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Chapter Eight: Hold On! If You Have a Choice

Briella's POV

If my eyes don't deceive me, I'm dangling my legs as I held on for dear life on the edge of the cliff. I was shocked, frozen in terror, and I couldn't hear myself scream. I didn't know what happened. Brielle didn't do this, that's what I'm sure of, she's wicked, but not like this. Did I trip over a picnic basket? Or was I pushed? No I wasn't, I would have felt it, but how come I didn't remember. All I could hear was a panicky chatter as they tried to come up with a plan to rescue me. I was hovering in the air, holding onto a branch just a few feet below the cliff. I couldn't speak, I couldn't say anything, and all I could was pray that I could stay alive.

"What the hell happened?" Lillian screeched, shaking her brother. Phillip, I think his name was? I must have been in a terrible shock not to be able to remember some people's names. I just waited in silence, desperate to stay clinging onto the branch.

"No time for yelling Lillian! We need a plan to get her out of there," Laney yelled at Lillian. How hypocritical. No yelling she said, but thing is, she's yelling. By the way, the branch is really coarse!

"What can we use to get her out?" I heard a voice screech, recognizing it to be my sister's. The absolute last person I would have thought to want to save me. I thought she'd probably convince everyone to leave me. I felt there's pricking my eyes, threatening to spill, but I held them in. Public crying was the worst!

"We have picnic blankets! We'll just tie them all up together! We have no rope so this has to work!" Cam shouted, telling the others to grab all the picnic blankets and an empty picnic basket. Everyone cares, even she cares. The dam opened as I sob quietly, never expecting them to even do all this for me when I was so clumsy. Nobody pushed me, I didn't trip, I simply fell. I was such a ditz, I couldn't do anything right, my twin was perfect, what mom and dad wanted, my younger sister would probably take her side as well.

"We'll get you out Bree! Just hold on!" Georgia shouted at me as they busied tying secure knots on each end of the blankets, connecting them together.

"Do I even have a choice?' I wisecracked and I wasn't surprised when no one laughed. I wasn't laughing, I was dangling at the edge of a cliff for crying out loud! I closed my eyes, letting my salty tears stream down. I wasn't one to cry in public, we Sinclairs are known to have a strong demeanor, but sometimes a person has his or hers limits.


"Ready! Cam get down to raise her up! She...she might not have enough strength to pull up, we would ask Kana, but he needs to be in the back to help us all up," Phillip shouted and I was beginning to slip. Finger after finger. Please hurry up. I was pleading quietly.

"Why don't you guys just leave me?" I said miserably, wiping my tears with my shoulder. "I'm just a pain anyways; you don't need to do this." My words were sincere. They didn't have to do this. They had Brielle, she was like me, only more beautiful and perfect, and she was nothing like the scared girl I was now, crying. To them, I was probably, kelp maybe. Something useless. A burden they carried, like my parents probably thought I was.

"Why would we leave you?" Nori, I think, asked as they let the rope down.

"We may not know you Briella, but honestly, we just can't leave a person to die," Hiro, the doctor guy I think, explained as they continued to let it down to reach me. I felt footsteps as the earth moved a little and I looked up to see Cam.

"Take my hand," he urged me and I stared at him, blinking back tears.

"What if I let go? Would I fall if I miss?" I asked quietly, his expression softening.

"You won't miss, we won't let you fall, trust me," he said gently as his free hand gestured me to take it. I slowly took one of my hands off, the other hand staying on the branch for support, as I reached up to take his. We were a few inches apart. I tried to grasp his hand. I felt myself faltering, my other hand on the branch struggling to stay up. I reached out, my fingers brushing his, but what I feared had come true.

I had missed.

Brielle's POV

"Bree!" I heard Cam shouted in terror. I froze, expecting the worst. I held onto the rope, my hands wrapped around it tightly, my knuckles turning white, my nails digging into my palm. I was scared. I was terrified. I was everything that I shouldn't have felt. I was being the way I was when I was little.

