To say Reagan had the urge to flee was pretty much an understatement, she wanted to get into her car and drive as fast and as far away from this house as she could. But for some reason she was stuck, her feet were unable to move as Andrew had led her younger brother and sister over to her. It was really weird for Reagan to have seen them in a picture for thirty seconds to be then meeting them in person. She hadn't realized it up until now but there was a pretty clear resemblance between her and her siblings. Well her and Tristan didn't look too alike as she looked a lot like Emily but you could kind of tell they were related. But the younger two? Ben and Phoebe? It was like Reagan was staring at a somewhat identical clone of her younger self except for a few little differences like hair colour as all three Caffrey children were brunette and there was the fact that Ben was a boy. But Ben and Phoebe had the same eyes hazel eyes and the same ski jump nose as Reagan. Those were the two things that Reagan had inherited from Andrew and apparently so did Ben and Phoebe.

"Ben and Phoebe I'd like you to meet–" Andrew began.

"–Savannah." Reagan interrupted as she mustered up a small smile as she introduced herself to them as Savannah before Andrew could introduce her as Reagan. As much Reagan didn't want to be here, it wouldn't' be fair to take out all her anger about being forced into meeting them out on the two of them as Phoebe and Ben were kids. Reagan had a rule about kids, she was never mean to them or used sarcasm as they weren't ld enough to understand not to mention she always allowed kids to call her by her actual given name of Savannah as she didn't want to confuse them about why she went by her middle name instead of her first name. Andrew looked at Reagan and she kind of glared at him in a manner as if to say go along with it and don't question it. She was convinced that he wouldn't but he actually did.

"This is Savannah, your big sister… You remember me telling you all about her right?" Andrew asked his two youngest children and Phoebe slowly nodded whilst Ben narrowed his eyes and quickly removed his hand from his dad's and Reagan couldn't help but snicker. God that kid was just like her, it wasn't just in appearance but the same awkward and weary behaviour around people. But Phoebe? She seemed to be like Tristan when it came to being confident and able to approach people easily as she let go of her father's and tentatively took a couple of steps of towards Reagan who had no clue what to do.

"Hi." Phoebe said waving her small hand.

Reagan crouched down so she was at eye level with the little girl, there was something about Phoebe that reminded Reagan of herself when she was a little girl. No doubt the happiness and child like innocence that she had before she discovered sarcasm and cynicism. "Hi right back."

"Your pretty." Phoebe said.

"Thank you… Your pretty cute too, cute as a button as some would say." Reagan honestly said and she actually couldn't remember the last time she had been nice to someone. Well she wasn't horrible all the time and she had some nice moments but she certainly wasn't the most pleasant to come across on a daily basis. Reagan put it down to Phoebe being a kid, she liked kids as they were at the stage where they weren't completely messed up and had a chance of being somewhat normal if life didn't chose to give them crappy hands like they did with her. "So how old are you?"


"I remember what is was like at that age, I liked school and playing in our back yard but most importantly I liked helping my mom bake stuff because she'd always let me like the batter. Do you like doing that Phoebe?" Reagan asked and the little girl nodded.

"How old are you Savannah?" Phoebe asked putting a little too much emphasis on the last bit of Reagan's name but she ignored it as Savannah was a pretty hard name for a six year old to pronounce and she would know. Half the time she went about calling herself Sav when she was Phoebe's age.

"I'm really old, I'm sixteen." Reagan joked which caused Phoebe to laugh and despite her best efforts not to get emotionally attached to people she barely knew; to a family that she tried her hardest to act like weren't part of hers, Reagan could feel her heart tug a little. Phoebe Caffrey was adorable and her little sister. But there lied the problem, whilst Reagan had adjusted to having a younger brother in Tristan things were going to be a lot harder with her younger siblings. What Reagan was most worried about was disappointing them, Reagan knew that both Andrew and Tristan had told them about her and that was nice and all but Reagan was barely getting a hang of this big sister thing. She didn't want Ben and Phoebe to look up to her and think she was great and all to find out she was the furthest thing from that. The first time Reagan had met Tristan she had disappointed him, he was expecting welcome arms but she didn't welcome him in the slightest, she was mean and rude to put it lightly.

"That's not old, dad is old…" Ben drily said which caused Savannah to laugh as he was only eleven year old but already he was cracking wise cracks and calling his own father old. Ben allowed himself to laugh and Reagan noticed that the two of them had the same grin, on the rare occasion that either of them smile. "Dad said that you were adopted."

