Okay! I plan on writing stories involving justice league … mainly the Flash. Only the Flash. He's my main man. My favorite super hero. This is only a little practice story to see if I'm up to it or not.

_I do NOT own Justice League although that would be cool :D

It was a day like any other in Central city. Flash had just finished up kicking captain colds butt, naturally, did not take long a simple task thanks to his agility and super speed. "He didn't have a chance of beating me, sheesh, sometimes I wonder about some villains, don't they just realize they can never win." Flash thought.

After being thanked by the city ran off, with a gust of wind and a blur of red and yellow he was gone before anyone could even blink. Flash had always patrolled the city before heading to Justice League headquarters. This time was different though, something had been on his mind. Eating away at him furiously.

Finishing patrol for the day, began to run slower to take time and clear his thoughts unusual for the scarlet speedster. Running slower, slower and slower still until he was to a complete stop. Only an hour of running passed. Stopped. Just simply stood where he was standing. At this point Flash did not realize he was already on the outskirts of the city, or that his stomach was growling insanely, so into his thoughts. Very peculiar indeed. The strange thought that came to his mind was that. Well the villains he fought up against, in his city of course were so. Simple. So easy to defeat. Not that he's ever had difficulty fighting against them before. Unintellectual schemes are what they pulled. As the fastest man alive everything, and everyone, of course would appear to be super slow or even frozen. Of course this is what made it so easy. Or so the young hero thought, Felt even, "Since joining the League battles have been a bit tougher, as to say, going against his fellow Leaguers and friend's enemies. Such as Lex Luther and the joker. Enemies I have to fight are the simple ones like caption cold for instant." What's the point sometimes?" Flash stayed motionless for a moment or two, stomach still growling now louder than before, ignoring it to come to a conclusion to this inner confrontation.

Finally. "No I shouldn't be thinking that. Duh! I mean come on I'm the Flash, a super hero, a proud member of the Justice League, dammit battles of course would be easy for me, it's only natural as the fastest man alive, the one all the chicks adore. I've had my share of tough enemies like …. The reverse Flash!" Yeah!" With that Flash ran off into the distance to meet his friends and to get some snack-edge.

So what did you guys think? Pretty good huh! Think there's a possible story I could make with this? Well so do i! So review and tell me what you thought, and what you think about continuing this or any ideas please