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Note: this takes place before "The God Complex" as Amy and Rory are still traveling with the Doctor.

Rose stood in the back of the church in her white dress and veil arm-in-arm with her father. She had never really understood what people meant about their wedding being the happiest day of their lives until now.

As she began to walk up the aisle, the only thing that was keeping her from dashing up to the altar was the fact that her father was holding onto her arm.

She couldn't help staring. There he was just waiting for her. Her Doctor. He was as perfect as the day she had met him, even if he didn't look the same. And yes, maybe he was a Human-Time Lord metacrisis clone thing, but that didn't matter to her anymore. It used to, but she got used to it. After all, he still had the same memories and feelings, but she knew that this version of the Doctor would never leave her.

She remembered how he had proposed to her. He had done it in an overly-cheesy-Hollywood way. He took her out to dinner at an extremely exclusive restaurant. He must have made the reservations months in advance. She couldn't believe it, but he actually had the waiter put the ring in her glass of champagne. She didn't know that people actually did that, but then again, this was the Doctor.

It felt like it took entirely too long to get down the aisle, but she finally stood across from the man of her dreams (literally, in some aspects). She could barely hear what the minister was saying. All of her attention was on the man across from her. She listened just enough for her name and his (his name was officially "John Smith" to anyone outside her family as too many people would wonder why people only called him "Doctor"). She heard just enough to know when she was to say "I do." She heard him say it as well, and suddenly they were so close.

They kissed, and just for effect, he dipped her. Rose heard the whooping from the guests and grinned widely when she and her new husband broke apart. She felt a strange sort of giddiness when she realized that girls across the universe (hell, across the multiple universes) would be extremely jealous of her at that moment.

As they walked down the aisle hand-in-hand, she could not think of how anything could ruin this day.

That is, until she heard the sound and saw an all-too-familiar blue box materialize right in the middle of the church.

"So, where are we going this time?" Amy Pond asked as she watched the Doctor work furiously over the controls of the TARDIS.

"Well, I was thinking of two different places, actually," he responded. "We can choose one now and go to the other one later."

"And they are?" the redhead asked.

"We could either go to ancient Athens," the Doctor responded, "or we could head to a planet that has emerald rain. I'm not talking about the color, either. It literally rains down emeralds. We'd have to wear helmets, though."

"I vote for that!" Amy seemed very excited.

"Of course you do," Rory said. Not that he didn't want to see this planet himself, of course, but his wife was just so predictable sometimes.

"Right, then," the Doctor said. "Emerald rain it is!" The Doctor resumed his work at the controls. The TARDIS suddenly started pitching like a ship in a storm.

Amy would never say this to the Doctor's face, but sometimes, she wished River was there so she could fly the TARDIS steadily. She was just glad that she didn't get motion sick easily.

Suddenly, it stopped rocking and all the lights went out.

"Oh no," the Doctor said quietly. "This is not good. This is definitely, completely the opposite of good."

"Doctor?" Rory asked. "What's going on?"

"We have appeared to have fallen out of the time vortex," the Doctor answered.

"Is that possible?" asked Amy.

"No," was the Doctor's curt reply. "Well, at least it shouldn't be. It has happened before, and something very bad happened when it did."

"What kind of bad?" Amy asked, beginning to panic a little. "Was it death bad?"

"No, there was no dying," the Doctor answered. "Actually, I lied. There was a lot of dying, but none of it was my fault, I swear."

"Doctor, where are we?" Rory asked.

"Well, I don't know," the Time Lord admitted. "I have a hunch, but I really, really hope I'm wrong?"

"And how many times has that happened?" Amy asked, already knowing the answer.

"Well, not many," he admitted. "I'm just going to have a look outside. You two should just stay back. I'm still not sure if we are where I think we are, and I really hope we're not."

"Doctor, what's so bad about the place you're thinking about?" Rory asked. "It's more than the death, isn't it?"

The Doctor exhaled loudly. "The last time I was there," he said, "I left something very important behind." He then walked over to the entrance of the TARDIS and tentatively opened the door.

He poked his head out to see that they had landed, of all places, inside a church. Everything was draped in white, and the people around were in formal attire.

"Well, this looks familiar," he commented. He then noticed the two people standing directly in front of the TARDIS staring with mouths agape.

"Maybe a bit too familiar," he added.