The Serenity of Silence


If you want to see what the OC's dress looks like, the link is on my profile. It's titled 'Serenity's Dress'. The dress is from a website called 'our world . com'(no spaces), so it is animated.

Chapter One –

A nine year old girl stood, the fabric of her black and gray dress brushing against her legs in the autumn breeze. The dress was black with a thick strip of gray fabric around the waist that looked like a belt. On the gray fabric were three thin white lines that formed a 'z'-like figure. The sleeves were not connected to the actually dress, and instead started at her upper arms and ended past her hands. The sleeves were held in place by thin white ribbons that matched the detailing on the gray 'belt' of her dress. On her feet were knee-high black boots that had gray ribbons tied around the ankle of each shoe and formed a bow on the outer-side on her lower leg.

The girl stared at the monster standing nearby in fear. The being cackled as it turned to face the child.

"Oh ho ho! It seems like you're the last one, little girl! Don't worry though, I'll end your suffering and allow you to join the rest of your village – in Hell!"

Said girl gasped and turned on her heel, the action sending her long black hair flying before it rested against her back again. She ran as fast as she could – which was actually very fast for a girl her age – trying to escape her awaiting death. The monster just followed her though, laughing as if this life or death situation was some kind of game.

To it, it probably was.

The child ran through the empty streets, looking around wildly for a place to hide. Her steel-gray eyes noticed that she was nearing the edge of the now-empty town, and she quickly sprinted into the forest that resided at the border.


The black-haired girl hid behind a tree, breathing slightly faster than normal. She glanced around. The child had lost the monster that had been chasing her about half an hour ago, but didn't think that it had given up searching for her.

Taking a deep breath, she bolted from her hiding place and darted behind another tree, taking the opportunity to look at her surroundings for the short moment she was out in the open.

She hadn't seen the monster anywhere.

Breathing a silent sigh of relief, she knelt on the ground. She raised her slightly shaking hand and ran her fingers through her midnight black hair, pulling the locks free of any knots and calming her frail nerves.

The child froze suddenly, as she heard near-silent footsteps. The crunching of the autumn leaves that had fallen to the ground grew louder as whomever or whatever was in the forest approached her hiding spot. Fearing it to be the monster, the girl held her breath; praying that the being would leave her be.

Curiosity got the best of her though, and she took a quick peek around the tree trunk to see who was there.

Instead of seeing the monster from before, she saw only a man with curly, dusty brown hair and brown eyes behind red-framed eyeglasses. He wore a long black and gold jacket, cargo pants and a brown traveler's cloak. Beside him was a boy probably only a year old than the black-haired girl watching them. If said girl hadn't known any better, she would have thought he was a girl because he had long indigo hair tied into a high ponytail that ended at the small of his back and dark eyes. He was wearing something similar to the man he was walking with, only the trimmings on his coat were silver instead of gold and he wore plain black pants.

"Old man, what are we doing wandering around it a forest?" The boy questioned, clearly irritated.

"Now now Yu, patience."

"I told you not to call me that! And answer the question!"

The man sighed. "I got a call from the Order. There was Innocence suspected to be in the town just beyond this forest, so they sent some Finders to check it out. We lost contact with them a couple of days ago, so now we're hunting for Akuma."

The boy remained silent and turned his head to look in the opposite direction of the man. Unfortunately, he looked straight at the girl watching the two males.

Said girl's eyes widened and she hide behind the tree again as she scrambled to stand. Suddenly, she found herself being pinned to said tree by the boy she had seen. He glared at her, and she pulled her head back so it was pressed roughly against the tree.

"What's wrong?" The man asked, appearing in the girl's line of vision behind the boy. "Who's this?"

"She was watching us." The boy spat.

"Let go of her. She's terrified."

The indigo-haired child hesitated for a split second before doing as he was told and stepping back from the black-haired girl. She fell to the ground as her legs were shaking too much to support her body.

"P-Please… Don't k-kill me…" She whispered, staring at the ground.

"Kill you? Just for watching us?" The man asked in a confused tone.

The girl shook her head. "…M-Monsters…"


"I think she means Akuma." The man suggested. "What's your name? I'm Froi Tiedoll, and this is my apprentice, Yu Kanda."

"…I-I'm Serenity…"

"I finally found you, little girl!"

Said child's head snapped up and looked behind Tiedoll and Kanda, eyes wide with fear. Tiedoll spun around and pulled out two objects from his jacket – and cross and a sceptre-like rod – while Kanda pulled a sword out of its sheath at his waist, and stepped in front of Serenity.

"Oh my! Exorcists!" The monster from earlier – an 'Akuma' as Tiedoll had said – exclaimed gleefully. "This will be much more fun than killing those pesky villagers!"

"Protect Serenity; she may be able to tell us where the Innocence is." Tiedoll commanded, and Kanda nodded in agreement. The cross and rod in Tiedoll's hands then started to glow as he called out:

"Maker of Eden! Witness the beauty of this world; Art!"

The rod turned into a chisel and connected with the cross before Tiedoll used the cross to knock the chisel into the ground. A cloud dust rose, and a white creature formed. It was the same size as the Akuma, and looked just as strong.

With just one attack from the white being, the Akuma exploded and was no more.

Tiedoll then put his weapon away, as did Kanda. Then the brown-haired man turned back to Serenity.

"Now then, do you think you could help us?"

Serenity, however, remained silent. Her eyes were wide, and staring at Tiedoll in shock and even a little fear.

"We're not going to hurt you – I promise."

But the black-haired girl still didn't say anything.

"…Stupid girl." Kanda muttered, arms crossed over his chest.

Serenity turned to look at him, and frowned.

"…I don't think she'll speak to us, Yu." Kanda scowled when Tiedoll said his given name, but let him continue without interrupting. "This is a lot to take in for someone as young as her…"

Kanda glared at nothing in particular before crouching down in front of the young girl. "You were from the village just outside this forest, right?" The nine year old hesitated before nodding slowly.


Tiedoll blinked, before breaking out in a smile. "Yu, my boy! You got her to talk!"

"Shut up old man! Don't call me that!" Kanda snapped before turning back to Serenity. "Take us there."

Serenity stared at the ten year old boy for a moment before nodding slowly again and standing up from her spot on the ground. Her legs were still shaking slightly, but she was certain she would be able to walk. She dusted off her dark dress, then lead Kanda and Tiedoll to whatever remained of her village.


Woo! It's done!

Yes, I made another story. I have good reasons though!

- I wanted to write a KandaxOC story.

- Black Roses is my only other KandaxOC story and it has currently lost my interest

- I wanted to write about a younger Kanda.

Sorry if Kanda was OOC or anything… but he isn't as cold when he's ten as to when he's nineteen… I tried to make him as in character as I could, so if you found him OOC, please let me know and I'll try to fix my mistake!