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The Slytherin And The Slumber Party

~ Epilogue ~

Ginny opened one eye reluctantly as her bedroom door creaked on it's hinges – an infuriated roar filled her ears and she sat up in bed, her heart pounding in fear – and then she saw the back of her brother's head as he disappeared out of the room, his heavy footsteps racing down the hall. She winced as she heard him vault the railing and land hard on the landing below. There wasn't a lot of doubt about where he was heading.

"What the hell was that?"

Ginny's eyes widened as the blankets next to her shifted, and a pale blonde head poked out from beneath her sheets.

She stared at the sleepy silver eyes looking lazily up at her from her pillow and felt a pure jolt of joy rush through her chest – and then she blushed as his eyes dropped to her bare chest.

She yanked her sheet up to cover herself, and opened her mouth to warn him she'd just seen Ron, when her brother came dashing back in, breathing heavy, his cheeks and ears blood red.

Ginny groaned when she saw him brandishing the ancient family broadsword that usually hung in her father's study like a fiery avenging angel.

"I'm going to kill you, Malfoy!" Ron jabbed the sword at Draco, a murderous glint in his narrowed blue eyes.

Ginny watched Draco's eyes widen almost comically as Ron furiously brought the sword down in the center of the bed, and it's sharp point barely missed a rather precious part of his anatomy.

Draco found and yanked his jeans up over his hips and managed to tumble off the bed, hitting the floor hard. Ginny shrieked and pulled the covers over her head. "Ron! Get out of here! I don't have any clothes on!"

Ron's face turned redder and he actually growled at Draco. "You bloody bastard! You touched my sister!"

Draco's head popped up over the edge of Ginny's bed and he smirked smugly. "Touched her? Well, I think I did a hell of a lot more than just touching-

"Draco, shut up!" The lump under the covers jerked towards him, just as Ron jumped across the bed and tackled him.

Harry raced into the room half-asleep, his glasses askew. "What's wrong?"

Ginny groaned under the covers. "Ron's trying to murder Draco, every man in the house seems intent on seeing me without my clothes, and I'm hiding under the sheets! Everything's wrong!"

"Here!" Harry threw up the sheets, ignoring her shriek and stuffed some clothes from the floor under to her. Then he scrambled across the bed and did his best to keep Ron from skewering Malfoy with the family heirloom.

Ginny tried her best to dress under the covers as she heard all the thudding and bumping next to her bed. She heard Draco hiss in pain and Ron swear and then she was finally covered decently and threw off the covers just as Draco rolled across it into her lap - she gasped and looked at him - his face was buried in her lap. He looked up at her, a grin spreading across his pale, handsome face. "This wasn't exactly how I meant to wake up, Ginny."

He rolled off her as Harry shouted, "He got away! Malfoy I'd run if I were you!"

Draco leaned down and kissed her hard. "Must dash, sweetheart - by the way, you look tasty in my shirt," He disappeared out of the window just as Ron stumbled over to it, Harry practically hanging from his back.

Hermione raced in, half dressed, hair wild, and stood in the center of the room looking dazed. "What is it? What's wrong? Ron? Harry? You aren't supposed to be here!"

"Obviously," muttered Harry as he collapsed onto Ginny's desk chair.

"What the hell was going on here, last night?"

Ron was still yelling at the top of his lungs.

Ginny watched him rant and rail half - hanging out the window and she noticed Harry, flushed and tired staring at her in disbelief.

"Did you -?" He stopped and nodded knowingly. "You did."

Ginny blushed furiously.

He half - smiled and got up, and went over to Ron, grabbing him by the shirt collar.

"Hey!" Ron yelled as Harry dragged him out the door.

Hermione grimaced at Ginny, planted a hand on Ron's chest, and helped push him out, closing the door behind her.

Alone, Ginny took a deep breath and fell back on her bed, waiting for her heart to stop racing. She was stretching happily when she felt a warm stickiness on her hand. She looked at it in horror - blood. Ron had hurt Draco after all? Then she remembered his hiss of pain. Ron had dared touch her fiancé with that damned sword!


She heard him yell from behind the door. "I don't care of you love him, I'm going to kill him Gin!"

She cursed and went to the door, throwing it open. "You will not kill him! I'm marrying him!"

