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You should listen to Taylor Swift's new song 'The Moment I Knew'.

We kiss, but soon have to pull away due to lack of breath. I see a nervous smile on his face. The thought that I can finally forgive this guy, the love of my life, makes my face burst out into a huge grin. His smile grows larger as he sees this.

"Are we okay?" he asks.

"We are better than okay." I reply, throwing my arm around his neck and kissing him again. He laughs and pulls me close.


Michael and I are seated on my couch, pretending to watch a movie on TV, but really only paying attention to each other. We have been kissing nonstop, both of us ecstatic to be back together.

After another hard core make-out session, Michael wraps his arms around me and asks a question I'd been wondering as well. "Where does this leave us?"

"Where do you want it to?" I ask. I really hope that he wants to be together, because there's nothing I want more.

"I want you." He replies simply. "I want to know that you're mine, and mine only. Will you be my girlfriend again? I'll try not to mess it up this time."

"Nothing would make me happier." I reply. Before he can say anything else, we're kissing again.


"So what have you been up to?" Michael asks me, as we sit together on my couch.

"Not much. Just your regular old princess duties. And visiting with mom, Mr. G, and rocky."

"How are they?" he asks me.

"Good. He's turning ten in two months, and has a big party planned. He's really excited." Here I pause, about to say something, but change my mind. He doesn't need to know about that quite yet. I'll tell him someday. Soon, I promise myself.

"What?" he asks.

"Nothing." I assure him.

"Any guys?" he asks, trying to sound casual, but can't stop the jealousy that creeps into his voice.

I laugh at the edge in his voice. "No, just you." I answer, and then kiss him on the nose.

"What about you?" I ask.

"Not a lot. Just been busy keeping up with Lilly and all, you know how it goes."

I laughed. "Do I ever."

"How about you? Any girlfriends I should know about?" Just like him, I cannot keep a bit of jealousy from creeping into my voice.

"No. Just this one girl I've been mooning over forever." He says, looking me in the eyes. "I'm so in love with her, there's no way she could ever see it. I made a mistake before, and I hurt her. But thankfully, my angel has decided to forgive me. I'll do whatever it takes to keep her, not to mess it up this time."

Now tears are slowly trailing down my face. Seeing this, Michael instantly gets a worried expression on his face.

"What did I say? Oh Mia, I'm so sorry!"

I lean forward and kiss him. I can't help it, he's just so sweet. I can tell he's confused, even though he kisses me back.

"Mia?" he asks as I pull away.

A smile finds its way onto my face. "Michael, I wasn't crying cause I was upset. It was because I have such an amazing boyfriend, and I don't know what I did to deserve him."

"You deserve so much more than me. You deserve a guy who- wait, say that again!"

"I don't know how I deserve you?"

"No, before that." He says excitedly.

"I have such an amazing boyfriend?"

"Yes! That!" he smiles. "I just love hearing you call me that."

I grin. "Is that true 'boyfriend'?"

His grin grows wider and his eyes shine. "Oh yeah, girlfriend."

At that, my grin matches his. Right before I go back to kissing him.


The rest of that day, I just sit there wrapped in his arms, watching a Buffy marathon that we found on TV. It was just so right that when we got back together, our favorite show would have a marathon of all its episodes, even though it'd ended so many years before. Talking to him, making up for all that lost time.


Its getting close to eight o'clock when Michael decides to go home. We spent the entire day together, and I'm so happy now. Nothing can bring me down.

The doorbell rings just as we get up from the couch. "Mia? Are you there?"

Nothing can bring me down. Except that.