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Ed walked into school late. Well, that an understatement. He dragged himself into school. He was utterly tired and really didn't want to go, but the fact that Tamaki probably aged five years in the last couple of the hours, he needed to go to at least show his brother he was fine.

His brother so soon forgets he was in the military for a large portion of his childhood. Passing out is really not that big of a deal. Or the nightmares, everybody got those.

No big deal.

He was sitting in math listening to the twins bate the teacher into not giving them homework over the winter break. The other winter break. Ed still found it ridiculous that they had two of those.

He shifted in his chair, his ports aching more so than usual. He blamed it on the stress of the dream. Math was right before lunch, and thank god for that because Ed couldn't handle listening to another boring lecture about something he already knew. He had to admire the skill the twins had at persuading people however. Because apparently, they just go the whole class out of writing a report over the break.

He had missed the first three periods of the day, those being English, history and then his choice of language which he took as French. It was ironic really that he knew so many languages and didn't know the one that his brother knew fluently. He knew basic phrases in French, but not enough to hold an intelligent conversation, but he intended to learn.

The class was dismissed and the twins walked on both sides of Ed, rambling on with questions about why he was late.

"Wasn't feeling well," he said shrugging it off. They nodded and he found it strange that they hadn't pestered him more about it. He nearly tripped over the carpet as he walked into the music room where they had dragged him to eat lunch. He grumbled in annoyance and cursed under his breath in German.

"Hey!" Haruhi said jogging over to him.

"Yea, what is it?" he grumbled.

Her smile disappeared and she tilted her head to the side.

"What is it?"

"Did you not just see me trip?" he snapped. She shrugged and shook her head.

"Anyways, what did you want?" he asked rubbing the back of his head. He felt slightly guilty for snapping at her, he had no filter.

"I was wondering if you could help me with my art project, I'm not so good with drawing, and I suppose you're good, I mean from what Tamaki told me," she said crossing her arms. Before he could answer he was being lifted into the air. He shouted in alarm and twisted around before thrashing about. He saw it was Mori.

"Put me down! I'm not just something you get to pick up for fun!" he snapped. Ok, so now he had started to thrash. He grabbed Mori's arm and was about to get out of his hold when Tamaki waltzed over and Kyoya spoke.

"That's enough Mori," he said. The black haired dropped Ed who landed on his ass. He grimaced and grumbled about him being freakishly tall. Tamaki held out a hand and helped him up.

"What the hell was that for?" he snapped.

"Just getting your attention was all," Tamaki smiled.

"There's a thing called talking!"

"That's no fun!" Tamaki argued back.

Ed huffed and crossed his arms in frustration.

"You are to go home after school today," Tamaki said placing a hand on his hip. Ed blinked and looked up at him in confusion.

"I'm not a kid Tamaki," he snapped.

"I hadn't said you were."

Edward glared at him challengingly. This had been about last night. It had to be. Tamaki was worried Ed would tire himself out again and pass out. That was it. Ed scrunched up his nose in a scowl and turned away from him. If Ed hated anything more than being proved wrong, or Mustang, it was being treated like a child.

Tamaki grabbed his wrist as he began to storm away.

"I'll be in the library," he growled. Before he could make another move he was lifted into the air.

"God dammit! Put me down!" he shouted as he began to struggle again. How simple would it be to clap and take this guy out? His palm became itchy and he desperately needed to let off some steam. He glanced at his brother who saw that look in his eye.

"Put him down," Tamaki sighed. Mori glanced at him before letting go of Ed.

"I hate you all," Ed darkly muttered as he hit the ground for the second time. He didn't mean it and everybody really just chuckled when he said it. The twins were watching with satisfaction as he got up, dusted him off and left. They went to follow.

"What was that about?" Haruhi asked, annoyed she never got her answer from him.

"All I said was that he had to go home," Tamaki shrugged oblivious to Ed's musings.

Ed whipped around when he knew the twins were following him.

"What?" he snapped.

"You got really pissed off…" Hikaru said.

"…About what boss had said," Kaoru finished.

"Yea well, I hate being told what to do. Wanna go do something and get in trouble or it? I need to blow off some steam," he said turning around to fully face them.

Devilish grins formed on their similar faces and nodded.

"We know just what to do," they said quietly.

"Perfect," Ed grinned

So. That's how Edward and the twins ended up in detention after school.

"This is your entire fault you know," Hikaru said to Ed. He was playing games on his cell phone. He hadn't looked up from the thing when he spoke either.

"I'm not the one who hit a teacher in the face with rice," Ed snorted remembering the teachers shocked face.

