~ Toes ~

Attention to what your toes were doing was emphasized in the teachings of Mr. Chambers, the head director of Bolley High's marching band. They had to be pointed up as high as they could possibly be without lifting the sole of your foot off the ground.

Mr. Chambers wasn't the type of man to accept laziness, so he didn't hesitate to call out students who seemed to not make an effort of bringing their toes up during the after-school practices.

"Get those toes up, James," he would say to the mellophone player.

Sometimes, he would give push-ups to those that would continuously neglect their footwork no matter how many times he reminded them, but that was a rarity; when Mr. Chambers gave push-ups, he gave them a number that would guarantee that the students' arms would feel like mushy pudding afterwards. Simply keeping their toes up was well worth not having pudding sacks for arms.