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"I'm going to miss you, Musa!" Layla exclaimed.

"Me too!" Tecna said.

"We all are!" Bloom said.

"Relax, guys, I'll be fine! I'm sure I made the right choice!" Musa exclaimed.

"Staying here on Earth was the right choice? And in this teeny little town too? There's hardly any good shopping here!" Stella complained.

"Gardenia wasn't all that big either, Stella!" Roxy rolled her eyes.

"It was bigger than Lousy Lima! And at least they had variety to choose from!" Stella whined.

After the events that had transpired throughout the year, Musa had decided to stay on Earth for a while. She had claimed that it held some sort of charm for her and that was the reason that she wanted to stay.

After looking at the various places she could go to together with Bloom, Roxy and Tecna, she had settled on moving to Lima, Ohio. It might have been small, but she liked it anyway. After all the excitement of the past few years that came with being a part of the Winx Club, it was time she had some peace. And where better to get it than from a small town?

All seven fairies were now standing in the living room of the small, but comfortable house the music fairy had acquired there with the pixies in tow, including Zing, with whom Roxy had bonded with over the summer.

"Well, before we head back, we should check that you have everything that you need, don't you think?" Flora suggested.

"Good idea, Flora!" Tecna said.

She snapped her fingers and folder full of papers appeared in her hands.

"I made these up with Roxy and Bloom's help weeks ago to help you out while you're living here, remember?" Tecna asked the music fairy.

"Of course!" Musa smiled.

The technology fairy spread out the documents on the coffee table and the fairies sat around it.

"Let's see… Yep, everything's here that you're gonna need to live and pretty much do anything on Earth. All of your 'American' documents and all…" Tecna closed the file and made it disappear again.

There was silence in the room as everyone looked at each other for a moment before the fairies rushed together for a group hug and the pixies did the same.

"We're gonna miss you, Tune!" Amore wailed.

"Come on, Amore! This isn't goodbye!" Tune reassured her.

"Tune's right. We'd still come to visit a lot, right?" Chatta asked.

"Right!" The fairies and pixies exclaimed in unison.

"And don't you forget that Riven's coming soon too, so it won't just be me and Tune here by ourselves!" Musa said.

Tecna checked her watch.

"Girls, it's time for us to go, or else Roxy will probably have Griselda to contend with!" She commented.

Stella shuddered. "Ugh! Wouldn't want that to happen!"

"I hear you!" The girls chorused in unison.

"Oh and Roxy, before you go, I've got something for you." Musa said.

The girls turned around in surprise.

Musa produced a crystal beaded bracelet with a single gold music note on it.

"Wow. I don't really know what to say, Musa!" Roxy said. "Thanks!"

"No problem! I went back to Melody a few weeks ago and I thought you might like it. Consider it a 'Congratulations on Starting Alfea' gift!" Musa said as Roxy kneeled down to hold the necklace to Artu so he could see it.

"Now you girls need to get going! I've got stock to check!"

The girls hugged Musa and the pixies swarmed Tune once again before they all disappeared.

"Well, Tune, it looks like we're on our own for now! Let's get down to business!" She said, going to the attic.

At McKinley High School, a new academic year was about to start and the members of New Directions were in various locations of the school greeting each other.

"Well, it's the beginning of another school year everyone and you know that means!" Jacob Ben Israel stood in front of the camera in all his uber-geek glory. "Post summer interviews to catch up with your favourite members of the student body otherwise known as… Glee's Big Gay Summer!"

"Now that Mike's done with… I'm standing here now with Tina Cohen-Chang! So Tina… senior year huh, what are your plans for the future, huh? Any ideas what colleges you're going to apply for?" He shoved the microphone into Tina's face.

"Well Jacob, I have no plans to apply to any colleges this year because I'm a junior, not a senior, idiot!" Tina exclaimed. "Do some research for once!"

"Creep." Tina muttered to Mike as she allowed herself to be led away.

"Come on Tina. We've got one more year of high school together. Let's go start it off with a bang!" He said.

"Of course! She smiled at him, before she felt a surge of energy pass through her.

