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Writer: Terra ForceXIII

~*~ Seasons Change ~*~

Chapter one: October, a time of Realization

What am I going to do?

At this point, Terra let out a deep sigh expressing his stressful predicament. He sat comfortably in the wooden chair, his gaze directing towards the window wall beside him, the scent of hot coco filling the air as he inhaled the enjoyable smell.

Terra was at a coffee house, having some alone time before continuing his walk home. Like always, he sat in a seat near the window so he could gaze outside. He lightly tapped his warm cup, the dark liquid inside still producing some hot steam that provided a relaxing aroma while his mind wondered.

To think of all the times we could discuss this, she chooses now.

The brunette lazily lifted his arm to check the time, his calm exterior thanking that she doesn't get off work until four so he doesn't have to get up yet. He lowered his arm while he lifted his cup, taking in a couple sips before looking out the window again.

He watched as the exposed trees at the parking lot rustled in the fall breeze, the orange and yellow leaves dancing off the pavement to a destination decided only by the wind. The streets were damp from the constant rain, the grey clouds covering the sky twenty-four-seven.

Yeah, it was fall alright.

"Would you like a refill, sir?" A woman's voice spoke, breaking through Terra's calm silence.

He looked over to see a familiar face, a woman with light brown hair with curls. She had a cheerful smile on her face as she waited an answer.

"Um… yeah, thanks Aerith," Terra spoke in a sigh. "How are the twins?"

"Fine, Zack's at home taking care of our two little babies." Aerith answered sweetly. "I just can't get enough of them, seeing Sora's pudgy little cheeks or Vanitas's blank stares."

Terra let out a little chuckle. "Sounds like you're very happy with the decisions in your life?"

The coffee waitress's smile only grew wider. "Well, not everything but I'm truly blessed for what I have."

"Good for you, Aerith," Terra dismissed sincerely.

The brunette woman giggled and poured some more coffee in his cup, giving him a slight bow before attending to other costumers. While Terra returned to his silent state to reflect on some things.

What am I gonna do?

After much sterility, he finally decided to head home. He got up from his chair and placed his usual tip for Aerith, leaving the coffee establishment to the cold streets of Twilight town. He adjusted his dark green scarf and shuffled his hands in his jacket pockets to keep from freezing.

During his walk, he strongly regretted not taking his car to work, because the cold weather sure was making him miss the coffee house right about now. But he can wait until tomorrow after work, after all, he's been taking visits there more often after the discussion he and Aqua had a couple weeks ago.

Aqua, Terra's childhood friend and four year long girlfriend. They've been living together after high school, both having regularly good jobs and a nice house. Everything was going well, until Aqua popped the unexpected question about their future together.

Not only that, but Terra has noticed Aqua glancing over at the baby departments when their shopping, which pretty much adds some more pressure in Terra's plate.

But what he figured was that all their friends were married or engaged, and some already had kids. Aqua must've felt left out, being the only couple in the group to not have gotten married yet.

Among their friends were Cloud and Tifa. They had twins, Roxas and Ventus, and their already having a third one on the way. News has spread around the group of friends that the third one is most likely a girl, which brought Tifa some needed joy.

By time Terra came back from his day dreaming, he'd made it back home. It was a nice house, perfect for raising children as Aqua pointed out, one of many subtle hints she's been giving.

Terra let out a huff from that memory, unlocking the door as he entered his home.

The place was quiet, and slightly dark from the lack of sunlight outside. The tall brunette let out a deep sigh as he removed his scarf and jacket, placing them on the coat hanger near the door before heading towards the living room. He turned on some lights to bring life to this quiet home, plopping down on the couch and turning on the TV.

What am I gonna say to her when she comes home?

He didn't pay much attention to what was on the screen; his thoughts kept pulling him away from reality while nothing but ideas and proposals went through his brain. He looked over at the miniature table beside him and examined the photo on it.

It was a group photo of Terra and Aqua with all their high school friends, both standing pretty close to one another as 'friends', but everyone in the group could see through them. Zack was beside Terra, holding two fingers up behind Cloud's head while the silent blonde gave him an annoyed glance. Tifa was beside Cloud smiling, completely unaware of what was going on beside her but gave Cloud an ear full later for not smiling for the camera.

The picture also had one of Aqua's friends, Claire, a stubborn pink haired girl who surprisingly got married recently. She had her arms crossed while she gave the camera a blank expression like one of those military photos. She always gave Terra a hard time about caring for Aqua, telling him to get a better job or spend more time with her. .

Terra smirked, but that smile disappeared as quickly as it came when he heard the front door open. He got up from his seat and greeted the blue haired woman.

When Aqua looked at Terra, she immediately smiled and gave him a hug. "How was your day?"

"Good, yours?"

Aqua gave him a quick peck on the lips before answering. "Fine, nothing much but the usual routine."

Terra helped Aqua remove her jacket and followed her into the kitchen, Aqua opening the fridge door while Terra leaned against a wall.

"Have you talked with Tifa yet?" Terra asked, trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah, I just got news that their next one is a girl," Aqua answered cheerfully. "Tifa is excited because she's tired of having too many boys in the house."

Aqua pulled out some food ingredients and placed them on the table to making dinner, while Terra pulled out the tableware on the other side of the kitchen. Meanwhile, Aqua had a concerning expression on her face as she looked back at her boyfriend.

"Terra… I need to ask you about something…" She spoke in a wavering voice.

Terra instantly stopped what he was doing, knowing instinctively what she was going to ask. "Yeah?"

Aqua swallowed a lump in her throat and proceeded. "Have… you ever thought about us… I mean our future together?"

Terra's eyes descended downwards on the kitchen counter, his shoulders slumping over has he placed his hands on the counter. Evidently, he didn't really have an answer yet. He didn't want to say no, but he couldn't say yes either.

"I've… been thinking a lot about us…" He whispered. "But… I haven't come up with an answer yet…"

Aqua turned her gaze from her boyfriend and looked down at the food covered counter in front of her. Her blue orbs descending into grief while she bit her bottom lip to suppress a shutter. Terra knew what she might be feeling right now, heartbroken, worried, disappointed, or perhaps all three.

"Just… give me a little more time," Terra assured; but it didn't help, what was said is done.

After another quiet dinner, Terra and Aqua went to bed. But the troubled brunette couldn't sleep; he stared up at the ceiling while he heard light breaths coming from his sleeping partner beside him. They didn't say goodnight to each other when they went to bed, which brought guilt to his conscious.

He turned his head, seeing his girlfriend facing away from him. At this point, Terra felt ashamed.

How can I be so selfish?

Their bedroom window had the blinds pulled away, so the midnight light beamed across their bed in a straight line. He noticed how Aqua's skin glistened from the bluish light, Terra licking his lips in anticipation. It's been awhile since they've both engaged in sexual intimacy with one another, which might be part of the problem.

I don't want to lose you.

Terra's eyebrows curved upward into sadness, thinking of the possibility of Aqua leaving him. But in this night, Terra finally came to a decision. He doesn't want to lose her, and he'll do anything to make sure that doesn't happen. He should have said yes, to tell Aqua that he was ready to take the next step with her in their relationship. But as always, Terra likes to make things more difficult than they should be.

Aqua… I promise, I'll set things right…

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