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Chapter 4

Tori's POV

Ever since Andre had been claimed, things had changed. Suddenly, instead of bonding over homework and dance routines, we were bonding over swords and Greek Mythology. And the scariest part is…

We were getting used to it.

Suddenly, Andre was helping me with archery, not writing songs. Beck was talented in sword-fighting, not acting. Cat was…well, Cat. She was still the bubbly girl she always was, but even now she's babbling on in Ancient Greek.

As much as I'm happy that everyone is adjusting, and enjoying Camp Half-Blood, there's a part of me that misses my old family, my old friends, my old life.

I sighed. I was sat in one of the trees on the edge of the forest. I've always had a thing for climbing trees, for being close to the sky. I get why now. I leant my head back against the tree trunk, savouring the ever-present sunlight.

"Hey," a voice came from below, on the ground.

I looked through the branches and leaves to see Percy, smiling up at me. "Mind if I come up?"

I shrugged. "Sure. Pull up a branch."

Percy smiled, and hoisted himself up onto the lowest branch, before climbing higher. Within seconds, he was sitting next to me. "So, what's up?"

"Nothing," I lied.

Percy tilted his head, and raised an eyebrow. "We both know that's a lie. Come on," he nudged my arm with his shoulder. "Tell me what's up."

I sighed again. "It's just…it's all so different now. I keep waking up in the morning expecting to be in my room, ready for another day at Hollywood Arts."

"I'm guessing you loved that school."

"I really did. I know lots of people say that when they talk about their friends or teachers they like at school, but I really did love Hollywood Arts. The feeling you get when you entered the doors, surrounded by colour. People dancing on the stairs, or people singing by the lockers, and feeling like you're part of a family."

I sniffed, holding back tears. "Did anyone tell you how I got into the school?"

"Andre mentioned something about a showcase?" Percy asked, his sentence sounding like a question.

"Yeah. The Big Showcase was a performance the school put on. Lots of talent scouts and agents would come to see if there were any 'superstars' in the making," I laughed. "My sister was entered in it, but she had an allergic reaction to some singing tea, and I performed instead. The school actually offered me a place. And do you know what? I refused."

Percy furrowed his eyebrows. "What?"

I laughed again. "I refused, because I was insecure about my singing. But Andre didn't want to see me lose this opportunity, so he actually went on stage, and asked the audience what they thought. When they cheered, it was honestly one of the best moments of my life. To know that I was good at something…" I trailed off.

"And now, you can't really go back because you killed your principal," Percy finished for me.

"Well, when you put it like that…"

Percy looked me in the eyes. "Listen, Tori. Being a demi-god can really suck sometimes. You're hounded by bloodthirsty monsters, you usually never see your god parent, and sometimes you lose a friend, or have a friend betray you," Percy had a distant look in his eyes, thinking about something. "And sure, nearly all children of the Big Three die before they reach twenty-five."

"Wow. Way to reassure me," I rolled my eyes.

"But," Percy continued. "You also get accepted when you come here. You realise that you're not some loser with dyslexia and ADHD; you're a demi-god, someone important. The friends you make here are the friends you have for life. So as much as the bad parts of being a demi-god ruin your life, the good parts make up for it."

Percy smiled. "Plus, you get awesome powers sometimes. Now come on, sword-fight in the arena, since I know how much you love it."

Cat's POV

I looked in the mirror, unsure whether I should keep my big bow in my hair while I eat, or whether I should take it out. It was soft and silky, which was nice, and it gave me good thoughts sometimes, which was great, but the others looked at me weird when I wore it. Not Tori, of course. She was too nice, but it's like the others didn't think wearing a bow to lunch was normal!

If Jade had blue hair when she ate, why can't I have a bow? It isn't fair! And if bows aren't fair, what is? Are ribbons unfair? But I like ribbons! Especially pink ones. Pinky ribbons! Hey, that was the name of my teddy bear! Well, almost. Old Mr Pinky Pie and I had some good times.

I sniffed, tears in my eyes. I miss Mr Pinky Pie!

