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Chapter One: I Meet Mr. AntiSocial

Long, brown, wavy hair, big green eyes, and a supermodel figure.

"I heard she's really pretty!"

"They say she's been in magazines!" It was the usual, Bluebell's young residents have been gossiping. The female side that is. 'That isn't the first time I heard that all day,' Laney thought as she was helping out in her father's restaurant. The door opened and she turned to give a friendly greeting.

"Hello! Welcome to Howard's Café! Would you like to-" Laney stopped. 'It's the new girl,' she thought. The girl looked straight at her, her face a little distant. "Um excuse me…?"

"Hmm? What?" the girl said as she snapped out of her thought. "Oh! I'm sorry!" she said, giggling a little, "I was just visiting around. You see I'm new here!"

"So you must be Bluebell's new resident! Hi, I'm Laney. Nice to meet you!" she said, with a warm smile. The gossiping girls turned, listening intently to their conversation.

"Hello Laney! I'm Briella! Nice to meet you too," the new girl said, gleefully.

"Well, since you're here, did you come to eat? This is a café after all!" Laney said grinning. Briella bit her lip.

"Not today, I already ate lunch. Maybe some other time? I'm busy trying to meet all of Bluebell's residents!" Briella said smiling.

"Oh! If that's the case than do you want to meet my father? And Cam?" Laney said, mentioning the town's flower guy, or florist.

"Sure! It'll be a lot easier meeting them all in one place! Then I won't have to go all back and forth," Briella said grinning. Laney guided the optimistic girl behind the counter to go see her dad.

"Dad? I'd like you to meet someone!" Laney said and Briella waited anxiously, a bit nervous. A tall and muscular man turned around and Briella gulped. 'THAT'S her dad? Sheesh! I was expecting someone a little less intimidating!' Briella thought and sweatdropped.

"Oooooooh! Who do we have here?" Briella was stunned. She had expected the man to, like, I dunno, yell at her for being behind employee doors.

"Briella, this is my dad Howard and dad, this is Briella," Laney said, introducing the two.

"Nice to meet you sir!" Briella said, bowing.

"No need to be formal! Please call me Howard!" he said, cheerfully. 'Um, I'll just stick with sir,' she thought sweatdropping.

"Dad, mind if I take my lunch break now?" she asked and he nodded.

"Just be back when needed! There's lots to do today!" he said calling after her as Laney led Briella away from the café.

"Your dad seems really nice!" Briella said smiling.

"He's not a really bad guy. People just mistake him for a wrestler!" Laney said and Briella giggled.

"Hey! I know! Why don't you meet our resident's rancher?" Laney asked and Briella nodded eagerly.

"I heard she's the best," Briella smiled warmly.

"She is, in my opinion, although she and Ash, another rancher, has a little rivalry going on," Laney said, smiling.

"Are we meeting this guy Ash as well?" Briella asked.

"If you want to, Dad probably has everything under control back at the café, he won't need me for a while," Laney answered. They reached the ranch, finding a girl with soft, long caramel hair brushing a cow with a brush. "Lillian? We're here!" The girl turned around then a quick grin came up on her face.

"Hey Laney! What's new?" Lillian asked, grinning. The cow went moo and Lillian told it to go inside the barn, which it seemingly replied with a quick walk into the barn. Erm….quick being as how fast a cow can go.

"I was just showing our new resident around the town, Briella, meet Lillian," Laney introduced and Lillian grinned at the new girl.

"Nice to meet you Briella!" she chirped. Briella returned the grin with her cautious smile.

"Nice to meet you as well Lillian," Briella said.

"I heard that you were a supermodel!" Lillian said excited to actually meet a real supermodel, or so she thought Briella was. Briella blinked in surprise.

"A supermodel? Where'd you get that from? I just specialize in music," Briella said laughing. Lillian blushed in embarrassment.

"Sorry! I heard it from the girls at the café," Lillian said apologetically. Laney shook her head.

"Don't believe everything you hear Lillian! Especially from those gossipy girls," Laney warned.

"Alright," Lillian said smiling sheepishly, and she paused for a moment, "I believe I'm done with my work here. I've fed all my animals, brushed them, pet them, and washed them! Mind if I join you guys?" Briella shrugged.

"We weren't doing much anyways. We were just visiting the people in town, I haven't met all of them yet," Briella said, looking at Laney.

"Great! I'll tag along if you guys don't mind!" Lillian said smiling.

"We don't mind!" Laney said and Briella nodded. 'She seems really nice,' Briella thought grinning as the two girls chatted and she trailed behind, lingering on the conversation, asking questions only when needed. Soon they introduced Briella to everybody, all except one.

"Here goes nothing," Laney said whispering to Lillian and Lillian nodded as they approached Bluebell's most antisocial person, Cam.

"Hey Cam!" Lillian shouted, but he didn't turn around as he was watering the flowers he had grown. "Cam!" He finally looked up, but his gaze was still a little distant. "Cam?" He turned around, finally noticing them. 'He doesn't seem to be very social,' Briella thought sweatdropping.

"Hey Cam! What are you doing?" Laney said and he held his waterpot up.

"Just watering the flowers," he replied

"What pretty flowers! What kind are they?" Lillian asked, bending down to sniff one.

"Roses," he replied. Briella blinked, and looked at the flowers.

"Well, I thought you'd might like to meet Bluebell's new resident. Briella meet Cam!" Laney said and Briella grinned,

"Nice to meet you Cam!" Briella said, making an effort to get along with him.

"Nice to meet you too," he greeted in reply, with a small smile on his face. Briella smiled, then from a corner of her eyes saw a particular flower.

"An Acacia?" she said joyously bending down to smell it. "Smells pretty….'

"That's an acacia?" Lillian said bending down next to Briella. "Looks pretty! I didn't know you had these!"

"They're new," he replied, "its flower meaning means 'secret love'"

"As pretty and secretive as its name," Briella thought giggling. Cam looked at the flower and nodded in agreement.

"Right…" he said smiling. Lillian got up looking at Laney, grinning, sending a look.

'They seem to hit off pretty well.'