True a food fight was probably the oldest and stupidest one in the book, but it was just too much fun. He leant back, tipping the chair on its hind legs and balanced. The room was hot, and Ed had unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt. He had tugged off the bluish purple jacket a while ago. It was about an hour in and Edward was getting fidgety.

"She chose to walk in at that moment," Kaoru murmured. Ed snorted and shrugged. This was nothing compared to getting in trouble at military school. They had to do laps, and Ed soon became very good at running. He probably could run a mile in 6 something.

A young teacher walked in, neat and tidy with a pencil skirt and a suit jacket on her slim frame. It was a wondered how she walked in those heals though. Ed took a look at them and tried to imagine Hawkeye wearing something. He had to snicker at that, because Mustang would probably have a heart attack. And then bleed everywhere…From his nose.

"Edward, you are allowed to leave now. A car is waiting outside for you," she said monotonously. He stood and stretched. He winked at them and grabbed his bag, jogging out of the room. He heard them chorus, 'No fair' he as ran down the hallway.

He jumped into the car and nearly shrieked in alarm when he landed on Tamaki.

"Ouch!" Tamaki whined rubbing his hip, where Ed's automail had banged. Edward was too busy laughing to apologize. He was sprawled out over his brother gasping and panting, laughing too hard to form a coherent sentence.

"Hey," Ed smiled.

"Are you still angry at me? You're worse than a teenage girl, I swear," Tamaki muttered.

"Why'd you tell me I had to stay home?" Ed asked with annoyance in his tone at being compared to a girl. Winry was like this. Always shouting and throwing wrenches, and then the mechanic would get all soft and smile, maybe even cry. He'd never understand women.

"I have my reasons," Tamaki said.

Ed bothered him the whole ride home. It resulted in wrestling and tickling in which Ed though he burst a lung.

"I'm not letting you off the hook for starting that food fight you know. This is a private school and none of your jokes will be tolerated any further."

"Yea, yea, I got the speech already Tama, I know."

"You better, because we can't have you kicked out of Ouran! You didn't even come to one of the host clubs parties yet! I have to speak with you about something else as well. Kyoya brought it up and I thought it'd be a good idea…. Well Mommy always has good ideas I mean there was this one time where he decided that the twins should hook-"

"Tamaki! Why not just tell me now rather than forget later," Ed laughed as Tamaki continued mouthing words even though sound had stopped coming out.

"Kyoya was speaking to my precious Haruhi about something some commoners did when they were out of work. They offer to draw people very fast for some quick money! Kyoya was thinking that you could do that, you know since you've got some talent with a pencil in hand, or brush, or pastel or whatever you use," Tamaki rambled on. Edward was amazed at how much came out of him.

"You mean Caricature? Yea sure, it's fun making fun of people," Ed snickered.

"Yes that!" Tamaki said pointing at Edward. Ed nodded in agreement and Tamaki whipped out his phone to text Kyoya.

"Yay! This is going to be so much fun!"

Ed rolled his eyes in a good natured manner and slumped back against the leather seats of the car. The first time he had been in a fancy car such as this one was when he was being driven to the airport under the CPS' rules because apparently you couldn't have an apartment at age 15.

He hated saying goodbye to Winry and Pinako. Winry had been crying. Ed frowned. The car lurched to a stop and Tamaki got out and Ed followed, slinging his bag over his shoulder. They walked up the steps of the mansion and went inside.

"Dinner is in a few minutes, come back down ok?" Tamaki called as Ed hopped up the stairs.

"Yea, yea, sure!" he called.

Tamaki listened to the door slam shut. What was he going to do with his brother when his grandmother returned home for her extended stay in Italy? He groaned in annoyance and wandered off to the kitchen to see what was being made.

Ed threw his bag on his neatly made bed and began tugging off his clothes. He peeled of the skin cover on his arm and wiggled the metal fingers sighing. He hated the slimy feeling the fake skin gave them. He was searching his draws, messing them up, for a shirt when there was a knock on the door. He looked down at his arm and winced.

"Come in?" he called hesitantly. A maid ran in and stopped in her tracks staring at him. He had been hoping it was Tanaka or Tamaki. Well Tamaki usually didn't knock. So he had been hoping it was Tanaka.

"Oh, Mr. Elric, I'm sorry I didn't- I can come back!" she panicked stepping back. Her eyes were squared in on his arm.

"Nah, its fine. What is it?" he asked. He felt heat creeping up on to his cheeks and the tips of his ears.

"I, oh um, I was wondering if you had anything that needed to be washed?"

Ed glanced around and shrugged. He crossed his arms, not liking the scars that were etched across his chest.

"Nope, you do a pretty good job with that," he smiled. She blushed and nodded.

