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It was a gloomy and rainy day in Kanto, Japan. The weather conditions were so bad that the people were informed to stay indoors to avoid the harsh winds. The Empire Hotel was where L and the Kira defense force resided, but sadly only three beings were present in the prestigious hotel. Only Matsuda, Light, and L were present because the rest all left to buy dinner before the raging winds arrived.

"Well, it seems we will be on lockdown until further notice."

"Aw. I was looking forward to cuddling up with my new puppy tonight."

Both L and Light rolled their eyes at Matsuda's idiotic remark and quickly went back to work. Matsuda's stupidity was mostly ignored by everyone nowadays. Kira didn't rest and neither did they. Well, at this point Light had not eaten dinner yet, so he decided now was a good time to eat. Getting up, Light gently tugged on the chain connecting him to the detective. L looked up from his computer screen, looking a little disturbed.

"Light-kun, is there a problem?"

"I'm hungry," L took a bowl of strawberries he had been eating and offered some to Light.

"Thanks, but no thanks. I want real food."

"Is Light-kun suggesting I don't eat real food?"

"No, I'm just saying I prefer something a little less sweet," L gave Light a blank look and Light starts to fidget feeling uncomfortable.

"L, what's with the look?"

"….20%," Light's eyes grow wide and his mouth drops.

"Why is it 20%, because I said I wanted food?"

"Because you rejected sweets! Therefore, that makes you a biter person!" L said as if it was painfully obvious. Light's eye twitches vigorously at the detective's ridiculous comment.

"LALALALALALALALA!" Matsuda sings horribly and off tune to his pink ipod.

"…" L throws the bowl of strawberries at Matsuda.

"OW! What hit me?" Matsuda yelled as he took off his earphones. Matsuda turns around to Light and L.


"But I'm not a Kira suspect!"

"No, that's how stupid you are," He said with a blank face. Matsuda grabs his briefcase and heads for the door, overreacting.

"Well, fine. I'll just go sing in my room."

"Don't let us stop you," Matsuda stormed off to his room, feigning hurt. Light turned back to L, who had gone back to staring at his laptop.


L turns to face Light, "Did you say something Light-kun?"

"No, but since I have your attention, can we please go to the kitchen?"

L hesitated for a bit, not wanting to pause the Kira case. Finally giving in to his own hunger, he stands and follows Light into the kitchen. Once there, he makes his way to the refrigerator. Not feeling in the mood to eat sugar, L took a plate of leftover finger sandwiches.

"L, are you feeling alright?" Light asks with a worried expression on his face.

"Why yes, Light. I am feeling very much alright. Why do you ask?"

"You aren't eating any sugar. You always eat sugar."

"Has Light-kun forgotten that I am indeed a human being and not a 'sugar addicted panda'?" L retorted, beginning to get cross with Light's remarks.

"Um…LOOK! Strawberry shortcake!" Light shouts pointing behind L.

L looks behind him, but doesn't see anything.

"Light-kun, I don't see any… (O^o*)," by then, Light has left the kitchen.

L pulls out a remote, "Light-kun…so naïve," L hits the button on the remote.

"Hehehe sucka!"( ^o^) "Hahaha…AH! OW! OUCH!" Long story short, Light was shocked.

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