Several weeks after Nero had been destroyed and magic had been exposed to all humans, it was time for Tina Cohen-Chang to take the first step as ruler of Umbra; becoming Queen Melanie.

The building in which the coronation was to take place was extremely large and lavishly decorated with dark colours with hints of bright ones here and there.

The seats were black cushioned ones, with silver, navy blue and purple trim and armrests.

The stage in front of it all had two projectors on either side that projected two large shadow stands together which met in an arch at the top. The stairs on either side of the stage were covered in red carpet.

Everyone filed in to take their seats.

Celina, Zarya, Fred and Aquilo walked in and occupied seats in the front row, accompanied by their families.

Celina was talking animatedly with Tammy and Tommy as they sat. She was wearing a dark green mermaid-style halter-top dress with matching stilettos and her hair was in a curly bun, with a few left loose, framing her face.

Zarya and her younger sister Talise were marvelling at the decoration of the hall. The older water witch was wearing a knee-length navy blue, flowing-sleeved dress with a black waist belt, black stockings and black stilettos. Her hair was pulled into a high ponytail with a navy blue scrunchie.

Aquilo, Anil and Makani walked up with their parents cracking jokes the entire time, with their parents looking at them in disapproval. All three brothers wore black tuxedos, but Anil wore his with a tie, Makani wore a bowtie and Aquilo wore his undershirt bare.

Fred and his parents were quiet as they walked. The younger wizard wore a pair of dark grey dress pants, light grey formal shirt and black dress shoes.

The Winx Club, their pixies and boyfriends/fiancés were also present and they took their seats in the second row.

"Wow. I can't believe this is actually happening…" Flora said quietly.

"Well you'd better believe it!" Musa beamed.

Across the aisle from them, Lucy, Miss Griffin and all the other professors at Cloud Tower were seated, as well as Symphonia who sat with Lyra and Johan, the younger fairy waving at Casilda who was sitting with her cousin Gabrielle and their families in the row behind them, along with Queen Tiana and Nélessea.

And perhaps most surprisingly, or not at all, all things considered, the New Directions members, their director and Blaine were all there.

Tina was hell-bent on having the group she had such good times with and had helped her become a better person there. As a result, the United Realms came together and approved a request by Miss Griffin, Miss Faragonda, Professor Saladin, Jia, Musa and Symphonia to allow them to grant temporary magic status to them so they could enter the magical realms for this occasion.

"Wow. Fancy setup." Santana commented, impressed.

The other New Directions members nodded in agreement, looking around in awe as an usher showed them to their seats.

As soon as the seats were filled, a hush fell over the crowd as the lights dimmed and the music of trumpets and organs combined began to play.

The doors opened at the back and everyone turned to look as they opened.

First a guard of honour made up of the Umbran soldiers who were always loyal to Tina's cause lined either side of the aisle, a laser sword in each soldier's hand.

A few officials strode in, dressed in simple black robes with silver trim and all wearing matching hats that resembled yarmulkes.

They took their places on either side of the large, elaborately-caved throne on the stage.

After they had taken their places, two seats magically appeared to the side of the stage.

The New Directions oohed at this.

After this, Jia strode in smiling, Hyun on her arm. The music witch looked lovely in a shimmery, scarlet halter-top form-fitting gown that showed off her back with a black sash tied around the back. She wore black stilettos decorated with ruby around the toe, matching dangling earrings and her hair was in a bun with black and red hairsticks in it.

Hyun wore a black tuxedo with a white shirt, a red sash around the waist of the shirt, matching bowtie and black dress shoes.

"Wow, Tina's mom is gorgeous…" Rachel said.

"Not more gorgeous than her daughter is going to be…" Mike said as Jia and Hyun took their seats on the stage.

The music got even louder, the soldiers put up their swords to form arches above the aisle and then the music grew softer as a last figure entered the door, hidden by shadows.

When she stepped forward, the New Directions did not recognize her at first.