"Did we get her?" Phillip shouted, and we waited. Silence. There was no response. I felt myself shaking, my legs wobbling, as if beckoning me to collaspe and cry. As if I couldn't take it. As if I had already given up. Like I told my sister. "Give up would you?" "Guess you couldn't take the heat back home huh?" I bet she hates me now. She never did understand why I was being so harsh to her. Nobody would understand. They didn't live under the same lie that I was. I had this image. Of becoming perfect. Just so Mom and Dad would love me. But Bree, she took away what I wanted. But that didn't matter anymore.

"Do...do you think we lost them?" Reina asked them. I turned my attention back to the edge of the cliff. I saw something red. I squinted. Was it my sister's ribbon? Or was it...actual blood? I couldn't forgive myself if she died. What would I say to mother and father in heaven? What could I say? "I'm sorry I killed your daughter. I was too cruel that I let her die." ?They wouldn't forgive me either, they would hate me. It would reduce me to nothing, I would be like I was when I was a kid.

I'm sorry.

I felt liquid on my cheeks as I realized that I was crying. Me. Crying. I couldn't register this. The last time I ever cried was when I seven. The last time I would ever let myself bleed. I swore that. I broke that vow. I bent my head down in shame, letting my dark brown hair be my curtain of protection for humiliation. I slightly shook and let them drip down onto the blankets, letting them stain the red and white checks. They didn't matter. I was getting dizzy. My legs were wobbling uncontrollably. I felt like I was going to collapse, but I battled with myself. I had to stay up. I had to try my best. I'm so not giving up now.

But what if the two of them had dropped? What if they fell? There was that voice, taunting me. What if they died? No. I screamed in my head, letting my own voice speak.

"Wh-what happened?" Lillian said, sobbing, her tears glistening as the cruel, cruel sun shone down on us, with its smiling face, as if to mock us. Her own knuckles were white, gripping the rope as tightly as she could, as if that could save Bree.

Right now, I couldn't come up with a sarcastic remark for that.

Briella's POV

I felt myself dropping, but a hand caught my wrist, pulling me up. I looked up meeting a pair of green eyes.

"Hold onto me," he told me, his eyes filled with terror, as he noticed my miss. I must've looked like a dork. A complete dork. Great. I listened to his orders, reaching out to him, and secured myself, holding onto him as if he was my lifeline. I caught the slightest scent of flowers. I place my head, in between his neck and shoulders, securing myself there, as he gave a slight tug on the rope, his other free hand around my waist. I was blushing madly. This was like a scene from a fairytale. The prince saving a damsel in distress. I buried my face in his shoulder, shutting my eyes tightly crying softly, as they slowly pulled us up. When he reached up, Cam hoisted himself up, carrying me up there as I bawled like a little kid who had her lollipop stolen. I felt like a little kid, vulnerable to the outside world.

"It's okay, it's okay," he whispered into my ear gently, feeling him breathe on my ear. I tried to stifle my sobs as I hugged him as he gently let me down. I reluctantly let him go, for a split second, mistaking him for a security blanket.

"Br-Briella!" Lillian shouted, abandoning the rope as she charged after me, when I was on safe tackling grounds, and tackled me. "I was so worried!" Her tears said it all. They were still streaming down, though this time with a smile, as if a sign of joy and relief. I felt guilty. I made them worry. Laney breathed a sigh of relief, as she abandoned the rope as well, to embrace me.

"Don't you ever do that to us again!" Laney scolded as her grip on me got tighter by the second. My eyes blinked back more tears as I saw my twin, her knees wobbling as she felt that she would collapse.

And she did.

"Oh my gawd," she said, kneeling onto the ground as she breathed a sigh of relief. I was confused. Did she care or not? Or was it so she wouldn't have to tell our parents that I was dead?

"That was some fall," Phillip said, shaking his mass of orange-brown hair, "What happened?" I thought for a moment, but nothing came back to me. But I still had a feeling like I should have remembered. It was like an itch I can't scratch.

"I don't really remember," I replied, but my voice was muffled due to the mass of people hugging me to death.

"Doesn't really matter. Everyone's safe so that's it," Cam said, running his fingers through his hair, as if searching for his hat. His eyebrows knitted together in perplexed way, wondering where his hat was. I guess he forgot I took it. I smiled as I looked at the people around me.

I'm glad I came to this place.

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