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Crystalline Memento

By: Chasing Yuffentine

I don't understand them. The dreams I've been having, I mean.

Why do I keep having them? I-I'm engaged to Snow, I love him; there's no reason this should be happening! But if that was actually true…

Then why do the dreams feel so much more real…?


Fingertips—larger than those of Serah's—ghosted down the young woman's shoulders, leaving phantom trails of shivers in their wake. Serah's eyelids slowly drifted shut and a soft, satisfied hum emanated from her lips.

"Noel…" she whispered.


That name…

The man who always… touches me in my dreams … That's what I always call him: Noel. The touches are so gentle and sweet—like the breeze that likes to blow in the grasslands while the dream plays through—but we never play innocent for long because he doesn't just touch me.


Makes love to me…


"Serah." Noel purred, his fingers finally wrapping gently around her forearms, sliding down to delicately grasp near the very ends of her own slender digits. He lifted one of her hands to kiss the pads of her fingers, then the other to repeat the action. He released her fingers to cup her face with those same hands of his in a single smooth motion. His hold on her countenance was neither rough nor overly gentle, but it was firm.

Noel loosely slunk his left arm around Serah's waist, and as he lowered his face to kiss her, he hesitated for a brief second—not even—almost as though he was afraid that she would dissipate into mist at the very moment his lips touched hers. What bliss it was to know that she remained solid against him when the moment came. Her lips slid across his so fluidly, as though the friction was meant to exist beyond the realm of dreams; each of her hands clutched the other, locking together behind her dream lover's neck.

Serah's tongue prodded at Noel's bottom lip. Noel caressed the skin of her left upper arm and slanted his lips against hers at a slightly greater angle to allow her entrance. Her tongue intertwined with his, slid, created pinpricks of scorching pleasure along her spine that liquefied and pooled into her very core.


It all feels so good, it's beautiful… And it feels so real, more so than what I have with Snow…

I love it so much; I can't help but want even more

And that's what always scares me beyond all belief.


The loose arm around Serah's slender waist tightened, pulling her closer to Noel's own lithe frame as they kissed. Noel pulled away so that he was looking into Serah's eyes and his lips were just barely touching hers. "Serah," he murmured, his voice soft and husky, "I need you…" Serah's eyes widened for a quick moment before half-closing, showing him that—perhaps—she needed him just as much. Noel gave her a soft smile and briefly kissed her softly before kissing the bottom of her jaw and trailing his lips down her neck.

He stopped at her pulse point, suckling the sensitive flesh and laving it with his tongue. He felt himself harden at the soft, desperate whimpers the escaped Serah's lips. Her fingers clutching at his scalp as though he was her only link to sanity amidst the chaos that was the amalgamation of love and lust and everything in between aroused him further if that were at all possible. Finally, when the skin was a bright red that was sure to darken with little time, he gave the mark a soft kiss and lifted his head. "There. Now everyone will know you're mine." Noel chuckled, smirking when he saw Serah's blush.

"But what about you, Noel? How will people know who you belong to?" Serah's voice was breathy, her face formed into a slight pout even as she teased him. Noel's smirk softened into a gentle smile.

"You mean you weren't planning on giving me a little lovebite?"

"… Maybe I wasn't."

But contrary to her casually said playful and flirty words, Serah moved to kiss her way from Noel's pulse point to the crook of his neck just under the bottom of his jaw, where she decided she would brand him.


It's supposed to feel wrong, right? So, why doesn't it…?

All I feel is heavenly


Noel's knees were water, unstable beneath him as Serah continued her actions upon him. His breathing became shallow and raspy at the feeling. It was glorious; it was unbearable… Finally, Serah decided she needed more than what was happening already. She swallowed her hesitation and placed shaky fingertips against the tense clothed abs of her dream lover. Even through the fabric, she could feel the muscles flutter and contract at the contact, Noel's breath hitching in his throat with every slow inch Serah's slender digits trailed down. Serah stopped just above the waistband of his loose pants for a moment, gulping and tightly shutting her eyes before dipping her hand inside and grasping Noel's stiff member.

She just couldn't help but stay shy, no matter how many times they had done this…


By the time we get that far, I stop caring altogether; about Snow, about our engagement, about what's right and what's wrong… All I can think about is Noel and how much I find myself loving him… and how much I want him.

But when I wake up and remember Snow and all that he's done for me, I feel the world's worst guilt…

My love for Noel, or the guilt I feel when I wake up…

I can never tell which is stronger.


Noel's fingers reached for the shoulder straps to Serah's dress, thumbing them lightly, weakly, when Serah started pumping his member quite skillfully, just the way he liked it. After all, she has had many of these dreams; a lot of practice. The sensation of her hands upon the velvet skin—stroking softly, caressing lightly—was enough to draw a moan from Noel's lips.

"S-Serah…" he whispered, "Let me have you…"

Serah said nothing but kissed him deeply in consent, her hand never stopping its ministrations upon him.


But Noel's not real; it's so ridiculous, my loving him. How can I love a dreamtime illusion more than the man who's always held me so caringly in his arms?