"That's correct, it happened a long time ago and way before any of you were born." Reagan replied.

"What does that mean?" Phoebe asked and Reagan wasn't exactly sure how to explain it but thankfully Tristan walked over to his younger sister and had beat her to the punch.

"It means that another family raised her instead of our dad and Savannah's mom, but they were in accident a little while ago and they died and went to heaven like Grandpa and Grandma but they loved her very much."

"Oh." Phoebe quietly said with her mouth making a small o shape. "Were they nice?"

"The best. My parents were very good people, my dad was a firefighter and my mom owned a cake shop and we lived in a very nice house with a big garden back in Connecticut which is where I lived before I moved here." Reagan revealed.

"But if you don't have a mommy and daddy then who looks after you?" Phoebe asked.

"I live with a woman called Emily whose very nice and takes care of me just like a mom would do." Reagan explained in very awkward manner as there was no ways she could explain to a six year old that she lived with her biological mother as that would confuse Phoebe and it meant that Reagan would have to call Emily her mom which she definitely wasn't and it was too weird and Andrew might get the idea that she'd call him dad. Which wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

"Do you miss them?" Ben asked.

"All the time." Reagan honestly replied and she was surprised when the six year old wrapped her arms around the neck to hug her. It was weird, whilst Reagan felt super uncomfortably and wanted to get out of the hug quickly, a part of her inside liked it as she rarely was hugged and though her head told her to pull away her heart was telling her that this was her baby sister. Although Reagan knew she shouldn't be an older sister. It just seemed like a weird thing as Tristan, Ben and Phoebe all seemed like healthy normal people and then there was her. The black sheep of the Caffrey children. She couldn't explain and fully expect them to understand that she was damaged, how she didn't behave like normal people. They were only kids and she didn't want to subject them to the horrors and flaws of Savannah R. Cavanaugh but Reagan knew that she couldn't walk away from them. Just like she couldn't walk away from Tristan and pretend like she never met him. They were siblings, her brothers and sister. People who wanted her.

"Mommy always give me hugs when I'm sad, daddy too." Phoebe explained.

"You know Tristan's talks about you a lot." Ben stated.

"So I've heard and he talks about the two of you a lot." Reagan replied before standing up as her knees were starting to tire from being crouched down for so long. "You know I should probably get going let you guys get back to whatever you were doing before I showed up."

"You don't have to go you know you can stay and hang out, have something to eat… right dad?" Tristan asked turning to his father.

"Stay!" Phoebe pleaded.

"I have plans with a friend tonight and I have a few things on this weeks and the next couple of weeks such as getting my horrible braces off and then I have to go home to Connecticut for a bit but I'll be back. I won't be gone for too long." Reagan assured her siblings, Phoebe looked the most heartbroken of them all.

"Do you promise?" Phoebe asked.

"I promise.

"Kids why don't we all walk Savannah over to her car and then you can say your goodbyes?" Andrew suggested which cheered up Phoebe who took Reagan's hand happily and began walking with her older sister in a happy and cheery manner whilst the rest of them followed.

"This is your car?" Ben asked and it was clear that the eleven year old was impressed.

"Yeah it was a gift for my sixteenth birthday and for getting my license." Reagan said before reaching into her car through the passenger side window and grabbing her bag, more specifically her purse. She wanted to give them something but Reagan had nothing on her and she'd be away for a while so she figured money was the only way to go. Going through her purse Reagan plucked out $80 and split it in two and handed $40 each to Ben and Phoebe. "I know it's nothing personal but go wild.

"Rea–" Andrew began but Reagan glared at him for almost using her middle name. "I mean Savannah, you don't have to do that."

"It's fine, besides it stops me from wasting money on trivial things like pudding cups and crap plus I hear it's what big sisters do." Reagan casually said but she noticed the wide grins that appeared on both Andrew and Tristan's faces. The two of them were grinning like idiots and it wasn't cute at all, unlike Phoebe and Ben who seemed to think they were millionaire's because of their new found riches.

"Why don't I get anything?" Tristan demanded.

"You know why." Reagan retorted referring to the fact she had given him a hundred bucks a week ago just because she could and she doubted Andrew or his wife knew about that. They'd probably have a field day with that but money wasn't exactly an issue with Reagan. She never really had a need for it except to keep her supplied in pens and pudding cups so she was happy to give it to the people in her life.

"Ben, Phoebe what to you say to your sister?" Andrew questioned.

