Title: I was thinking of a son

Fandom: Glee/Avengers movieverse(Norse mythology)

Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Anne Sexton

Warnings: mentions of bullying/violence; (canon) sexual assault; AU

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine

Rating: PGish

Wordcount: 1330

Point of view: third

Prompt: Kurt's first day (or two) at Dalton, the beginning of his interest in Blaine.

Note: So, I've been thinking about why Kurt would end up at Dalton, in this 'verse if he was never actually in danger from Karofsky - Karofsky could threaten all he liked, but Kurt couldn't be hurt (physically), and by junior year, he'd completely embraced the fact that he was Loki's son. Thus, this: what happens from Never Been Kissed to Furt and beyond.

When the bullying changes, Kurt doesn't tell anyone because it doesn't matter. It's not like he has any bruises to show. None of his bones have ever broken because of the locker slams, or those few times he let himself get caught too close to the stairs. And he doesn't care what anyone in this town thinks of him, though it would be nice if the jocks quit throwing slushies on his clothes. (He broke that stupid machine three times before he gave up. Someone kept fixing it.)

But Kurt can take it. He can take it all. None of it matters because he knows he'll be leaving. And he knows, even if only in secret daydreams, that he could kill them all, every single bully, every single person who looked the other way, every. single. one. of them. He could.

And he takes pride in the fact that, day in and day out, he doesn't.

So when Karofsky starts looking at him, starts lingering, starts shoving him harder, Kurt doesn't even notice. And then, when he does notice, he just shrugs it off. New level of the same old crap – so what? Two more years and Kurt's gone.

Whatever Karofsky's problem is, Kurt doesn't care. He's reached the point where McKinley is an annoyance, and he's only putting up with it for his dad.

When Schuester finally notices that Karofsky is doing his damnedest to make Kurt miserable, Kurt decides to actually say something – because McKinley isn't at all safe, and if Kurt didn't have Mama… well. He'd be in serious danger.

He's not sure if telling Schue how he feels will make any difference, but it seems to, and then when the boys let him know exactly how they see him, he thinks Fuck this and drives the two hours to Dalton Academy. Why the hell not.

It turns out to be the best decision Kurt's ever made, but seeing the future isn't one of his skills, so for the moment, he just enjoys watching a gorgeous boy sing.


Kurt gets home late that night. He'd spent hours in that coffee shop, talking to Blaine about anything that crossed either of their minds. Kurt had never, in his life, connected to anyone like that (except Fenrir, but he doesn't think his older brother who's actually an ancient magical alien wolf counts).

They actually exchanged phone numbers, and after Kurt gets home (and fudges the truth a little) they text till all hours of the night.

Blaine had mentioned a little of the bullying he suffered before Dalton. Kurt glossed over Karofsky (because it wasn't a big deal, really, not like Blaine's, because Blaine could actually get hurt, and the thought of that makes something inside Kurt clench), and the next day, when Karofsky knocks Kurt's phone right out of his hand, Kurt snaps.

That's the only explanation, really. Because Karofsky had done worse (hell, Puck had done worse, since Karofsky hasn't actually dropped him in a dumpster yet) but maybe it's just the final straw. So Kurt, fingers clenched so he doesn't do something Lima will regret, storms after Karofsky, follows him into the locker room, and finally shouts at him everything he's been wanting to say but held back.

And because he's got everything locked down tight so he doesn't explode, he lets Karofsky get in his space, grab his face, and kiss him.

In the back of his mind, a wolf growls. Mama hisses, What?

Karofsky moves back in for seconds and Kurt shoves himself away, shocked to his bones. He covers his lips, staring at Karofsky, who looks panicked, turns, and runs away.

"What?" Kurt whispers, hand still over his mouth. Kurt Mama asks, but Kurt assures him, I'm fine. Just… confused.

He wants to call Blaine. He needs to anchor himself, to find something safe and human. And he can't tell Dad about this; it'd break Dad's heart.

So he calls Blaine. He goes home, settles against the tree he once fell out of, and talks until it's time to start dinner.

That night, he convinces his siblings and mother to leave Karofsky alone. Why, he's not sure. Maybe it was the panicked look on Karofsky's face, or the fact that Karofsky is actually half a year younger than him. Whatever it is, Kurt is adamant.

And then Blaine drives two hours to try and help, and it's just the cutest thing.


Things would've continued on like that, with Karofsky getting creepier by the day, except Dad sees Karofsky mock Kurt and Finn for dancing, and when Dad asks a direct question, Kurt just can't lie to his face. He's tried.

But he still can't mention the kiss. Why he thinks death threats are somehow better than sexual assault, he'll never figure out.

Either way, Dad freaks the fuck out.

And when McKinley lets Karofsky back in, that's it. Dad can't handle the thought of them being in the same zip code, much less the same building, so Kurt gets sent to Dalton.


Dalton isn't Utopia, but it's refreshing. The classes are harder, the people are nicer, and there's Blaine. Kurt still hasn't found something he can't discuss with Blaine (well, except for his mother. and his siblings. at least he found a reasonable explanation for his knives.) and Blaine keeps flirting with him. No boy has ever flirted with Kurt before.

Kurt still plans to leave after graduation, but now the time isn't dragging anymore. He looks forward to class, to lunch, to glee – Warbler practice. He feels challenged, and it's amazing. He gushes about it to Mama at their lessons, and the twins tease him, and Fenrir tells him it'd be no hardship to wipe McKinley off the face of the planet, that all he has to do is ask.

And then Blaine serenades a Gap employee, gets drunk, makes out with Rachel Berry - and Kurt realizes that, of course, Blaine's not perfect. Blaine's just a kid. He's still learning, still growing, and if he sometimes hurts Kurt's feelings... well, they have time.

And every day, Kurt just falls further in love. No, Blaine's not perfect. And he doesn't know everything about Kurt, of course he doesn't. Maybe he never will. But being around him makes Kurt happy. Even when Blaine gets every solo, even when he serenades other people. The sun is brighter around him, and Mama just sighs, kisses his forehead, and murmurs, This boy had better be good to you, love.

Kurt grins at him and nods, and then accidently sets a tree on fire.


Pavarotti dies, Kurt sings his grief, and Blaine kisses him.

Santana terrorizes Karofsky into apologizing, Dad and Carole can't really afford Dalton for the long haul, and Kurt assures Dad that Karofsky is sincere. (He can tell; his mother is the God of Lies.)

Dalton was refreshing. But McKinley is where Kurt will learn how to be strong.


While New Directions is in New York, Kurt slips away to visit his brothers.

"You really should let us punish those fuckers," Váli grouses, portioning out the bacon.

Kurt shrugs. "They're not worth it," he replies. "Plus, I'll be out of there soon."

"Yeah." Nari grins, ruffling Kurt's hair. "Gonna come live with us, kid?"

Laughing, Kurt ducks towards the table, bringing his plate with him. "Maybe," he says.

He still needs to talk to Blaine about the future. Because it might have just been a crush in the beginning, just him latching on to the first person (who wasn't blood) that ever saw him. But now… now, he can't imagine a world where he doesn't wake up and know Blaine is his.

We are possessive, and protective, Mama has told him more than once.

But those are all thoughts for the future. Right now, Váli is trying to dump his eggs in Nari's hair, and Kurt really should break up the brewing fight.

Instead, he smirks and throws his biscuit at Váli.