This will be my first Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction crossover with Kamen Rider (as cards), along with GX and 5D's characters, including ZEXAL cards. I would like to see how it goes well with my Kamen Rider cards. I don't own any Yu-Gi-Oh! except the Kamen Rider cards.

The sky shines before moving down to Neo Duel Academy where a young boy named Rui, stroll towards the entrance. Rui stopped and turned his Duel Disk on (before the screen zooms into his left eye).

Kamen Rider - Neo Duel Academy

Doushite kokoro ni shitagawanai? (Why I didn't follow my own heart?)

Rui looked down at his cards, smiling at them. He began to edit them, feeling optimistic.

Akirameru riyuu nai hazu (There's no reason to give up)

In the Duel Field, Kamen Rider Rey was summoned as he attacks the teacher directly, earning his victory.

Yume no hou ga ore wo tsukihanashite (Dreams suddenly abandoned me)

Rui pumped his fist for a clean sweep.

Kiete yuku... sore wo tada miokutta (Disappeared... and I'm able to send it off)

Up on the stands, some of the students were screaming for his victory.

Don't look back oso sugiru koto nante nai (Don't look back There isn't that it is too late)

On the other stands, Manjoume and Jack Atlas were giving Rui death glares, thinking that newbie was showing off. Yusei, Aki, Asuka, and Crow were interested in the new kid.

Nageta MEDARU omoteka ura Now change your life (The flung MEDAL; heads or tails Now change your life)

Tons of monsters appeared in front of Rui, readying to duel the duelist they've never faced before.

Namida wo Reverse kitto Re:birth ima me wo akete (Turn tears to Reverse, you'll Re:birth now open your eyes)

Rui playfully smirked at the army of monsters; he played and summoned his powerful Kamen Riders to the field.

Aa mabushi sa wo kanjita nara (Ah, if you can feel the brightness)

Rui's Riders plunges to the horde of monsters as they clashed their attacks against them.

Tenkai Reverse/Re:birth ippo fumidasu no nara (Revolution Reverse/Re:birth If you take a step forward)

Somewhere in the dark realm, Darkness was feeling eager to fulfill all the humans with great desires.

Atarashii mirai zu ga koko ni tanjou (A new future will be born right here)

Rui was standing with Judai, who hung his left arm around Rui's left shoulder. Yusei, Aki, and the rest of the gang stood beside each other, except for Manjoume and Jack who were crossing their arms. Rui formed his left fingers into a gun-shape.

The opening for this crossover was "Kamen Rider OOO - Reverse Re:birth". Anyway, I'll try my best for this crossover Yu-Gi-Oh! story. Thank you! Please review!