As the day drew to a close, Shane sat on the couch, biting his nails, nervous about where Claire was. It wasn't completely abnormal for her; Myrnin had a habit of keeping her to work late in the lab, much to Shane's annoyance. This set his teeth on edge: she shouldn't be out at dark, and Myrnin himself knew that. This wasn't a safe haven from the real world like it appeared to be in all the brochures. This was Morganville, vampire state, Texas. It was not safe to be working past six, never mind as late as nine thirty on a winter's night. If Claire didn't discuss this with Myrnin, then Shane surely would. How dare he keep her so late? Risking her life in the process. He swore, If Claire became a member of the fang gang, he'd… he wouldn't know what he'd do, and that was what he feared most of all.

Finally, three hours late, Claire walked in, soaked from the rain, and shook the droplets from her hair into the door mat. She looked stressed, overworked and above all, fed up of her job, prompting Shane to speak up.

"Why don't you just quit Claire?"

She looked alarmed, "what?"

"If Amelie cared about you half as much as you say she does, she'd find you a different job, a safer job." He couldn't help but notice her eyebrows rising, something she did when she got angry, and he was in for it tonight for sure.

"Shane, it's not that easy," She seemed confused. "Myrnin needs the help."

"Someone else-"

"There is no one else Shane, you know that, no one else can keep up with it all, you just… you wouldn't understand."

"Try me Claire. Just because I'm not brains on legs like you and Myrnin doesn't mean I'd never understand. I'm not as dumb as you think. I know what's happening Claire, and I don't like it, not at all."

To this she took an intake of breath. "Shane… I… Are you suggesting that I would...?"

"I don't know myself anymore Claire" I shook my head; no way was I going through it all again; the lies, the deceit, the worrying, the insecurities, no way. So, like all great moments in life, I did the Shane thing to do, I stormed off upstairs to my room, where I could be alone with myself and my worries.


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