"That's Tina?" Lauren asked.

"Oh my gosh…" Blaine said, falling dumbstruck.

"Girl is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen!" Mercedes exclaimed.

Indeed Tina looked even more beautiful than anyone had ever seen her.

She wore a sleeveless, corset-style, form-fitting mermaid-style black gown with a silver hem and a slight trail. A silver sash was tied around the back and it trailed all the way down to the edge of the slight trail.

Her hair was curled, but up in a chignon, accompanied by a simple silver and diamond tiara, matching necklace and droplet earrings. She also wore elbow-length silver gloves.

She beamed as she walked gracefully along the aisle, many people now watching the soon-to-be queen as she reached the steps to the stage and took to a magical podium which appeared as soon as she stepped onto the stage.

"Fairies, witches, wizards, other magical beings, my friends from Earth-" Tina glanced over to where the New Directions were sitting, all of them smiling.

"I want to thank you all for coming here to support me as I make the transition from Princess to Queen of this planet."

Cameras clicked as she continued to speak.

"It has been quite the journey; one which should not have taken so long, yet one which should not have come so soon."

Several people looked around at each other at this.

"But we shall not speak of why on what is supposed to be a happy occasion for us and especially for my people who I have finally returned to after sixteen years. I could not have done so without the help of several people in this audience. You know who you are-"

Musa, along with Celina, Zarya, Aquilo and Fred beamed and even Lyra, Casilda and Roxy who had come in so late to the game smiled slightly.

"-and I just want to say thank you." Tina finished and if possible, the crowd grew even more silent as Tina walked to the throne on stage and took her seat.

The lead official held his hands together and in a swirl of shadows, the crown appeared. It was a silver band, with a circle and symbol like the one on her sceptre-ring attached to he front.

One official stepped forward and removed the tiara.

Tina took in a deep breath as the man holding the crown raised it above her head.

"Magical beings from across the realms and non-magicals alike-" He glanced at Tina's Earthling friends.

"I present to you…" He placed the crown on her head.

"Queen Melanie of Umbra." The crown glowed slightly as it was placed on her head and the glow disappeared.

A few seconds passed, and then people began to clap.

The clapping got even louder and soon the cheering started and that got even louder as well as the soldiers raised their swords into the air and fired black sparks from them.

Tina or Melanie as she was officially to be called now, stood up and smiled, now flanked on either side by her mother and Hyun.

The young queen waved to the audience who were all standing now and cheering and even the solemn-looking soldiers and officials smiled slightly.

After the coronation, there was a party going on and everyone in the newest building, similarly decorated to how the coronation hall was, was having a good time.

Melanie had changed and was now wearing a simple long-sleeved grey dress that flared out just above her ankles and matching low-heeled shoes. She still wore the crown, however.

She, Mercedes, Brittany, Santana, Lyra, Zarya and Celina were all dancing a lively dance while the remaining New Directions, Aquilo, Fred, Roxy and Casilda watched.

"Girls! We run this mother-" They burst out singing Run the World by Beyoncé as they danced, Tina and Brittany taking the lead.

Musa sat with Riven across the room, watching this as the pixies were off somewhere, dancing and flying as well.

"It's great to be over with another mission once again." She said.

"And once again it ends well, thanks to your help. I must say, you did real good, helping this cause without the other Winx being involved." Riven commented.

"Why thank you! That's quite possibly the nicest thing I've heard you say today…" Musa smiled.

"Don't get used to all the niceness. I'm not really that kind of guy…" Riven said.

"And you think I don't know that?" Musa chuckled. "Nice to see you not all surly all the time though…"

Symphonia walked over to them.

"Hello Musa, Riven. Why aren't you out there having a good time?" She asked.

"She's right." Musa stood up and got them drinks from a nearby table.

"Let's PARTY!" She exclaimed.

And with that, she, Riven and Symphonia finished their drinks and went out onto the dance floor.

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