A/N: In this story, Kurt never visited or transferred to Dalton Academy. In the midst of being bullied by Karofsky and the other homophobes, he confided in nobody and suffered in silence. Eventually Kurt hardened, and started to fight back to the point where the bullies were actually intimidated by him.

As a result, Karofsky came out by senior year, and him, Kurt and Santana formed a strange sort of bond because of persecution. Santana had a solid happy relationship with Brittany, and Karofsky started dating someone he met at the gay bar they all went to every weekend. Kurt never met anybody he wanted or was willing to love. Despite what his father warned him, Kurt only had meaningless hook-ups and angst-filled relationships that never lasted more than a few months.

Kurt and Rachel were ambitious and followed through with their dreams. New Directions gained national attention by winning Nationals their senior year of high school. They did compete against the Warblers and many other show choirs that year, but Kurt only knew of Blaine Anderson. He was their competition and nothing else. They never became friends or anything more than that. But little did he know that they were destined to cross paths once more.

It was a cool Friday evening in New York City. Kurt, Rachel and a few fellow friends from NYADA went to their favorite bar downtown to celebrate a successful work week. They had wrapped their first musical play of the year, and it was a huge hit with the locals.

Rachel was loud, hollering at the top of her lungs, and spilling her colorful margarita on the table without bothering to clean it up. Their friends laughed with her, mixing in with the busy bustle of the bar. Kurt however, was quiet as he sat contentedly in a cushy bar booth, gripping his cool drink and taking slow drags of his cigarette.

Rachel always reminded him of how it could affect his singing voice if he got addicted, but he ignored her. He normally didn't smoke, but sometimes when he got drunk it just felt so damn good, especially if he needed to take a load off. The bar was dark, with red mood lighting, so the smoke curled seductively from the ash tray. Kurt admired the beauty of it, while occasionally enjoying the sweet burn in his lungs.

Kurt was very pleased with himself. Both him and Rachel played leads, finally, and they read rave reviews about their performances in local newspapers and journals. They deserved it though. They worked their asses off freshmen and sophomore year, and as juniors they had reached their goal. When they graduated next year, they were set to be Broadway stars. Hopefully.

In his drunken haze, Kurt lazily eyed everyone in the bar. Maybe Kurt could pick up a hunk to help celebrate his success further? He couldn't remember the last time he had a good lay, so Kurt was feeling a bit horny.

His eyes eventually rested on a man with square-framed glasses and neatly gelled dark hair, who leaning over the counter, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

Kurt thought he was breathtakingly handsome, in a very classical, dapper way, and his profile was to die for. Kurt could tell he was not only fit, but also gay because his clothes just screamed it. He wore dark high-water jeans, and a modest white button up with blank suspenders and a bow tie. His peacoat was hung neatly over the back of his stool. Kurt thoughts ranged from wondering if his ankles were cold as he downed tequila shots, to what was bothering him because he was clearly a man who needed to loosen up. Kurt could definitely think of 20 raunchy ways of doing that.

Kurt continued his eye-fucking until the man turned and looked directly at him. It was as if he could feel Kurt's stares boring into him. His eyes narrowed behind his glasses at first, and then bulged as if he was shocked about something. Kurt turned away, embarrassed, and he wasn't really sure why. Usually at this point he would relentlessly keep eye-contact or make vulgar gestures until the guy invited him back to his place.

Kurt peeked through his peripherals, and saw that the guy had his coat thrown over his forearm and started squeezing his way through the crowd in the direction of the booth Kurt was currently sitting at with his friends.


Kurt made a show of putting out his cigarette, like it was the most interesting thing in the world. The man approached the table, and Kurt was about to open his mouth with a snarky, inappropriate greeting when-

"Berry? Rachel Berry? Is that you?" His voice was velvet, highlighted with excitement. Kurt swore he picked up on slight edge to his voice. Was it irritation? Maybe it was because Kurt was currently fuming over the fact that the man didn't even look at Kurt. Maybe he wasn't gay.

God dammit. He's so fucking hot.

Rachel stumbled in the middle of her story and looked up at the man, bleary-eyed. "Uh, yes?"

"I remember you, 2012 Show Choir Nationals! You sang a beautiful duet that beat us out for the winning title!"

Her face colored, flattered by the compliment. "Oh thank you! I really owe it all to Kurt. I couldn't have done it without him."

The man's gaze landed on Kurt's for a few moments when Rachel gestured him. Kurt stared because his eyes were shining hazel, and... What was he thinking about again?

He looked away when Rachel asked, "What show choir were you in?"

"Oh! I'm sorry, I should have introduced myself. I'm Blaine Anderson. I was lead of the Dalton Academy Warblers."

He presented his hand for Rachel to shake. She took it, and Kurt noticed he had gorgeous, well-manicured hands. Kurt traced his lips with his fingertip, thinking about how he wanted one of those hands wrapped around his dick later tonight or maybe up his ass if this Blaine guy was lucky enough.

