The blonde awoke with a start, panting as sweat dripped down the side of his tan face. He wiped it away with his arm and groaned at a dull aching pain in his leg and shoulder. He shifted in the bed sheets that had managed to strangle him from his squirming. Another nightmare he had. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and gasped at the cool floor beneath his feet. He stretched out his back, his mismatched arms in the air as he yawned. He heard a few bones pop and he sighed. He looked down at his continuously shaking hands and rubbed them together. He got up slowly the floor creaking slightly. He walked over to the bathroom and splashed water up on to his face, the water getting rid of the glistening sweat. He dried off with a towel looking at his reflection and frowned. The bruise still hadn't gone away yet.

"It's been two weeks already," he muttered sticking a tooth brush in his mouth. He tried to figure out why the bruise hadn't gone away yet. He grimaced as he ran a finger over it and spat out foam into the sink. He rinsed out his mouth and put his tooth brush back into the cabinet. He pulled out a hair brush and ran it through his dark blonde hair. He worked on the knots and then got out the tangles. He pulled it back into a messy ponytail and slipped his feet into slippers. There was a knock on the door of his bedroom and he opened the door to see a cute maid standing there.

She had a blush on her cheeks and wore a black knee length dress with long sleeves. White laced the hem of the sleeves and collar. A white apron fell down over the black silk dress. Her hair was in neat braids of jet black and a white head band holding back her bangs.

Her green eyes looked expectant and her blush darkened when he yawned.

"Yes?" he asked simply.

"Would you like me to make you bed sir, or are you going to lie back down?" she asked politely.

"Make my… Oh no, not yet. Come back later I guess."

She nodded and hurried away down the hallway. Ed yawned again and went over to his closet. He slipped into jeans that were torn from use. He pulled off the white tank top he had been wearing and tugged a black button down on. He worked on the buttons. He slipped on socks and put on a pair of dress shoes. He pushed his arms into a grey sweat shirt and left it unzipped.

He strode across the room and opened the blinds to see it snowing. He moaned and turned away quickly. He made the bed pulling the sheets up tight and pushing the pillows into place. He picked his pajamas off the floor and threw them into the hamper. He walked out of his room and made his way into the living room of the huge house. He walked into the kitchen to see people frantically running around and barking orders. He blinked alarmed for a moment before one stopped to speak to him.

"Is there something you need, Master Edward," he asked.

"Oh, no sorry," he said softly before exiting. The man blinked but then hurried back to work. Ed sighed and sat down on a couch in front of a fire that was blazing. It radiated warm heat to Edward's cold body. He wasn't used to all of this. He was used to living alone in his one room one bath apartment and cooking his own meals. He never had anyone do anything for him since he was 10. Now at 15 his life had been completely altered and mixed up because of a slip up.

"Good morning dear brother of mine!" a cheerful voice exclaimed. Ed smiled as his older brother plopped down next to him on the soft couches.

"Morning," he smiled. Antoinette, a beautiful golden retriever nuzzled Ed's leg with her snout and Ed smiled patting her head.

"Winter break is almost over," Tamaki said softly petting the dog too. Ed was quiet for a minute looking over his brother. They had been getting to know one another for the past 3 weeks. He avoided the teens deep blue eyes, in the light they glinted purple. His wisps of blonde fringe covered them slightly but in a rather neat way. He was brought up to be the perfect child anyways.

"I know."

"Have you decided yet?"

Again Edward lapsed into silence and was thinking. He steadied his strokes against the dog's soft pale yellow fur. He sighed placing a hand against his face. He wasn't sure if he could do this just yet. He shivered slightly and crossed his arms. The dog whimpered in protest that the petting had stopped but Edward ignored it.

"I guess so."

"Fantastic! Everyone's going to be surprised to meet you! None of them know I have a younger brother not even my best friend!" he exclaimed childishly. He ruffled Edward hair before tackling him on the floor.

They were laughing until a soft clearing of the throat made them freeze. Tamaki got up and Edward sat up on the floor. A familiar looking maid was standing there. She bowed before Tamaki gave her permission to speak.

"Uh, Master Edward, sir, you didn't allow me to clean your room for you," she said in a soft tone.

"Oh I got to it, so there was no need. Thank you for asking earlier though," he smiled getting up and dusting himself off. The maid blinked in confusion as to why he would do such a thing but Tamaki just chuckled.

"He is simply not used to this life style yet Madeline, it's alright," he chuckled ruffling Edward hair once again. It had become a habit.

"I understand. What a drastic change you've made in just weeks. Oh! I was also told that breakfast is ready, so if you may follow me…" she trailed off with expectant eyes. The two blonde brothers nodded and followed her down the winding hallways into a lovely furnished dining room.

Tamaki sat on the end and Edward to the left of him. He slumped down losing his perfect posture when Madeline left the room. Soon food appeared on the table and the two began to eat.

"We have to enroll you, and you have to take the entrance exams, there's also the fact of getting you a uniform before Monday," Tamaki said sipping a cup of tea.

"Ouran, that's one of the best schools in Japan right?" Ed asked playing with the scrambled eggs on his plate. Tamaki took another piece of toast from a plate and nibbled on it nodding.

"I can get my father to make sure our classes are the same or similar so you won't have to worry about getting lost."

Edward took a bite of the delicious eggs on his plate and chewed slowly thinking this over.

"I haven't gone to school since I was 10, Tamaki. I'm not even sure if I know how it works anymore."

Tamaki simply chuckled sipping at his tea.

"Please! You're a genius; the exams will be a piece of cake. You catch on quick too!"

Edward shrugged and drank a gulp of tangy sweet orange juice. He watched the condensation drip down the cool glass. He wondered how it was colder than the air in this house.

"Is that school heated?" he asked stupidly. Tamaki snorted and laughed.

"Of course it is! I'm sorry this house is so cold, we are getting the heat fixed tomorrow," Tamaki sighed. He and his younger brother locked eyes and Edward felt uncomfortable.

"Is it bothering you? You're automail," he asked in a quiet tone. Edward eyes broke the look and he continued to play with the eggs.

"Not really, just when I go to bed," Ed said truthfully. That was the thing about Tamaki Edward really liked. He could always tell him the truth, that and he felt the need to because it'd be like lying to Al if he didn't. He saw a lot of Al in Tamaki's smile which hurt, because the short haired blonde was so jubilant.

That hurt a little bit.

"What's wrong?" Tamaki asked seeing Ed's mood dampen.

"Nothing! I just, was thinking about something," he said softly. Tamaki nodded knowingly, having heard the line before.

"So I'll get my father to get you into Ouran and we'll have you fitted for a uniform!" he smiled happily. Edward nodded with his own happy smile. Tamaki was Tamaki.

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