I See

Rose spent nineteen of her life completely and utterly bored. Sometimes, on the surface, she felt brief happiness or amusement or sadness or anger, but underneath it all, nothing meant a thing. Working in a shop, laughing with her mum in their tiny apartment, eating chips ... none of it was really enough to fill her existance the way she wanted it to be full.

And now, suddenly, Rose finds herself blinking in the starlight, a brilliant smile blossoming on her shell-pink lips. Her wide brown eyes reflect the stars, in all their glory, as she stands on alien grass, breathing in alien air, gazing up at unfamiliar constellations.

It's like, suddenly, a fog has been lifted from her mind, a fog that's been there all her life, up until now. But now, now she sees. Rose Tyler sees that she's where she's meant to be: with the Doctor. Here, so far from where she was born. Here. And she knows this thanks to the Doctor, because without him she'd still be a shop-girl in London. Her smile is more glorious than the shining heavens above as she reflects on the events of the last sixteen months of her life, and becomes even more so as she directs her gaze towards the man who made it possible.

The Doctor has lived for a very long time. And all the while, he's both been running to and from something unknown, chasing something undefined. Maybe it, whatever it is, isn't even real, is just a daydream. And all these years following it have become a blur, lost to the depths of his memories. All this time, never truly seeing things the way they were.

But now, now Rose Tyler has entered his life, brighter than any shooting star, and at last he sees the 'light', a reason for being, for existing. Now she's here, shining in the starlight.

He smiles back, a genuine smile as bright as hers.

And her smiles are very bright indeed.

For now, the two are warm and real and bright, holding hands and smiling in the starlight.

Set between the Christmas Invasion and Doomsday. Inspired by "I See the Light" from Tangled.