"Oh I remember you! You guys were fantastic. I never in my life heard such beautiful harmonies," Rachel exclaimed cheerfully.

She started introducing Blaine to everyone at the table, when Kurt started to study his face closer. He really did look familiar. Blaine looked at Kurt again, offering his hand to shake. Kurt took it, noticing his hands were soft, but slightly calloused.

"Kurt Hummel," he smiled flirtatiously. "Hold on... weren't the Warblers from Westerville, Ohio?"

Blaine cleared his throat, looking slightly uncomfortable. "Yes, I actually just moved out here. I transferred from Kent State to NYU. I had to get out of there."

A shadow passed over Blaine's eyes, and it made Kurt extremely curious.

"Well that's why Kurt and I came to New York right after graduation. We're from Lima, and we are much bigger than Ohio" Rachel's voice started to become haughty. Blaine however smiled slightly and nodded sympathetically.

"That's right; we were only 2 hours away from each other. I wonder why we never really met properly," Kurt said, raising a perfectly groomed eyebrow at Blaine.

Blaine looked back to him, and Kurt took full advantage, by crossing his legs, baring his neck and rubbing it slowly like it was something he did all the time.

"Uh, yeah a shame," Blaine said haltingly, eyes following Kurt's movements.

Gay or not, I've got him now.

Kurt smiled devilishly. "So, Dalton's a boy private school, eh? What did you guys do there all the time, have sex with each other?"

Giggles erupted around the table, while Blaine spluttered in shock.

"Wait. What? Is that what people said about us?" Blaine defended, sounding slightly childish.

"Yes, we at McKinley always joked about mass orgies after singing a number in the middle of the hallway because no teachers were around."

Rachel was laughing hysterically. "Well Santana mostly thought that. I think she secretly hoped that was true."

Kurt scoffed, "Girl didn't us all?"

Blaine looked bemused. "We were not all gay," he said quietly.

Kurt uncrossed his legs and licked his lips, looking directly into Blaine's eyes. "So, are you gay then?"

Blaine's gaze didn't falter, but his reply was delayed because he was watching Kurt's mouth. "Er, Yes."

Kurt wanted to throw a fist in the air in victory, but kept his cool manner.

"Would you like to join us?" Kurt scooted over along the booth and patted the space next to him.

Blaine smiled shyly as he sat down while a few of Kurt's friends chuckled. They knew Kurt's courting ways. If all went according to plan, his tongue would be down Blaine's throat in at least 10 minutes flat.

Once Blaine settled Kurt asked, "So tell us a little about yourself, Anderson. What's your story?"

Blaine laid his coat across his lap, and folded his hands neatly across the table. For someone who was just hammering down shots, he was a pro at handling his drink.

"It's kind of personal," he said simply.

Kurt started to play with the soft hair at the nape of Blaine's neck. "Oh, honey. Everything's personal. We're all friends here, none of us bite," Kurt leaned in really close and whispered, "… hard."

Blaine shivered, and shifted slightly away from him. Rachel winked encouragingly at Kurt.

"Uh, well um. I'm here in New York mostly because I have lived in Ohio my whole life and needed to get out." He took a deep breath and finished, "And I just went through a bad break up."

Available… check! Kurt thought selfishly to himself.

There were collected "awww's" and "I'm sorry's" around the table; however Rachel encouraged him to continue. Blaine sighed.

"Well, we were together since High School. He was my first boyfriend, actually. He wasn't very nice to me, but I guess I really didn't know better. The life I lead at Dalton was a sheltered one. I was going to a college that didn't interest me, and I was in a boring job that I couldn't stand… so I did the only thing I thought would help turn my life around."

There was a dramatic pause where everyone waited with drunken, bated breath.

"I moved here, to New York. The place where dreams come true and real life is right up in my face," Blaine gestured around them. "Unfortunately, I haven't really met anyone yet except you guys."

There was silence and one of their friends, Victoria cooed. "Ahh, well we are pretty awesome."

"Hang with us, we'll show you the City," Mallory chimed in.

"Yeah," Kurt agreed, and then placed his warm palm on Blaine's knee. "We clearly have similar… interests." Kurt stroked teasingly up Blaine's thigh. He shuddered again.

Blaine looked over at Kurt nervously, and he just winked in reply. Kurt's hand traveled slightly upward, and he boldly squeezed around Blaine's bulge. He was delighted to discover he was half hard.

Blaine looked mortified, and hopped up quickly. "Oh! Well... let's get to it then, guys!" his voice was raised an octave.

Kurt just grinned wolfishly at him as the lot of them paid their bill and left, following Blaine out of the bar.

Kurt couldn't help but admire his perfectly round ass on the way out that he hoped he would get more acquainted with later that night.