"Hi Boris" I said walking into their house and looking around for Tina, one of my best friends from high school. Her and Boris had been married for five years now, and had had a daughter, Ashley. She is adorable and is just turning four. That's why I'm here actually. For her birthday party. Anyways, Tina and I became even closer after high school, going to different colleges but talking on the phone every week. Well, her me and Lilly. We celebrated Tina's marriage and daughter, helped Lilly find a new boyfriend, an amazing and amazingly cute guy named Jordan, after Kenny dumped her, and cried over my breakup with Michael, Lilly's brother and the love of my life, together.
"Mia!" Tina squealed, coming out of the kitchen. "I'm so glad you came!" "Of course I did," I replied. "I wouldn't miss my own goddaughter's birthday. Now where is she?" "She just woke up; do you wanna go get her?" "Yes!" I said rushing up the stairs to get Ashley.
"Auntie Mia!" Ashley said when I walked in. Even though I wasn't related to her, she calls me that. It was fine with me, and made me feel loved. We walked downstairs together as the doorbell rang again, and Boris walked over to open the door.
I turned around, wondering who it was. Lilly said she would be a couple hours late, but maybe she got out early?
The door opens, and the mystery guest walks in. I freeze, staring at Michael. It has been three years since I last saw him.
After spending two years apart, Michael and I wanted to spend every moment together. I went to Sarah Lawrence for college and he soon moved closer, neither of us wanting to have any unnecessary miles between us. We stayed there until I graduated. A couple weeks after that, Michael told me he had a surprise for me. We went out later that week, and he told me to dress special, as he was going to give me my surprise. I kept thinking-okay, hoping- that it was an engagement ring. We had talked about marriage a couple times before, both agreeing to wait until I was out of college. I just kept thinking well I'm officially done with college. I got my masters degree in writing, and he had already gotten a degree from Columbia. He took me out to our favorite restaurant from the last four years, Rocky's. It wasn't a fancy, tie and jacket restaurant, but we didn't care. We had an amazing time. I went into the bathroom to splash water on my face, I was so excited. We had eaten, and when I left Michael was ordering dessert. I forced myself to calm down, then walked back out of the bathroom.
I was walking out, a big smile on my face but I didn't see him. He was no longer sitting at our table, but there were two red velvet cupcakes there. I looked around for him, expecting him to be standing somewhere, watching me. He wasn't. My smile faded and the color drained from my face. Michael was at the bar, but I couldn't see his face. A pretty, thin black haired girl was blocking my view. Michaels face was plastered to hers. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I watched my boyfriend make out with another girl. Not bothering to ask what he was doing, or making a scene, I turned back to the table and grabbed my purse. I ran away, out the door and into the night. Walking along the street, I let the tears roll freely down my face and tried to erase the image from my brain. I still couldn't believe it. Here I was thinking that I had found an amazing guy, when it turns out he's making out with other girls behind my back. I continue crying, but I think I hear a familiar voice through the restaurant window say "Mia?"
End of flashback
That was the last night I kissed him, the last night I smelt his neck, the last time I saw his face. Until now.
"Mia-" he starts to say, reaching for my arm. Before he can say anymore, I turn and run into the kitchen. "Tina!" I hiss. "Why didn't you tell me he was coming?" "He's her godfather, of course he's here" I think about this. For Ashley's second birthday, I hadn't been able to make it. Maybe he had been there then. We were together for her first, and maybe he hadn't been able to make it last year. "Ugh," I say. "You could gave at least warned me."I walk back out into the living room determined to ignore him."Mia." I hear him say. I ignored him, instead asking Ashley if she wanted to open the present I got her. "Yippee!" she answers, jumping up and down and nodding. "Mia. We need to talk." he says again. Once again, I ignore him, giving Ashley her present and watching her tear it open. "Yay! Thank you Auntie Mia!" she says holding up her talking stuffed puppy. "You're welcome, honey." I tell her, smiling as I watch her go over to show it to her mom. "Mia." he says from right behind me, placing his hand on my arm.
"Yes?" I ask, turning around and making his hand fall off my arm. It isn't easy, but I manage not to cry when I look up at his beautiful face up close for the first time in years.
"Please listen to me. I need to talk to you." he says, the emotion clear in his voice as he gazes down at me. "I have to do something," I say trying to get away from him but he grabs my arm again. "Mia, please" I shake my head, pulling my arm away even as the first tear falls down my face.