This is a little fan fiction for the movie Batman: under the red hood.

~SO! What if Robin KNEW about the explosion and everything up to his confrontation with batman. Hm? I ask you!

So he tries to set it right but it alas it is to no avail. It all goes awry? Point! I made it in the beginning that Robin was remember some of his life on the streets.

As I lay on the cold cement floor in the dead of night. Beaten. By the very psychopath we'd been after for as long as I can remember. Only the moonlight shining through the barred window as comfort. Couldn't help but think about, what, I've done to deserve this? Exactly. My life was nothing but a failure. Until he saved me from myself. I've made some poor decisions, like I had a choice. Times were tough and I was alone no parents or friends. Only place I was welcome were the dark allies which resembled the deep, dark crevices of my mind. Over the course of the past two weeks, was slowly being lead to the predicament I'm in now. He'd said he could help me and he had. But now he can't. Can't get here fast enough just like I foresaw. Lying in this warehouse with my arms and legs incapacitated as to not try and attempt escape. Could only and just wait for the scenes to play out. Why? Why! Did I run off like that, despite what i knew would happen! He had my back. Least that's what I thought and again I ran in blind. Knight of the dark. Protector of evil. Sworn enemy of the man that was beating me. Foreseeing my fate. The explosion. The darkness, than waking up in the rejuvenation pool. Water of youth, however when I had come back from the afterlife I didn't know what to think, in fact, I was thinking too much! Way too much! Feeling too much as well. All I could think about was revenge and redemption. Spontaneously. I thrust myself out of the water and attacked the two closest men there. Running and running faster and faster, soon found myself falling what felt like an abyss. Few years later only to find myself ready to make my move. Ready. For them. Would he take me back? No. But it doesn't hurt to actually learn from my mistakes this time and try once more.

So yeah that's all I got xD so I hope everyone liked it, and please review. I get reviews I'll actually start writing more like this.