I'm such a terrible person…


Noel slowly tugged the straps down, as well as the front of Serah's dress—breathing heavily all the while—but stopped undressing her shortly after to still her motions on his nether regions. "Please stop…" he managed, "T-too good…"

Serah blushed crimson, but stilled her hand and pulled it away. "Now I touch you." Noel panted, still catching his breath. Barely two seconds later, he allowed his lips to capture Serah's in another deep kiss. He then continued his previous task of undressing her, pulling her dress the rest of the way off of her torso and down her legs, letting it pool at her ankles. Without releasing Serah's lips, Noel unclasped her strapless bra with relative ease, letting that drop to the ground as well. Then he clasped her ribs near her breasts and gently thumbed her nipples, causing a soft whine to emanate from the young woman.

Serah clenched her thighs tightly together and whimpered as she felt her own arousal become much stronger, clenching even tighter in short, occasional intervals with each time Noel passed his fingers across her breasts. Serah finally pulled away from his lips. "Take me; now…" Desperation and sheer want were clear in her tone.


I know it's crazy—how did this all even start? How can a dream make me feel this way, make me question everything that I once thought was concrete in my life? Even the man I'm engaged to hasn't made me so desperate for anything like Noel has. I need Noel so badly; dream or not! It's unbearable


"Not yet." Noel said, then winked.


What do you mean, "not yet"? I need you now!


"I want to try something new first." he murmured, his eyes becoming half-lidded. He slid one forearm under and against the small of Serah's back, and did the same with his other forearm under her knees. He lifted her off of the ground a bit before laying her down on the grass, spreading her legs with his hands just a touch, and taking care to remove her shoes. Then, he leaned partially over her body and kissed the center of her chest, slowly trailing his lips down her body, down her stomach until he got to the edge of her panties.


Oh, Maker, Noel… You're going to do that to me…?


He hooked his fingers through the edges of Serah's underwear and pulled it down halfway, immediately burying his face in between her legs. Noel licked at Serah's wet folds, relishing in her pleasured gasps. the fingers of one hand clutched tightly at Noel's hair, loosening and retightening with each wax and wane of marvelous sensation; the other hand's fingers dug into the blades of grass, grasping at them almost urgently.


Ohhh… That's wonderful… But just… Just a little higher up


The sound of Serah's whimpers became different before long, like she wanted more. Noel knew exactly what it was she wanted. He dragged his tongue up her folds and then he quickly but gently snatched the small throbbing pulse of her clit into his lips, sucking gently on the small bud, then hearing Serah practically sob with the pleasure the act brought her.


Oh, yes... Right there


"Noel!" Serah cried, her hips almost bucking into Noel's face. Noel, however, grasped held her quickly held her down and sucked at her a bit harder. He was pretty sure she was actually crying this time from the bliss Serah felt from his actions. The fingers Serah had in Noel's hair tightened even more, but didn't relax their grip.

"Oh Gods, I think I'm gonna come!" she sobbed. It was at that moment that Noel stopped, moved away, quickly shucked off his pants, yanked off his boots and tore his skintight top off; all other articles of clothing and accessories be damned. He moved over her and positioned himself, then quickly slid in. His thrusts were fast and rough, borderline painful, but for Serah, they felt Nirvanic. And she was almost there; they could both feel the muscles of her inner walls beginning to clench around Noel's member.


Ohhhhh…. So good… N-Noel…!


Another couple of thrusts, and Serah climaxed, letting out a wordless scream. Noel followed soon after, groaning loudly into her ear and releasing his warm seed within her.



… I-I did it again… I need to stop this; I need to see what's real, what's alive and in front of me.

I think I need help


The afterglow was sweet, yet an odd tension seemed to hang between the two. Finally, Noel spoke. "This was the last time I could come to you." he said softly, caressing her face with his fingertips.

"No!" Serah cried, burying her face into his chest.

"It's gonna be okay, Serah… I'm gonna see you for real; real soon. I promise…" Noel whispered.

"How am I going to know that the you in real life is the you that I've been making love to here…?" Serah asked hesitantly.

"Give me something? Something small I can wear. I'll wear it when I come to see you."

"What can I give you?"

"Whatever you want. This is your dream, after all." Noel chuckled.

Serah thought for a moment, then conjured a small shard of light blue crystal on a string with small metal clasps. She handed it to Noel. "This is a shard of my l'Cie crystal. Wear it when you come to see me?"

"You know I will… I have to go now. I love you, Serah."

"I love you too, Noel…"


No… I just need a good night's rest. I'll be fine in the morning…

At least I hope so…


"Lightning!" Serah cried, attempting to shield herself from a monster's blow. The rattling of a machinegun could be heard in the near vicinity.

She looked up only to see Lebreau, who grasped her arm and harshly said, "Get a hold of yourself! Lightning's dead! You have to take care of yourself now!"

Another monster caught the two off-guard, but before it could strike, a familiar young man struck it down.

"… Wh-who are you…?" Serah stuttered, the shock of almost getting killed having yet to wear off.

"Noel." said the young man with a smirk.

Upon hearing his name, Serah immediately looked at his chest and dangling there, she saw the chunk of crystal she had given him in her dream; her eyes widened and she let out a small, nearly inaudible gasp.

"Noel Kreiss." Then he gave her a wink that Serah was sure Lebreau didn't notice.