from Riza.

"You don't have to worry about Havoc, he would be very happy." Riza assured Roy, who stared back wondering why she said so.

"The general nearly always dictate work to Havoc since he did not want me to touch them. Havoc can have his work load decreased considerably." Roy removed himself from her supporting arms and leaned against the wall next to the doors.

He glanced to his right and then to his left, seeing that there was no one coming up; he turned back to Riza who was gazing at him curiously, "Now, Explain yourself; what you meant with those words at the hospital."

'A white kimono is what the dead would wear and a red kimono was what a prisoner would wear. Therefore Red meant a prisoner who is trapped and white meant death, in ancient times, they were the two colors that most would never touch or even wear.'

"Lieutenant, why do you want me to read such a solemn book?"

The colonel was propped up on his bed, and the lieutenant was at his side; guarding him as he was recovering from king Bradley battle. She was reading a passage from inside a book, red and white. The colonel had yawned thrice throughout, and she had just whacked him painfully on the head because of his lack of attention.

"This book has a lot of meaningful stories, it is really interesting. You should really put some effort; at least flipping through it."

The colonel pursed his lips together; he took the book from her hands and continued from where she had stopped.

'Red to prevent white, the ultimate sacrifice, where nobles become prisoners to another country to stop bloodshed. A famous code during the ancient'

The colonel closed the book with a snap, to the chagrin of the lieutenant.

"Ridicules; if they were true leaders, they would be able to find another way without being prisoners."

Roy gave the lieutenant a stern look, insisting and also demanding that he wanted an answer from her, Riza looked at Roy and shook her head quickly. Even though it was clear that the both of them were thinking of the same piece of memory from a long time ago

"I cannot…" She answered factually, and the reason was clear, two seconds after she said it, the general came back charging up from the stairs. He never truly left the premises, listening in to their conversation. Nowhere was safe… just like what he promised.

"How long do you want to linger, get down here!"

Riza broke away from Roy, "Sorry…"