Author's note: omg! I'm back from the dead! I haven't wrote anything in so long! Glad to be back, hopefully, I won't procrastinate anymore (yeah right) and I'll post more love. Let's celebrate the greatness of the latest manga chapter that just make me so happy and go with this little shorty. Alzack and Bisca are officially canon! and this is my take on how it happened. One word to describe it would be Bittersweet.

Rated T because of one word. Sorry. :3 Enjoy!

It's been a year.

When they had heard the news at first, they didn't believe it. Their nakama and their master, that had left less than 48 hours ago, would not come back home. Not today, not tomorow, not even in a week...

They were gone. For good. And that was wrong.

It felt like a bad joke, some kind of April fool day's prank pulled by the rest of the world. One day, their friends would all just be at the guild like if nothing had happened, laughing their asses off. Because it couldn't be real.

But as much as those left behind wanted to ignore the cruel truth, it was becoming more and more difficult to play dumb as days went by... and became weeks.


Then, a year, without a single trace of them.

A whole year. And not even a corpse to cry on.

It was dawn. Two young people stood on a hill, facing the sea. The female one had long green hair and a cowboy hat, the male was wearing his trademark poncho. Both of them were silent.

Bisca felt tears slide down her cheeks, she didn't have to look at her partner to know that he was crying too. Their hearts had crushed on themselves a long time ago but the two of them knew they hadn't healed from that day. Not yet. They probably never would.

" Time goes by, isn't it? "

Alzack hummed in response. Silence foated around them, in spite of the cries of the seagulls or the sound of the city that was still living as usual. The rest of the world hadn't stopped, that day.

Only they did.

" Do you think we will move on, one day? "

She was looking at the sunrise, she didn't see his sad smile.

" Our friends would have wanted us to. In their place, I know I would have wished for my friends to go on. "

" Yeah..." Alzack had always been the voice of reason of their team. She loved that about him. He was a rock she could always grab on, he would never crumble.

They fell silent once more, half an hour passed without them noticing it. Bisca eventually wiped her tears and sighed:

" It made me realize one thing: we are not eternal. They were gone before we knew it. It could be us, tomorow. "

She turned to face him and met his eye, he had been watching her all along. She felt a burning flame of courage in her heart. Tomorow could be too late.

And she probably wouldn't survive another tragedy.

" I don't want to live with regrets anymore. "

She wanted to spill out the feelings that she had kept locked in her heart for too long, wanted to confess her love like how she had only dared imagine to.

Even if he didn't feel the same. Even if it would break their friendship.

She had barely said his name that his lips melted with hers, faster by half a second. His hand slid at the back of her neck, his other behind her back, his body against hers. And she could only hug him back thighter to not fall down, her cheeks wet again.

If the S-class hadn't happened, she probably would have been a little bit deceived to not being the first to confess, but right now, she didn't care.

They would probably learn to move on. One day. But, at least, Alzack and her would do it together.

End notes: argh it's too short and I'm the one who wrote it! But I hoped you guys liked it. ^.^ Thx for reading.