I can't stop writing stories for the new episode, Uther and Arthur were so sweet in it. So this is my second story for that episode which I got the idea for from a line that Uther said to Arthur from the scene in his bedroom. This will contain spoilers.

He was a father that Arthur had never really thought about dying. He had always been there for him, been so strong even in the face of evil and darkness. After all that he had been through with Morgana's betrayal, all that Arthur wanted for was for him to be happy.

Arthur's birthday came and his father rose to the challenge of spending the night with him, however now he was stood over the man who had just tried to kill him, sword on the floor after running the man through.

Arthur pushed him self off of the floor, "Father." He spoke the world rolling off of his tongue. This was the father that he knew so well and yet he had never imagined that this would happen. After all of the fights that they had and now they had fought for each other in a battle of lives. Just Arthur didn't know that he had lost it.

He fell backwards, he darted forward. He was injured, he had caught him.

Arthur sat on the floor his father laid in his arms. Arthur had no idea what had caused this, but then he moved his hand. Blood.

His father's blood. On his hand.

"No." The word was barely spoken off of Arthur's lips, "Guards!" Arthur meant to shout, he meant to be heard. No such thing happened. The word was spoken as if he was being strangled. That did him no good.

"I'll go and get help." Arthur went to move. A weak voice stopped him.

"Stay with me." Those words sounded so vulnerable, so helpless. Arthur was puzzled, yet he chose against his mind. He stayed.

"I'm here, father." Breathing was the only thing that filled the room. Arthur looked over his shoulder. He was desperate. He would be heard, "Guards! Someone! We need help!" Arthur felt his voice dying on him when he spoke the last four words that he spoke. No matter how strong he made them sound in his mind, they were nothing when spoken aloud.

"It's my time." Uther spoke, his son's desperation was interrupted. He sounded so sure.

"No you can't die." The prince could feel it though. He hated it. He felt him self feeling useless. He couldn't even shout for help.

"I know you will make me proud as you always have. You will be a great king." Uther was speaking as if he was so sure that he was going to die. Arthur couldn't allow that.

"I'm not ready." Arthur spoke his voice becoming weaker every word.

"You have been ready for some time Arthur." So much faith, in some one who was the cause of this.

"No. I need you." Arthur managed to force the words out of his throat.

"I know I've not been a good father I've put my duty to Camelot first," Arthur shook his head, "I'm sorry." Hearing these words, Arthur felt pieces of him dying inside.

"Don't say that." It may have been partly true, but Arthur still loved him, goof father or not. To hear him say that, was unbearable.

"But know this, Arthur." He was making an effort. The best one that he could. Arthur could feel tears burst in to his eyes, "I've always loved you." Arthur couldn't bear the look in his father's eyes.

He cried. Arthur cried, he couldn't take this. No more words could come from his mouth any more.

Arthur knew that this conversation until the day that he died and one thing that would stay in his mind as he looked over Camelot would be his father, Uther Pendragon's willing, strong words that came at the face of death.

It's my time.

Sorry I just had to write this. Hope you enjoyed this, please review and thanks for reading. Also sorry if this made you cry.

P.S. The scene in the episode made me cry, but I still wanted to write this even though it made me cry to write it, I'm glad that I did.