Ron stood at the top of the stairs, and he almost fell down them. "You can't marry a Malfoy! Oh my god, you're bleeding!" He gaped at her, seeing the blood on her shirt and hand.

"That is not my blood, you twit! It's Draco's! You cut him!"

Ron sighed, looking relieved. "Thank God!"

"Grrrrrrrr!" She slammed the door shut and stalked off to get dressed. She was worried about Draco. She had to go find him…


"Ron didn't know about any of this, I'm to understand." Ginny stated dryly as she prepared some lunch that afternoon.

Hermione looked over at her sheepishly from where she was slicing tomatoes. "He knew Draco was alive…I didn't tell him he was coming here last night, though. I'm really sorry, Ginny – I had no idea he and Harry would decide to come back here and hang out over the weekend…"

"It's not your fault, Hermione – I hadn't any idea Draco would still be here. He told me last night he'd have to leave early – he had a lot of things to take care of."

"No kidding – I imagine he has a mess to straighten out with his father's estate. Are you sure he said he was all right?"

"He sent an owl with a note that said he just got scratched – he figured I'd be worried. He's coming back tonight to smooth things over with Ron. He said he wasn't going to endure him chasing him about with 'that damned sword' every time he came near me." Ginny grinned and shook her head. "I sent him back a note saying he didn't have to worry about the sword – I hid it."


"The last place Ron would think to look – the laundry room."

Hermione giggled. "Good idea."


When Draco showed up, Ginny kept an eye out for her brother – she wanted to be ready if he came out of nowhere with an lethally sharp objects – only to find he wasn't anywhere around.

"Where'd Ron go?" Ginny asked Hermione with a curious frown.

"I haven't seen him since after lunch," Hermione muttered carelessly in passing, angrily, and Ginny knew Ron and she had been arguing again.

Draco shrugged. "He's probably off getting piss drunk – it's what I'd do in his position."

"Ron doesn't drink anything stronger than butter beer," Ginny scoffed.

Hours later, Harry and Ron appeared, and Ron was hanging on Harry's shoulder, his eyes glazed over.

"Told you so," drawled Draco, crossing his arms.

"Harry, I can't believe you let him do this!"

Harry looked at her, smiled slightly, and promptly fell over, sprawling across the floor.

Ginny fell to her knees next to him, and was worried until she heard the boy start snoring. Ron, who'd tumbled over with him, closed his eyes and made a sound between a laugh and a giggle.

She shook her head in disgust and looked up at Draco expectantly, who frowned down at her.

"What? I'm not carrying those prats up to bed…"


Draco looked at the wall, and then peeled off Ron's socks, and shoes, grimacing. He looked at Ginny and narrowed his eyes.

"This evening hasn't turned out quite like I expected. I mean," he motioned to Ron, "I had been expecting to undress someone this evening, but certainly not Ron." He dropped Ron's leg and smirked at the redheaded boy as he rolled over and looked at them drunkenly.

"Thanks, Malfoy," he muttered blearily, clearly still drunk, for he'd never thank Malfoy for anything if he were sober.

Draco raised a brow, and made a face as Ron passed out.

"I can't abide a man who can't hold his liquor."

Ginny sighed in disgust at her brother's sorry state. "Mum would murder him if she could see him right now."

"And your father would murder 'me' if he could see us right now, " murmured Draco as he caught her hand and pulled her out of the room.

Hermione appeared in the doorway, pale faced. "Ginny, your parents are back – early!"

"Bloody hell!" Draco rubbed a hand over his face. He looked at Ginny between his fingers. "I could disapparate right now, you know."

Ginny grabbed him by his robe front. "Don't you dare!"

"Relax, Gin – I didn't say I would, just that I could, if I wanted to...I wouldn't even think about leaving you to face your Dad alone," he said, although she knew he had been.

"Don't worry – it's not my Dad you have to worry about," stated Ginny, propelling Draco out the door and down the hallway to the stairs.

"It's not?"

Ginny kissed him hard before pushing him in front of her, down the stairs. "Nope. It's my Mum."

"Oh…she wouldn't happen to have a liking for sharp objects, would she?"

She grinned, and whispered in his ear as her surprised looking parents came into sight.

"Don't worry – I've hidden everything already."

His hand reached back to grab hers, squeezing it tightly.

"Now I can relax," he remarked dryly as Ginny's mother's face took on an astonished look at the sight of him…


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