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More relevant info to this chapter: Next chapter! This follows the lives of Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru. After last chapter, in case you missed it, Hotaru has, once again, been turned into a baby. That will be explained later. Already being comfortable with Haruka and Michiru, Hotaru is given to them. Here is a look at their lives together.

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"So…she'll really be okay?" Haruka asked softly as Michiru cradled baby Hotaru to her chest. Ami Mizuno, 17, nodded.

"Yes. I'm not exactly sure why this happened, but it seems her growth is relatively normal. Looks like you guys get your wish at raising her normally." The blue haired woman shrugged. Haruka sighed as Michiru blinked back tears.

"So…she's ours? Just like that?" The blond asked cautiously. Ami nodded.

"Yes, though I would ask Mina-chan at what age we should introduce her as Princess of Saturn." She added in after thought. Michiru smiled softly at the baby girl in her arms. The one year old smiled in return. It was three months after the huge battle with Galaxia, and Mamoru had began to work in the hospital, thus postponing the wedding for a couple years. It had been two since Hotaru had transformed back into a baby, and the blood tests Ami did were finally back.

"Kitten will love this." Haruka murmured, making the senshis of water chuckled lightly.

"Hotaru-hime, time to wake up." Haruka murmured softly to the little child in her carseat. Haruka had just dropped her wife off at her workplace, and was now at the race tract, where she and Hotaru would stay until the end of her work day.

"Sleep." Hotaru pouted, reluctantly pulling open one of her eyes. Haruka chuckles, lifting her our of the carseat.

"Come on, hime-chan. Let's go and race in our cars." She said cheerfully. The child yawned, nodding.

"Kay." She mumbled. Haruka affectionately ruffled her hair. Placing an affectionate kiss on her forehead, the blond lead them inside.

"And there. Look at your pretty pink toes." Michiru cooed to her baby. Hotaru giggled, staring at the bright color.

"Pretty!" She exclaimed, wiggling her toes. The blue haired woman smiled, picking up the infant.

"Very pretty. I bet Haruka-papa will be very pleased." She assured the young girl. Hotaru beamed, wrapping her arms around Michiru's neck.

"Michi?" Haruka asked as her wife and daughter entered the study.

"Toes!" Haruka yelled out, waving her feet towards Haruka, who chuckled.

"I can see them, hime-chan. What a great color." Haruka said with a tolerant smile. Micdhiru chuckled as Hotaru tugged on her necklace, cooing nonsensically at her parents. Haruka cupped Michiru's face, beaming.

"So guess what?" She asked.


"I got into the TZGP!" Haruka exclaimed, making Hotaru squeal happily in response. Michiru rolled her eyes yet grinned as wide as Haruka was.

"I'm so happy for you. Another thing we can celebrate at dinner tonight." She said, turning to leave the study. Haruka gasped.

"You're right! I almost forgot that we've yet to celebrate your new gig." She said, following after the blue haired woman. Michiru chuckled, shaking her head as Hotaru rambled on.

"Well then, should I have Setsuna keep Hotaru tonight?" She asked, sitting the baby down on the floor. Hotaru beamed and crawled toeards the balcony doors. Haruka began to nod, but paused halfway through the motion.

"Actually…let's not. We'll just pick her up and them come home. I think she should be with us while we're cuddling on the couch. She needs to take part in that family tradition." She explained. Michiru's expression softened and she nodded.

"Okay then."

"Agh, Michi!" Haruka called out as she tried to get Hotaru's dress buttoned correctly. Michiru entered, smiling slightly as she saw the dilemma.

"Like this. Why are you so worked up today Ruka?" She asked. The blond sighed, scooping up Hotaru.

"It's just…I don't know. I feel like something is going to happen today." She explained. Michiru frowned. Today Setsuna was wanting the group the meet up, saying she had some important things that needed to be discussed. It sounded serious.

"Whatever happens, we'll come out of it with our family in tact." MIchiru promised, wrapping an arm around Haruka's. Her wife nodded, picking up Hotaru.

"You're right. We're going to be the family that sticks together, come good news or bad." Haruka agreed. Michiru smiled, then looked at Hotaru, who was staring at Haruka's diamond earring.

"Hear that Hotaru? You're stuck with us." She teased, affectionately ruffling the head of dark purple hair. Haruka chuckled, nodding.

"Yeah, listen to your Mama. You're stuck to us like glue sticks to paper!" She declared. Michiru laughed, kissing Haruka's cheek.

"You are such a dork, 'Ruka."

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