TITLE: A Quiet Night At Home

AUTHOR: Spike Girl


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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Who knows where this one came from? We'll just go with delirium from starvation ;).


Spike stroked the warm body softly, delighting in the mewls of pleasure he elicited from her.

"That's right, luv. Can't get enough of Spike, can you? S'okay...I get that all of the time."

With a cocky grin, he increased the intensity of his ministrations and looked into the glowing hazel eyes.

"You're *mine* pet. You hear that? All mine. No one but me is going to lay a bloody finger on you ever again. You've got my word on that."

There was silence. He looked over at his companion worriedly, wondering if he had done something wrong. It was always like this....He tried his best, it was never good enough, and he got totally shut down. The story of his unlife.

"Don't be mad at me, luv. I'll do anything for you. You know that."

That earned Spike a sly smile. She crawled into his lap and began snuggling against him, trying to settle in a comfortable position.

"So that's what you want. Who am I to deny you?" He laid a gentle kiss on her forehead ran his nails up and down her back. The small figure's movements lessened, and a little sigh escaped from her parted lips.

Spike noticed the beautiful eyes drooping closed. With a soft smile, he gathered the sleeping form in his arms and headed towards his bed.

"Spike?? Are you in here? We just uncovered a vamp nest in the alley behind the Bronze. I need your help."

With a guilty look on his face, Spike turned towards the entrance of the crypt. He quickly finished tucking his girl into bed and kissed her once more. Giving her one last longing look, he followed Buffy into the night. Laughing could be heard outside the crypt.

"Your duster's covered in cat hair AGAIN, Spike. What demon's going to take you seriously once they find out you have a pet?"