She twitched. "Ouch…"

"Are you okay, Tina?" He asked concernedly.

"Just a minor headache. I'll be fine." Tina said dismissively.

After school, she bolted into her house and didn't stop until she reached inside her room and went wide-eyed.

"Tina! What's the matter with you? Are you okay?" Her mother Jia called up to her.

"No, not really!"

She heard footsteps coming up the stairs and soon enough her mother came into the doorway.

Jia Cohen-Chang rested a hand on her daughter's shoulder and gazed at her for a few minutes.

"Let me guess. Something happened with your powers at school, huh?"

"Why can't I control it?" Tina complained.

"Patience, Tina. You will learn control soon enough." Her mother reassured her.

"But suppose I end up exposing us?" Tina asked worriedly.

"If you are so concerned about this, then we shall train some more after dinner. Come on down and help me fix it!"

Tina chuckled. "Fine."

"Good. You are a witch and witches do not let such matters keep them down!" Jia high-fived her daughter as they walked down the stairs.

"Put some strengths into your attack, Tina! You are part vampire! Try converting some of that vampire strength into spell strength!"

Jia and Tina were now in the basement of their house transformed and dueling. Jia wore a black long-sleeved one-shoulder long dress with navy blue trim that showed her legs in the front, a dark blue waist-belt and matching leggings with her black hair put up into a bun. She also had black elbow-length shimmery gloves.

Her daughter wore a black leather mini-dress over a grey ruffled short-sleeved blouse, black, leather wrist-length gloves, and grey leggings which were tucked into the black ankle length boots with silver buckles on them. Tina's hair was pulled back into a low ponytail and she had a silver treble clef pendant necklace.

"How the hell do I do that?" Tina asked.

Her father Hyun appeared in the doorway and watched the two females go at it.

"Focus on your vampire half, Tina. There are spells that only vampires can do! This gives you an advantage in magic battles!"

Tina scrunched up her face in concentration and sharp, pointy fangs began to show from her mouth.

She held her arms above her head where a purple-ish blue gathered around her and formed an energy ball in her hands.

She held it down and aimed it her mother who put up a silvery shield around herself.

The shield instantly shattered, knocking Jia off her feet.

She stood up and hovered above the ground for a few minutes, watching Tina recover from using so much magic.

She detransformed and clapped.

"You have made progress, Tina. Not many basic level witches could hold their own against a Sorcerix level witch such as myself. We will continue this tomorrow in preparation for Saturday when Ms Griffin comes here. I daresay you want some rest after that energy output?"

Tina nodded. "I still don't see why I can't go train at Cloud Tower…" She complained as she detransformed.

Jia got a stone serious expression on her face. "Your father and I have our reasons." She said as Hyun came to stand beside her.

"And what might those reasons be?" Tina raised an eyebrow.

"Good enough ones."

Tina rolled her eyes and walked away in a huff.

After they could no longer hear her footsteps, they looked at one another.

"So, when are you going to tell your daughter the truth?" Hyun asked.

"Oh so she's just my daughter now?" Jia raised an eyebrow. "You adopted her. You're just as much of a parent to her now as I am!"

"But you're the magic parent. When it comes to magic, I bow out!" Hyun exclaimed.

Jia sighed. "Her powers are getting stronger. Hopefully with Ms Griffin's help, she will be able to use them at full capacity against her uncle Nero…"

Hyun raised an eyebrow. "What a meaningful name for him…"

"I know, right? I almost couldn't get over that when you were teaching me about Earth history. It suits him, being the sadistic bastard that he is!" Jia fumed.

"Calm down, dear. Nero will get his in good time. I'm sure you're not the only witch in the realms who wants him gone..." Hyun rested his hands on his wife's shoulders and led her out of the room.

Tina was now lying on her stomach in her bed, using magic to flick through a spell book idly.

"What is that mom isn't telling me? Every. Single. Time. I ask her why I can't go to Cloud Tower, she always rebuffs me!" She thought.

She sat up, closed the book and put it under the bed before sinking into the sheets.

"I will find out. No matter what it takes, I am going to find out what she's hiding…"

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