SSA Emily Prentiss scanned across the arrival section of the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport as she waited for the two people who she had come to meet. Normally Emily wasn't one for nerves considering the nature of her job but today she was bouncing off the ways in a rather controlled manner. Instead of letting people see how much of a nervous wreck she was Emily took to tapping her foot incessantly to let the nervous energy out but yet she had also resorted to biting her nails, a sure sign that she was worried or nervous. Emily had been waiting for this day for over three weeks and now it was finally here, after fifteen years the daughter she had given up for adoption was coming home to her. Not long after Emily graduated from Yale she had discovered that she was pregnant after a short relationship with a fellow classmate and rather than have another abortion like she did when she was fifteen Emily decided to give the baby up for adoption. This time Emily had gone to her parents because she knew there was no way that she could do this alone and her parents were of course very disappointed with her but none the less they agreed to help. It was decided that Emily would stay in a very private and secluded house of one of Ambassador Prentiss' old friends who happened to be travelling aboard during the duration of the pregnancy. The family then spread the news that Emily was travelling throughout Europe for a year before joining the FBI. A private and closed adoption was soon arranged and Emily's baby was handed over to her adoptive parents a mere few hours after her birth and both parties went their separate ways. Until now. It was fifteen years and three months since the adoption that Emily received the phone call that would lead her here. As she waited she thought back to that morning, when she walked into the BAU and greeted her co-workers before making herself her second coffee of the day before the morning briefing. As Emily filled up her mug her cell phone started to ring and as she looked at the caller id she didn't recognize the number but she did the area code. It was 203, which was one of Connecticut's telephone area codes.


"Emily Prentiss?" A warm voice said over the phone that Emily didn't recognize.

"Speaking." Emily replied with a slight chuckle in her voice as she watcher Morgan and Reid goof around together.

The woman on the line seemed to sigh with relief. "Sorry to call so early but my name is Susan Quinn and I'm from Connecticut Social Services; the reason why I'm calling is in regards to an adoption that took place fourteen years ago and according to the adoption license that I've been given, on May 2nd 1994 you gave birth to a baby girl who was adopted by Horace and Amanda Cavanaugh."

Emily stood up straighter as a tingle went up her spin. "I don't understand why I'm being called by social services it was dealt through a private agency... Has something happened?"

There why a heartfelt sigh on the other end of the phone and immediately Emily knew there was something wrong. "I know the adoption was close but unfortunate events have used to do extraordinary measures in orders to find you Ms. Prentiss, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this especially on the phone but Mr and Mrs Cavanaugh died five weeks ago."

"What happened?"

"There was a traffic accident, a car cut in front of a truck causing the driver to lose control and it rolled over killing three others including the driver. Once again I offer my condolences." The woman called Susan said.

"What about their daughter? Was Savannah in the accident? Is she okay?" Emily asked as the panic began rising in her throat that she didn't even notice that she said the name that had pained her for over fifteen years. When she gave up her daughter for adoption she wasn't allowed to have a picture but when her parents were out of the room Horace and Amanda Cavanaugh revealed to Emily what they intended on calling the baby girl. Savannah Reagan.

"Fortunately Savannah wasn't with Mr and Mrs Cavanaugh at the time of the accident but that's why I'm calling The Cavanaugh's never named someone as Savannah's legal guardian in case something like this should ever happen." Ms. Quinn said before taking a deep breath. "I was wondering if you'd possibly consider taking Savannah."

Emily stood there coffee in one hand and her cellphone in the other in complete shock and what she was being asked. "You want me to take her? Is that even possible?"

"Yes it is possible, relatives of the adopted child whether biological or through the adoptive parents are given the opportunity to become the minor child's guardian if the adoptive parent pass away and no guardian has been set in place. I know this a lot to ask for Ms. Prentiss but Mr and Mrs. Cavanaugh were both only children and there is no other family left and since their death Savannah has been in foster care. It's only now that we were able to locate you, I don't want to pressure you into doing anything but the likely hood of Savannah getting adopted again at her age is very unlikely and unless we find her a home she'll remain in foster care until she ages out which is the last thing that we want but if no one steps forward..."

I'll take her." Emily blurted out before she knew what she was doing.

"Are you sure? It's a lot of responsibility I must stress that you don't have to do this Ms. Prentiss." Susan replied as the surprise was evident in her tone of voice

"Yes I'm sure, I want to take her."

That was three weeks ago and now Emily was trying to resist the urge to bite her nails as she waited for Susan and Savannah. Their plane had come in half an hour ago so they should be coming out anytime soon, Emily told herself. Ever since she had gone to Connecticut to sign the petition for guardianship amongst other things and after those had been sorted things had gotten slightly easier, Emily and Susan had to convince the judge that it was in the best interest of Savannah to have her move to D.C. and start over. Thankfully the judge had agreed and fast forward three weeks later today was the day. Susan had Savannah's belonging sent over last week and they were now sitting in Emily's former spare room now Savannah's bedroom. As much as Emily wanted to peek in the boxes and see the person her daughter had grown into she didn't. There would be plenty of time to find that out earlier, from what Susan had told her Savannah had withdrawn into herself since her parents death and had taken to wearing a lot of dark clothing and developed some sort of obsession with chocolate pudding cups. Emily took a sharp intake of breath when she saw Savannah walking with Susan; she was absolutely beautiful with her glossy black hair, which contrasted with her porcelain skin and hazel eyes. Of course Susan had given her Savannah's file and she had seen photo's of Savannah throughout her childhood but seeing her in person was entirely different.

"It's nice to see you again Emily, thank you for doing this I know Savannah will be very happy here." Susan began as her and Emily shook hands. Emily watched as Savannah rolled eyes and Susan gave Emily an apologetic smile. "Currently Savannah prefers to only answer to her middle name; Reagan."

Of course Emily had known this as Susan had called her to inform her of this development when it happened as Savannah would usually break whatever it was she was holding whenever someone called her by her first name. Seeing as Savannah had yet to do anything Emily assumed that Susan had told Savannah to be on her best behaviour. "It's a pleasure to meet you Reagan."

Reagan looked Emily up and down carefully sizing her up before glancing over at Susan. "Right." She said stretching out the word with a monotone sound to her voice.

"Now, I have to go check in for my flight back home but I'll leave you in Emily's capable hands and I'll be back in two weeks to see how you're both doing." Susan said.

"Thanks Susie Q." Reagan stated and the amount of sarcasm in her voice was blatantly obvious but Susan either didn't catch it or seemed to ignore it completely. The latter seemed to be the obvious one.

"No problem Rae, now I'll be keeping an eye on you and your grades so if I even catch a whiff of a D I'll be on the phone, do you hear me Savannah?" Susan warned and it sounded like she really meant it but there was a hint of teasing in her voice.

Reagan mustered up a small smirk as she looked at her caseworker. "Yes Susannah."

"Any problems, don't hesitate to call me." Susan said as she smiled at the two. "Otherwise I will see you both in two weeks."

Emily and Reagan both watched as they watched as Susan took off for another part of the airport leaving the two of them there standing awkwardly and surrounded by Reagan's luggage. "You'll like D.C. Reagan especially if you liked living in Connecticut." Emily said in an attempt to be optimistic and encouraging as she knew it must have be difficult for her to leave the place was she was born and grew up in order to live with someone who she didn't know.

Reagan turned her head and looked at Emily with a blank look on her face. "I hated Connecticut."

This was going to be harder than expected.