I sat on my bed, and pulled my bag out from under my bed. Whenever I was confused, or upset, I looked at my book to make me smile again. I took it out, and opened it.

My book wasn't a real book. It was a photo album, from our time at Hollywood Arts, and even before that. I smiled at the picture of me and Jade, when we were about 13. That was the day when Jade first started dating Beck.

He had heard her singing, and complimented her. Jade rejected him a bit first, but then he heard she liked scissors, and bought her a scissor rack, with lots of scissors in it for her birthday, and she had liked him ever since.

"Hey, Cat? You in here?" Jade called from the door. I quickly shoved my album back into my bag, and pushed it under my bed.

"I'm in here!" I called. Jade walked in, dressed in her usual black. Jade really needed some more colour. Maybe some yellow. But then she'll look like a bee, and she doesn't like bees! Why? "Jade, why do you hate bees?"

Jade looked at me funny. "What? Never mind. Karen or whatever he's called wants all the campers at lunch. Apparently no one's allowed to skip it."

"KK!" I smiled, and skipped outside.

Beck and Robbie were at the eating place-thingy. Beck was trying to ignore the weird looks he got from the really pretty girls on another table, and Robbie kept messing with his glasses, the way he always did when he was nervous.

Huh. How do I know that?

"Hi everyone!" I greeted sitting next to Robbie.

"Hey Cat," Beck laughed.

"Hi Cat," Robbie smiled.

A green woman that looked like a tree came up to our table, with some food. "Your lunch."

I took a bit from my plate, did the offering thingy, before digging into my lunch. I love demi-god food. It's not as good as the nectar stuff that I got for my cut arm last week in archery, but it's still pretty tasty.

"Where's Tori?" Robbie asked. We all looked to the Zeus table Tori usually sat at. It was empty.

"Maybe she's late?" I asked.

Beck looked up behind us. "Or maybe she lost track of time with someone."

"What are you-" Jade turned round to see Tori entering the eating room-thingy with Percy. They were laughing at something. He he. Tori loved to laugh. Did Percy make her laugh? Didn't she say she liked guys that made her laugh? Or was it making her happy? Are they the same? What about crying and being sad?

"Guys, is crying and sadness the same thing?" I asked. All three of them turned to look at me, with that funny look on their faces.

"Err…kind of, I think," Beck answered.

"KK!" I smiled, taking another bite of my lunch.

Tori sat at the Zeus table, and Percy sat at the Poseidon table. I wonder why Mr D made it against the rules to sit with people who had a different god parent. And why didn't that include us?

"How come we can sit with other people, but they're not allowed to sit with anyone that aren't their siblings?" Robbie asked. Huh, we must have been thinking the same thing.

"Because the prejudice in this camp is staggering," Jade stated in monotone.

Tori's POV

"Okay, Tori," Percy told me. "When you swing at someone, make sure your elbow stays down. That way you get way more power into the swing. Try it."

I swung at Percy, keeping my elbow down. He blocked it, and parried back. I stopped the parry, and tried to get a good swing in, before Percy twisted the blade with his sword and pulled it out of my hands. Percy grinned in triumph. "And that is how you win. Come on, we need to get to lunch."

I rolled my eyes. "You didn't win."

"Did too," Percy argued, putting the swords back.

"Did not."

Percy gave me a look as if to say 'Really? We're doing the childish argument thing?' "Did too."

"Did not," I walked with him to the dining pavilion.

"Did too."

"Did not."

"Admit it. I won a little," Percy replied when we got to the pavilion.

We both started laughing when we entered the pavilion, and I saw Beck, Cat, Jade and Robbie watching us. I looked at Percy. "We'll continue this later."

I sat at the Zeus table, got my lunch and did the offering thing to Zeus. I waved at Andre when he came into the pavilion, and he waved back. The whole 'no cabin members can sit together unless their god parent is the same' thing stunk. I got a weird longing in my stomach. I wanted to sit with my friends.

I miss Hollywood Arts.

I looked back at the smiling faces of Annabeth, Percy and the gang. As much as I was home-sick, I couldn't deny that I liked it here.

Maybe Camp Half-Blood wasn't so bad after all.

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