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This is set AFTER the "Avengers" movie storyline. Use your imagination. Haha! :D


A short story sequel to "My black mind".

My body tingled with anticipation. It had taken me some time, but I had gotten used to my new, immortal body. After being human for twenty-something years it did take some time to fine tune a body of perfection. I still looked like my old self, and I was glad. I wanted Loki to recognize me right away. Though he would have to look passed my new attire. I reluctantly pulled on the typical Asgardian ceremonial outfit, a golden, shimmering dress with a wide, tight belt wrapped around my already narrow waist and a deep neckline. I drew the line at the long, trumpet-wide sleeves and changed them with tight fitted, normal sleeves. I did look stunning, but I didn't shine like the other Asgardian women, like Frigg, Thor and Loki's mother. I was glad, I had no intention of shining or being all goddess-like and dazzling. I was still me. I was still Lily and I intended to stay that way now. I wanted Loki to see me as I was when we first met. Now, when he was finally returning to me.

"Don't fret, child." Frigg scolded me gently and motherly as she slowly brushed the tangles out of my hair. It was longer now and lay in soft curls down to my shoulders and, since I still chose to act as human as I had ever felt I loved to ride along the huge, green fields, my hair undone and my cheeks flushed. Now Frigg braided two small braids on each side of my face and fastened them together in the back. I had to promise not to do anything wild, forcing her to do it over. That wasn't really a problem. I wasn't able to do anything but twist my hands.

"How can I not, Frigg! He's coming back to me!" I breathed, my pulse was rapid and my cheeks slightly rosy. I saw Frigg smile through the mirror.

"What is there to fret about? You are one soul, reuniting. You both know each other so well. There will be nothing but love in the great hall today, no matter." I smiled at her, grateful for her ever wise words.

"He doesn't know I am here, Frigg. I guess that's why I'm so nervous. What if he doesn't recognize me? What if…he's moved on and forgotten me? Lost in his hate…" I bit my lips as my eyes began to water. Frigg placed her warm hands on my shoulders and bent down to look my closely in the eyes.

"Silly girl, he has never forgotten you. One soul, remember? He carries you with him always. Now hurry, we must arrive the hall in mere minutes." Frigg patted my shoulders and stood up, looking me over one last time with a satisfied smile before we left together.

The hall, made golden by the sunlight that streamed in through the wide, huge arches, was not overly crowded. Odin, Frigg, Sif and the warriors three were there. Along with two lines of Asgardian guards and a few of Odin's closest. I recognized Balder and Frey, but the rest I couldn't be bothered to try and recognize. Loki was just minutes away. I was granted the honor of standing by Odin's left hand, while Frigg stood by his right. I twisted my hand nervously and Odin, ever the calm and gentle one, took it and squeezed gently.

"Don't fear, child. Through you his punishment will be far smaller than it would have been, without you." I looked down at him with surprise, but all he gave me was a smile and a twinkle in his good eye.

A fanfare was played, the sound bouncing of the walls and I stiffened and turned my stare to the long pathway leading down between the guards and down to the huge door way, the sunlight streaming in and making the figures appearing dark. Thor came first. His swirling cape and hammer at hand was evidence enough. Behind him came two lines of guards and behind Thor, out of sight for the moment, I could only guess came Loki. My stomach twisted with worry and pure joy, waiting to see his face again and I had to focus to breathe. Slowly the bright light faded from the faces and Thor didn't stop before he was standing at the bottom of the huge stairs up to Odin's throne. His face was clear to me now and he eyed me without portraying any emotion at all. My fist balled up with fear. I didn't know what state Loki was in, standing behind Thor's wide back.

"Father." Thor's voice was deep and he knelt to one knee, bowing his head. A silence followed and was only broken by the sound of my gasp. Loki. Tall, strong. His hair was longer. His face was sharp. Still him. Still my Loki. I trembled lightly and stood bolted as Loki raised his eyes to mine. His shoulders shuttered lightly and his mouth opened. There was a spark in his dull, green eyes and they shone towards me with renewed hope and quite an amount of shock.

"Loki…!" I breathed and grabbed the skirts of my dress and ran down the stairs, not even bothered with looking at Thor. For a second I expected the guards to stop me, but they didn't and I flung my arms around Loki's neck, he in turn wrapped his arms tightly around my waist.

"This is a dream…it can't be…!" He breathed in to my hair. Thick tears made his voice tight and I sobbed happily against his shoulder. I pressed my hands against his back, feeling his rapid breathing move his chest. He smelled of gunpowder, air and dust. But underneath all that I found the smell of him. A smell that instantly brought me back to the few nights we spent in each other's arms.

"It's real, my love. I am here." I whispered and nuzzled my nose against his ear. Loki whimpered lowly and took my face in his hands. His eyes glittered with unshed tears and he studied every inch of my own face closely.

"Lily…!" When I smiled he pulled me close and crushed his lips against mine. With a whimper he crushed me in a loving hug and, even falling to his knees he never let me go. His nose was deeply buried in my hair, trying to stifle his sobs. His fingers braided in my hair and I clutched to him, never wanting to let go. He believed it now. I believed it. He was here. He was home. With me.

"You will both be sent to the world of Álfheimr, the world of the light-elves. You will not be allowed to leave for one hundred years. This will be your punishment, Loki. Do you accept?" Odin spoke calmly. Loki squeezed my hand tightly and I stood closely next to him, glancing up at him. I put my free hand over his and held on to him warmly.

"I accept." Loki replied just as calmly. I thought I saw a light smile on his lips. I didn't blame him. One hundred years sealed away from rest of the universe.

With him. Just us.

That wasn't a punishment.

That was a gift.

"Build a home with me."

"A simple home. All we need between those four walls are us."

Loki took Lily's hand and smiled. Neither of them noticed the flying, dancing and glowing elves that made glittering lines in the sky. Fields of green rolled out in front of them before touching the light blue sky at the horizon. The grass beneath their feet moved lightly in the mild breeze.

"If only I had known…" Loki whispered, but Lily only smiled and shook her head.

"It is done. Let's live out our punishment here." She chuckled lightly and hugged herself close to him.

"Let's begin building our home, my love." She whispered and Loki closed his eyes, holding her close and resting his cheek against the top of her head.

"Yes. A home."


but also a beginning...