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"Why do you like me? Am I any closer?"

Usually those type of questions annoyed Hinata. Although she loved "emotionally dissecting" people's brains, she was always unwilling to completely allow someone into her own mind. Her answers were carefully staged; giving away enough to show interest, but easily dodging the direct truth. In a sense she enjoyed playing games with people. Not the malicious kind meant for manipulation, but more settle ones, that possessed the very roots and seeds of frustration burried in their core.

For her to allow someone romantically cherished into her mind was a risk typically refused. Then again, most of her past boyfriends (except Naruto) meant nothing to her. Yes, once upon a time Naruto held her interest. After a three year long crush, they finally got together. Only three months later for Naruto to cheat on her with Sakura. He broke up with her the next day. Shikamaru, upon finding out, broke up with Sakura that same day. In a morbid bittersweet sense, Hinata couldn't help but feel as if the two cheaters deserved each other.

Her's and Shikamaru's relationships weren't the only one's to end that summer. The village rumors were: Neji confessed his love to Tenten and was rejected, while Ino apparently cheated and broke up with Sasuke. When everyone returned from the summertime to school, there were no tales of romance or hookups, but heartbreak. Somehow through all the drama Hinata and Sasuke grew close.

Sasuke...someone Hinata would have never noticed. Then again, when they first met, he was still dating Ino and she was still trying to win Naruto over. But here they were, talking to Temari; Sasuke's arms wrapped around her waist, his head resting on her shoulder. She could feel the heat seeping from him body, and his heart beating in rhythm with her's. It wasn't tense or awkward, but natural. A moment desired for enternity. Hinata wanted to say she loved Sasuke, but knew she'd never dare and keep denying that her feelings ran that deep. What she loved, was the feeling she got around him. At least that's what she kept telling herself.

For now taking things slow was a task all on its own. One she left up to Sasuke with some unease. Leaving a relationship's pace up to a guy, usually was bad, but taking things slow was an unfamilar concept to Hinata. Restraining her thoughts, actions, and words said allowed, was something she never bothered with before. Sure she was nice enough to date whatever guy asked her out willing to give them a chance, that didn't mean they got anywhere with her, nor did it mean she believed their flowery words. And once the wandering hands started her guard went up.

Sasuke was special though...he saw her worth more than her body. She could honestly believe his words.

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