A/N: Okay, so for those of you that never look at my profile (which I don't expect many of you do, don't worry), I would like to encourage you to do so.

Also, don't panic if you happen to be waiting for me to update.

I don't think I will update anytime soon, as I'm currently in a difficult chapter in my life, but I do happen to have ideas for another Blue Exorcist fanfiction.

Should I hide from a mob?

Nah, I'd deserve it.

See, I somehow end up writing fanfictions about girls who end up in the anime world, but honestly, I don't like to write them. It's difficult to keep them from becoming Mary-Sue, which I am extremely paranoid about….

So, this new fanfiction I'm thinking of will have a girl who's actually from the Blue Exorcist world. I have ideas about her character, her background, etc. But, I'm missing one key thing:

Her name.

Yes, stupid little me can't come up with a good name for my OC-in-the-making.

And this is where you guys come in!

Hopefully, people actually bother to read this and haven't totally lost faith in me. If anyone is, please DON'T REVIEW THIS. If I do happen to update Through Darkness again, I'll remove this and replace it with the chapter.

I'd like to make this new fanfiction (If I can actually get it out there) as good as possible. So, I'd actually like a beta-reader…. If anyone would like the 'job'….

If you do, PM me under the subject Rain. Tell me a little about yourself or at the very least what I can call you. And, if you happen to have any ideas, tell me what you think would be a good name for this OC-in-the-making.

To anyone who's not interested in being my beta, but wants to (maybe) read the story, you can PM me too, under the subject Toy. I'll keep you in mind when/if I get around to writing/posting the fanfiction, and I'll PM you back telling you when/if I get the story posted.

Hopefully, I can hear from some of you soon, especially those of you who are interested in becoming my beta-reader (If anyone). I'll definitely be online to check my inbox Wednesday October 3rd – Friday October 5th.