What if Osiris called three different witnesses.

"OK," Osiris said. "Nobody's ever had a lawyer before, but I guess you can do that. Here are the rules. Mr. Winchester is being tried for the earliest thing he feels guilty for, the thing he feels most guilty for and the last thing he feels guilty for. For each case, I will call one witness. You can call one rebuttal witness. Whoever your witness is, they must be dead as I can't call the living here, and then you can call the defendant."

"OK," Sam agreed.

"My first witness is Benjamin Anderson," Osiris said.

"Who's that?" Sam whispered to Dean.

"I have no idea," Dean said, shaking his head.

A ten year old boy appeared in the witness box.

"State your name for the record," Osiris intoned.

"Ben Anderson," the little boy answered.

"How did you die?" Osiris asked.

"Some guy in a creepy black robe came in my room one night. Then, he put his mouth over mine and sucked. I felt so sick and then I got pneumonia and died."

"When did this happen?" Osiris asked.


Sam and Dean both realized this was the striga. The one their dad had had to stop hunting because Dean had played video games.

"Did the man say anything to you?" Osiris asked.

"Just that I would be his last meal for a while."

"Your witness," Osiris said to Sam.

Sam considered. The kid wouldn't be able to help out on this. "No questions," Sam said.

Osiris nodded at the boy and asked him to go sit on a bench across the barn.

"Do you have a rebuttal witness?" Osiris asked.

Sam thought. There was nobody who could say this wasn't Dean's fault except for Dean, but he had to do something. "Jake, Andrea Barr's father," Sam said. He couldn't remember his last name, but hoped that would be enough.

"What are you doing?" Dean asked. He had nothing to do with that case.

Sam just shrugged. This was probably not going to work but he had to try. Jake appeared in the witness stand.

"State your name," Osiris said.

"Jake Devins,' he said.

"Sheriff, do you remember us?" Sam asked.

"Of course," Jake said.

"What was Dean doing when you died?" Sam asked.

"Attempting to save my grandson," Jake answered. He looked to Dean, "Did you?"

Dean nodded.

Jake closed his eyes in relief.

"Would you be surprised to learn that Dean has saved lots of children?" Sam asked. He was waiting for an objection, but quickly learning that this court wasn't exactly operating like an American court.

"Not at all," Jake responded.

"No more questions," Sam said. He so didn't know what he was doing.

Jake went to join Ben on the bench.

"Would you like to call the defendant?"

"Yes," Sam said.

Dean got up and went to the witness box.

"Dean, how old were you in 1989?"


"Why did you go out to play video games that night?"

Dean shrugged. "I was bored."

"Would you say that is a normal state for 10 year olds?"

"Probably," Dean answered.

"Why did you feel guilty about your action?" Sam asked.

"Dad told me not to leave the room?" Dean answered.

"Did he tell you why not?" Sam asked.

"No, he just said to not let you out of my sight," Dean remembered.

"Did he say that to you a lot?" Sam asked.

"Every time he left," Dean confirmed.

"Had you ever left me alone to go play video games before?" Sam asked. He wasn't sure of the answer, but he felt that he could make it work to Dean's advantage either way.

"Yes," Dean admitted. He hadn't ever disobeyed his father again, but he had done it previously.

"To the best of your knowledge, had anyone died as a result?" Sam asked.

"No," Dean said.

"So, you had every reason to believe that you could go play a video game without killing anybody, correct?" Sam asked.

Dean smiled. Sam was actually pretty good at this. "Yes," he said.

"What happened when Dad got back?" Sam asked.

"He took us to Pastor Jim's and then came back to look for the thing, but it had struck one more time and then left the area."

"Was it your decision for Dad to take us to Pastor Jim's?" Sam asked.


"Was it your decision to leave us alone in the area of a hunt instead of dropping us off at Pastor Jim's in the first place?" Sam asked.

"No." Now that Dean thought about it that was really odd. Why had their dad left them alone where he knew there had been a monster.

Sam just had the same thought Dean had. "Did he usually do that?"

"No. If there were monsters that were targeting children, he got us out of the area."

"When did Dad show up in relation to the striga?"

"He came in when it was starting to feed on you."

"How do you kill a striga?" Sam asked.

"With consecrated rot iron bullets. But only when they're feeding."

"Well, that was convenient. Do you think Dad may have been there all along and that he was using us as bait?" Sam asked.

Dean didn't want to admit it, but he had no choice. "Maybe."

"And in that case, wouldn't everything that happened after that really be his fault and not yours?"

"Maybe," was the best Dean could do on that one. That was his first major mistake. He had almost gotten Sam killed. It wasn't so easy to let that go and place it all on Dad.

"No further questions," Sam said. He had done the best he could on that one.