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In this story, Edward is a bit, ok scratch that, a lot possessive of Bella. and Bella hates him. But a few things went like this and a few things went like that and BOOM! Sparks fly!

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We reached the porch of my house.

"Thanks Tyler. This was the best date ever in my life."

"Thanks. And thank you for accepting my invitation. I always wanted to ask you out, but never got the chance.''

"I am glad I gave you one chance Tyler. This date was really beautiful. I've never seen the beach in moonlight."

"I am happy you liked it."

We stood there. Having no idea what to say. After a very awkward pause, he added

"So…good night.'

"Yeah. Good night."

"Umm… sweet dreams."

"Yeah. Sweet dreams.''

To say I was afraid would be an understatement. I wasn't afraid for the after date kiss, or he has intentions to sleep with me. But because HE can come here anytime…

"Can I kiss you, Bella?"


And he brought his lips closer to mine. Our lips were inches apart, centimeters apart. So close…


And my fear came true.


"I guess your date with Bella is over, isn't it? you should probably head back home."

"Yea-yeahh I should. See you tomorrow Bella."

"Bye Tyler."

And he left, or run should be a appropriate word.

A disastrous end of my perfect date.

As usual.

"What was that for, Edward?"

"He was going to kiss you."


"Nobody touches my property without my permission."

"And since when I became your property."

"Since I said so."

"You know what Edward, you are an arrogant jerk."

"Aren't I?''

And he smirked. His sick, twisted, so-called-sexy smirk. I don't understand why girls worship even the floor he walks on. They call Edward hot, sexy, owner of great peen. But can't they say he is a huge asshole. He can be sickening sweet sometimes. But mostly, he's in bastard mode.

Which is now on.

"Aren't you supposed to go to your house."

"I'll go after safely reaching you inside your house."

"I am standing on my porch, at my house."

"Then go inside."


This was getting irritating. Seriously. Doesn't that bloody fucker has his own business to mind? But no! he has to follow me anywhere and everywhere.

During my whole date with Tyler, Edward was following me. During the movie, he was staring at me shamelessly. In the restaurant, he told the hostess to bring me the best Champaign on his bill, clearly bragging off his money as Tyler could't afford it and indicating he's better than my current date. At the beach, he was following us hardly five feet's behind. And now at the porch, he embarrassed Tyler.

This wasn't the first time Edward has stalked me. And I don't think it was the last either.

This started when I was fifteen. I went with Mike to watch a movie. And he was stalking me there, throwing side comments about the movie. Mike was clearly disappointed. This continued for all the dates to come and now no one dared to ask me out. Once a guy, I don't even remember his name, kissed me in front of Edward. Next thing I knew, he had a plaster in his whole right leg.

And why does he do it all?

Because he thinks we are meant to be together.

I would have surely ditched all these guys, if he would had asked me out properly.

Edward was fairly handsome. He was tall, with the fair height of six feet's. He had pale clear complexion, with untidy bronze hairs- also known as sex hairs by the girls of our school- and green eyes and high cheekbones. He looked like a Greek god.

But inside this exterior was a complete and unadulturated asshole.

He asked me out. But I said I can't come, since I had to do a project with someone. And that someone was a male. Edward thought it was a study date. So clearly, he, and his partners in crime- Emmet and Jasper, went and made the poor boy fall down of the stairs. (Although I still believe that's not even the half of it.) When I went to ask for reason to Edward, all he said was, "He was in between our date, and now he's gone. So...you and I are going to go to date together tonight."

And i gave him my natural reaction.

A hard slap.

After I declined him, he has made sure all guys who date me goes through same fate.

someone falls down the stairs, someone trips down the road, someone collides with the door, etc., etc.

All girls would have thought his starker-ish persona as sweet. After all, it's not everyday that a super hot guy, especially Edward Cullen is stalking you, but Edward, along with being a huge list of things, is a man whore. He bangs everything with legs. I mean, look at this- this guy is claiming that we are meant to be together and on the other side he is fucking girls behind my back.

He knows I know.

And he still do it.

As I said, asshole.

But still, after all this denial, insults, hatred, fights, screaming, scolding, complaing, blah-blah-blah he didn't gave up on me.

And a teeny tiny part of me hopes he never should.


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