"Thank you!" The two youngest Caffrey children chorused together before saying their goodbyes and being shepherd away by their older brother, leaving just Reagan and Andrew standing together.

"Thank you for doing that."

"I didn't do it for you, I just don't think it's fair to punish them for something that wasn't their fault and I was doing it for Tristan. He's been trying not to shove this happy family thing down my throat despite him so desperately wanting badly where as I don't. So I decided to give him a break because he hasn't been stifling me about it." Reagan replied and Andrew opened his mouth to say something and she knew what he was going to ask so she decided to beat him to it. "I don't like confusing kids about how I prefer to be called my middle name instead of my first name, it's too complicated so I tell them to just call my Savannah as it saves for less confusion not to mention my name is actually Savannah, it's a nice name and my parents went to a lot of effort to come up with a name for me."

"Can I ask why do you go by Reagan instead of Savannah? You've said yourself that Savannah is a nice name but yet you still don't go by it." Andrew asked.

"Personal reasons." Reagan firmly replied making it obviously clear that she was not willing to discuss the reasons why she had decided to go by her middle name instead of her first name almost a year ago.

"Thank you again, you being here and talking to them means so much to them even Ben." Andrew said and Reagan couldn't help but chuckle. If his parents weren't careful they were going to end up with a miniature male version of her.

"As much as I didn't want this to happen their my family, all three of them; Tristan, Ben and Phoebe. If they want to get to know me that that's fine with me." Reagan admitted.

"What changed your mind?"

"Your eldest son's annoying perseverance, that and the fact that my friends so desperately want to meet what they've dubbed 'Mini Reagan's' and I want to make the people I care about happy." Reagan dryly replied, Tristan was just like Andrew when it came to not giving it up and she to admit that it was pretty damn annoying that two people could be so determined. And Reagan used to think that Emily was determined until she met the two of them.

"Feel free to come over whenever you want, your always welcome here Reagan." Andrew said and Reagan could see he was being sincere.

"I'll call Tristan a couple of days after I get back from Connecticut."

"Your going back for the anniversary?" Andrew asked but it seemed more like a statement than anything else and Reagan reluctantly nodded.

"It's the right thing to do, as much as I detest that Connecticut despite it actually being a nice place my parents took me in and raised me there for fifteen years. It's my home so the least I could do is go home to put some flowers on my parents graves in person, just because their dead doesn't mean I stop being their daughter."

"Is Emily going with you?"

"Don't be stupid." Reagan brashly snapped before walking off and climbing into her car, they were having a kind of nice moment before Andrew opened his damn mouth and asked a very silly question. Emily going with Reagan to Connecticut? That was never going to happen as firstly it would be weird and awkward, secondly Reagan didn't want Emily there as all she needed was Liesel and Jake. Lastly it was due to the fact that Emily wasn't apart of her life in Connecticut, she knew that sounded silly especially since Liesel and Jake were coming with her and they didn't meet until Reagan moved to D.C. but they were her best friends, the first friends she had made. Emily was something else. Reagan didn't want to bring the woman who gave her up to the place where her parents had raised her especially since they weren't here anymore. Then Reagan didn't want to explain Emily to all her parents friends who she had to visit when she went home.

The whole subject of Andrew asking about Emily had annoyed Reagan so she went to a drive through to pick up some food in order to settle her bad mood and after she had eaten she figured she should go home and apologize to Emily who was no doubt feeling bad for this morning, despite the fact Emily did nothing wrong. This whole thing with the adoption and meeting the bio family was making Reagan more cranky, stressed and snappy than usual and she knew that Emily didn't deserve to be on the receiving end of it. Reagan's whole thing of keeping and hiding things to herself wasn't very good as it built up and made her prone to losing her temper much quicker. So Reagan decided that she'd tell Emily the truth about meeting Andrew and her siblings but not right now, she'd do it eventually but not right now as she had to deal with this upcoming trip back home to Connecticut first. Making sure she wasn't a complete wreck for/during that trip was the priority at the moment.

When Reagan got back home she walked through the front door and made her way to the sitting room and what she saw knocked her for six. It wasn't the sight of Emily that had shocked her but rather who Emily was with and that was one Andrew Emerson Caffrey. As in her biological dad who for some reason was here at the home that she currently she shared with her biological birth mother. Her birth parents were together in the same room for the first time in over and sixteen years and it was all her fault and Reagan couldn't help the first words that fell out of her mouth.

"Oh shit."