This will be my first attempt on a Loki-fic!
I'm guessing it takes place after Loki falls of Bifrost in "Thor".
I hope you'll enjoy and review!


1. Stranger

"Oh come on, where are you!" I growled as I searched through my bag for my phone, which continued its infernal call for attention. With my house keys in one hand I leaned against the wall, steadying my bag against my hip.

"Aha!" I exclaimed proudly as I felt the vibration and I fished it out quickly. I let out a displeased moan when I saw the caller ID. Malcolm.

"Hey Mal." I said, trying to hide the sigh in my voice.

"Lily! Jeez, what took you so long?" Malcolm insisted on checking up on me all the time, though we had been broken up for 7 months now.

"Big bag. Many pockets." I mumbled. "What do you want." I was done beating around the bush with pleasantries and courtesies and what not a long time ago. I huffed my thick, dark bang away from my eyes as I shoved the right key in to the door.

"Wanna catch a movie tonight?" Oh come on already.

"No, Malcolm I don't. I've barely gotten home from work, it's Friday, I'm single. Honestly, I'm going to stay in and eat junk food and watch the movies of my choice tonight. Alone."

"Jeez, don't be so sour, Lil!" Are you kidding me?

"Stop stalking me like a crazy ex-boyfriend! It's creeping me out! It's about time you got the message Malcolm. We are done. I don't have any desire being friends with you anytime soon. You screwed me over. Get that in to your head. Please."

"Sure, I can screw…" Click. I growled and wanted to kick the wall, but settled with stomping my feet before taking a deep breath. I quickly unlocked the door, grabbed my grocery bags and pushed inside my apartment. The low sun glowed in through my huge balcony windows straight ahead and bathed my hallway, kitchen counter and living room in a warm, yellow light. Best view in town. Indeed. I gave a quick glance out the window.

"Oh crap!" I gasped and quickly clutched my hands over my mouth. I dropped my bags and in my ears it made on hell of a noise. I stood frozen by my door, staring at the figure sitting in my chair out on my balcony. The shape of a head and wide shoulder cast long dark shadows in to my living room. It was sitting with its back to the window, obviously completely unaware of my presence. I stalked silently closer, taking the person in to closer view. The hair was long, pitch black and smoothed back. It was just sitting there, staring out on the small city park. I grabbed what lay closest and stalked closer towards the half open glass door.

"Who the hell are you." I put on my meanest voice as I pushed open the door with my foot and stepped out, weapon raised and muscles tight. The person, which I now saw was a man, turned his head slowly to look at me. The first thing I noticed was his unnaturally blazing green eyes. The second thing I noticed was his strange looking attire. An ensemble of black and green leathery clothes with a cape. His features were smooth and sharp.

"Hello." He spoke gently and silently. I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Hello? You're in my apartment! Tell me who you are and what you want or I will attack you!" I snapped loudly. The man raised one eyebrow and looked to my hands, raised over my left shoulder.

"I do not know much about you…whatever you are, but I do know that is not referred to as a weapon." He purred.

"W…what?" I breathed and glanced quickly up at my hands, clutching…the May edition of Cosmopolitan. Oh nice one, Lily.

"I…I can still do enough damage to make you wish you'd never entered my apartment!" I said, never mind my voice was slightly high pitched. The man stood up excruciatingly slowly until he stood tall and huge in front of me, his stance wide. Sure he was slender, but his body was muscled, strong and so tall he was looking down at me. I dropped my jaw on the floor.

"Who are you, goddammit!" I yelled and the man blinked surprised.

"I… I do not know." He replied silently. He took a step closer.

"I do not know who I am."

A short start, I know. But I'll promise to make the chapters longer as I go, unless you prefer them short of course. Let me know! ;)