"Um, have a nice night, Sir," she said bowing her head and hurrying out shutting the door behind her. Ed sighed and turned to the mirror.

He stared at himself. His body wasn't all that attractive. Sure he was trim from the many years he had spent in military school and not eating, but he was loaded with ugly scars. They reached around his shoulder, curling up on to his collar bone and shoulder blades. He had scars on his stomach from the accident, fights, and stupid mistakes. He found a long sleeved sweater and slipped it over his head loving the much too long sleeves that feel over his knuckles, only revealing the tips of his fingers.

He stepped out of the black dress pants and moved his automail foot around. It creaked and whirred quietly. It needed to be oiled and the shitty weather wasn't helping the dull ache pulsing in his knee. He tugged the hair band out of his braid and ran a hand through his hair. A head ache was growing. He sat down on the bed and pulled open his side table's drawer and pulled out oil.

"Hey Edo?" Tamaki called opening the door. Edward's head snapped up and he paused his actions.

"Oh," Tamaki said.

"What's up?" Ed asked going back to oiling the joints. He wiggled his foot and added more grease.

"Is it hurting?" Tamaki asked. Ed looked up with his eyes and then back down, shrugging his shoulders.

"It's the weather," he murmured. The pressure in the air was all different than what he was used to.

"It's kind of cool if you think about it," Tamaki said sitting down on the bed watching.

"I mean, not the fact that you have it, but the fact that people can make stuff like this," Tamaki rushed. Ed nodded with a small bitters smile. Winry was a machine junky who was crazy about automail, particularly Ed's automail. She loved working on his. Mustang and Pinako both agreed it was just because she wanted to see him practically naked. He had turned red and shouted at them to shut up.

"Yea, my friend is excellent at what she does," Ed said. He had been actually trying to keep good care of it because it wasn't like he could just head over to the Rockbell's and get a tune up.

"Dinner's done," Tamaki murmured.

"Alright," Ed said tossing the container back in the drawer. He got up and went in his drawers for a pair of torn up jeans. He tugged them around his waist and pulled the belt so they didn't fall down.

"Come on then," Tamaki laughed tugging Ed down the hallway. They ran down the stairs nearly crashing into a maid who was fixing the curtains.

"Look what you did!" Tamaki scolded.

"Me? You ran into me!" Ed pouted in mock exasperation. The maid was chuckling at their antics while picking up the duster she had dropped.

"Agh!" they both shouted and tackled each other. A throat was cleared when Tamaki was pulling Ed's hair and Ed was wrapping a much shorter leg around his brother's knee to lock him in place.

"If you two quite done, supper is getting cold," Tanaka said, amusement in his old eyes. Tamaki shot up adjusting the dress shirt he was still wearing, clearing his throat. Ed pulled himself to his feet and tucked his hair behind his ear. He didn't care that it was down. Who was he to impress?

"Master Tamaki, a word?" an elderly woman asked. Tamaki nodded and Tamaki walked Edward to the dining room. He sat down and watched as the services stacked his plate full. His stomach growled and he picked up the fork, rather than chop sticks, and dug in. He was hungry, and his stomach was controlling his actions. A few minutes later Tamaki strode in and sat down. He looked unusually serious.

"What?" Ed asked around a mouth full of food. Tamaki glanced at him and then stopped and took a good look.

"You're eating."

"100 points to Team Tamaki," Ed said shaking his hands as he finished chewing. Tamaki rolled his eyes and began to eat as well.

"Why are you so serious? What? Find out Haruhi is secretly in love with another-"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence… and no? It's nothing. Just eat," Tamaki said glaring at Ed. Ed laughed and agreed shoveling more food into his mouth. Silence passed over them until Edward noticed Tamaki was staring at him.

"What? Do I have something on my face? It wouldn't be the first."

"No, no. It's just commoner clothes are rather intriguing, especially Germanys," Tamaki said glancing down at Edwards large sweater.

"It's just clothes for me. All your clothes are too fancy," Ed mumbled poking at the scraps on his plate. He actually felt full, and it was a nice feeling.

"I'm gonna go, uh try to do something productive," Edward said getting up. He glanced at the clock and then waved and bolted out of the room. Tamaki snorted and finished up as well.

About an hour later, Edward was sitting on his bed surrounded by many things. School books, books, alchemy texts, sketch pads, pencils and pens, and the file that Mustang had faxed over about the murderer in Japan. He was trying to pin point possible locations of where he could be hiding, and trying to finish some homework at the same time.

Roy hopped up on to the bed, soundlessly with poise, and snuggled up on Ed's pillows, leaning against his back. He purred quietly and Ed smiled to himself.

