She could practically see the officers investigating the lake. That's where I'm going tomorrow.

Luckily the next day Judy-Jane was all rested and she was ready to go down to the lake. When she got there, there were police cars, and ambulances parked around the scene. Cardboard boxes and large plastic bags were laying around the area, to hold evidence until the forensic scientists were ready to analyze it. All the officers were wearing face masks, since they may accidentally breathe germs onto the evidence. Two officers were carrying a gurney, that held, the body of Julia Transman. Judy-Jane shivered at the sight. Even though the body had a white sheet over it, she couldn't help thinking about what she looked like, dead. Why would someone do such a thing? At exactly that moment, two things she remembered cliqued in her mind. The man with the buggy. And Sheriff Daniels saying that Dahy Mac Cormick was Irish. That man had spoken with a heavy Irish accent. And he was hesitating quite a bit. It sounded like he said "prison time" but he couldn't have. He'd seemed so innocent. So, sweet, and helpless. Judy-Jane knew better then to trust a total stranger. She began to think, that she'd just let the killer of Julia Transman get out of the country.