He picked up the photograph of the murders finger prints and stared at them. The man had been arrested for a small robbery ad released the same day due to an unknown bail out. That's when he had gotten the inking done. They had never realized the man was a murderer.

Ed blinked. That meant the man had to have had a name, unless he had been using an alias. Ed sat back and was awarded with a hiss forgetting the cat was behind him. He muttered curses under his breath.

They had a murderer, who has been traveling under a fake name, and had no idea where his location was. It was so easy to kidnap and murder people in Japan, Ed supposed. There were so many people here, and it would probably take a while to figure out someone was missing, ad that was all the time that was needed for a murder to clean up the scene and make it look pristine and untouched.

Heavy foot fall, an unusual sound in this house, broke him from his thoughts. He looked over to the door when they stopped. Ed raised an eyebrow and then a knock sounded.

"One minute, please," he called in Japanese.

Ed quickly jumped off the bed throwing the alchemy text books under his bed along with the murder file and notes he had taken. He rolled up the map where he had been drawing on and shoved it under the pillows disturbing the cats slumber.

He took a quick glance around and sighed. Tamaki knew he was working while he was here. However, the young Suoh still didn't understand that Edward was put on dangerous cases, and missions that made even the toughest solider shake. He also didn't believe Edward was such a good soldier, partly because Edward had tried to hide the fact that he was. If you think about it, he wasn't. He never listened, he stole books and files from libraries, and he broke the law, frequently.

In the end, his intelligence and strategic skills always made up for it and he was able to get the job done.

Ed opened up the door and his mouth fell open.

Black hair, dark eyes.

Blonde hair, soft brown eyes.

The familiar click of a gun going back into its holster.

Those white gloves sticking out from neatly folded arms.

The ugly blue.

That damned smug grin across a pale face.

"Miss me Fullmetal?"

Ed slammed the door shut and put his back to it. This was not good. He was hallucinating. This was horrible, terrible! He wasn't letting Tamaki worry about him anymore.

"Wasn't very polite, and here I thought living with your brother would knock some manners into that small body of yours," came the voice on the other side of the door. That snarky German voice which Edward hadn't missed one bit.

Ed's eye twitched at the short comment and he opened the door back up and stared.

"Like to say that to my face, bastard?" Ed challenged. Roy laughed and bent down so his eyes were leveled with the golden pools.

"What, that you're still a rude brat, or that you're short?"

Ed shrieked and went to tackle the insufferable man but a voice stopped him. A clear Japanese voice stopped him.

"Edward, behave," Tamaki said appearing next to Riza. Ed gaped at him and pushed by Roy and stared up at him.

"Why are they here? You called them?"

"We aren't the only ones here. Havoc and Breda are in the car and Fury is getting info for me," Roy said casually. He shook Tamaki's hand who nodded. He turned away quickly. Riza shared a glance with her superior officer. Tamaki had been very short with Roy since he had arrived.

"I had to."

"What kind of fucking excuse is that?" Ed barked in French. Roy raised an eyebrow in amusement. He didn't know French. He barely knew Japanese, Riza had been the translator as soon as they had gotten into the country.

"You obviously aren't doing well, and I didn't know what to do! Don't yell at me!" Tamaki said just as sharply. He sighed heavily through his nose and looked away from Edward crossing his arms. He looked disappointed, overly, actually. He looked way to dramatic, but then again, that was Tamaki for you.

"What gave you that notion?" Ed asked, slipping back to Japanese.

"I don't know! Maybe the fact that you aren't eating, or you space out all the time? Maybe it's the compulsive behavior-"

"Hate to interrupt, but compulsive behavior isn't anything knew for him," Roy said after Riza had mumbled a few things in his ear.

"Shut up. Stop acting like I'm not here, you ass," Ed snapped. Tamaki looked incredulous that Edward had called the man something so rude.

"Well you're certainly short enough to overlook-"

"Oh that's it-!"

"How about we all relax," Riza said quietly. They turned to look at her. She always had good ideas.

"Yes, Ms. Hawkeye was it? Perhaps we can go to the dining room and discuss the more civilly rather than bark at each other like dogs in the hallway," Tamaki said politely.

Ed huffed, walking back into his room.

"Ask him. I already am a dog."

And his door slammed shut.

Tamaki raised an eyebrow, and a sigh fell off his lips.

"Tea then," he said walking down the hallway expecting them to follow.

"He took that better than I expected," Roy murmured to Riza in smooth German.

"I thought so as well, Sir," she replied briskly. They followed the blonde down the hall and Roy had to remind himself that this person was related to Edward. Anything could tick him off and a ticked off Elric was not something you wanted to mess with.

They'd soon figure out that Tamaki was nothing, and everything like Edward.