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Chapter One:

What Fate Denies

Even before we were born fate was truly cruel to us.

To be born of different status in life and to be torn apart at an early age…

That was our tragedy.

Will you ever say those words to me?


Will those be nothing more but childish dreams?

-Ten Years Later-


"A carriage has arrived from Valice, Lady Miku." I said to my mistress and bowed to her side. She lifted her eyes to me and quickly let out a faint smile and asked.

"And who is on board Rin?"

"I do not know who is in it Lady Miku…" I replied nervously. Miku quickly rose from her chair and looked out the window. Her eyes quickly twinkled in the sunlight and turned to me with a smile of happiness.

"My fiancé has finally arrived." She quickly left the room as I sunk to the ground trembling.

So… He has finally returned. Not for me though but for someone else…

"Stupid me, of course he was for someone else. We were of different worlds were our love was never meant to bloom." I muttered to myself even if no one was here to listen. I was nothing more but a servant to a mistress whom his heart belonged to. Even if he showed kindness to me what was it to me? It could be nothing more but friendship and I didn't want that…

I wanted it to be more than that.

"Rin! It's been so long since I've last seen you, how are you faring here in Claridan Manor?" I turned to the source of the voice and found myself embraced tightly by a young boy about my age. I smiled faintly as he let go and looked at me with those deep blue eyes.

"Fine as it is Master Len…" I replied weakly. His brow creased with worry and placed his cool hands on my forehead.

"Are you sure Rin? You don't look like you're alright."

"I assure you I am fine." I protested and brushed his hands off. I glanced behind Len and saw Miku pout probably jealous at our closeness.

Yes…Her welfare should be more important to him than mine…

"Ahh~ Len-kun it's been so long and yet you're not even going to greet your beloved wife." Miku groaned childishly and quickly tackled Len behind playfully. Len laughed and quickly spun her to face him.

"Gomenasai Miku." Len grinned and kissed her passionately in the lips. It was painful to watch but I couldn't do anything. She had won long ago against me and this was proof of it.

"There happy?" Len replied and Miku nodded innocently. I quickly excused myself and the room before any of them could see the stinging tears that trickled down my face.


"Miku-cut it out Rei hates it when you do that." Len chided as his fiancée played with my hair. I brushed her hand aside but she'd always found a way to get back at me.

"But Rei's hair is so soft and fluffy…" Miku trailed off, lost in thought. I wonder why brother fell for a girl like her. So childish and blind to the political life bestowed upon her at such an age. Whatever his reason was so long as he was happy was fine by me.

"Why don't you play with me instead Miku?" Len begged hoping to get Miku off of my hair. I just grinned at my brother's helpless look and so whispered something to Miku's ear. Her eyes widened in excitement and quickly ran to topple Len off the chair.

"What did you tell her Rei?" Len asked and just shrugged. "It's a secret nii-sama." I replied before leaving them to their own enjoyments.

The garden was very much different from the one we had back in Valice.

The garden extended from the main building towards the conservatory at the end of the garden. And Miku with her frivolous attitude designed the garden to look like a labyrinth of roses rather than that of a typical garden.

The relief of it though was that the labyrinth wasn't so high so it was easy for me to spot the white pavilion at the centre of the labyrinth.

As I approached it, I saw seated inside the pavilion was a girl with blonde hair similar to that of nii-sama's, she was sitting with her back faced to me so she didn't feel my presence as I started to approach her.

"Lovely afternoon" I greeted her and she turned to face me, a surprised look on her face.

"Master Rei!" she exclaimed and started fixing her composure, "Whatever are you doing here?"

"Nothing much, just admiring the lovely flowers and the breezy afternoon, and you?"

"The same."

Awkward silence soon engulfed us it seemed that this young maiden had nothing interesting left to say.

Seeing as I had nothing else to do for the rest of the day I thought why not try to sit down and enjoy a leisure chat with this maiden.

This was not my usual behaviour but being in this boring over-sized mansion with no one interesting to talk to was enough to make anyone leave the place for good.

But brother had important matters to attend to here with his fiancée and since we only had one carriage I was left with no other option but to accompany him.

I sighed, why on earth did I even agree to come with my brother in the first place? Now I remember, Claridan was known for its ancient heritage and that sparked my amusement for the place.

But as soon as I arrived not once did I see anything that caught my attention.

Well, at least not for now.

"May I?" I asked gesturing to the vacant seat next to her.

She nodded shyly.

As soon as I was seated I heard Miku's laughter approaching us, her shrill laughter was impossible to miss.

"Miku, careful you'll graze yourself" I heard my brother's concerned voice.

I turned to look at the young maiden beside me and to my utter surprise she was gone.

Where on earth could she have run to?

"Ah, Rei" my brother said waving his hand to me as he and Miku came into view.

I nodded my head in reply, "What a beautiful garden you have here" I told Miku.

"As expected of Claridan" I added, while scanning the area looking for the blonde-haired maiden.

"Thank you for the compliment Rei-Rei chan" she giggled.

I cringed a bit at the nickname but nevertheless this was Miku we were talking about.

The sky started to darken; the once well-lit labyrinth was now covered in shadows everything was enveloped in darkness except for the path lighted with tall lamps leading us back to the mansion.

"I guess it's time for supper" brother said.

So we all headed back to the mansion my thoughts still wondering where the girl I saw before had gone.


As soon as I heard her laugh I knew he would be there.

Why is it that wherever she goes, he was there?

Mistress Miku was a kind and well- brought up woman so she would assure Len of his happiness she could offer him anything compared to me who has nothing else to give but my love.

I ran as far away as possible from the pavilion until I ended up at the conservatories front door, I would always come here when I feel troubled, something about gazing at the stars would always make my stress go away.

"Just be friends….All we got to do is just be friends" I sang the song I heard Lady Miku sing during her vocal lessons as I entered the conservatory.

I headed over to the balcony at the last floor and admired the stars with the telescope that was there.

Gemini was nowhere to be found tonight.

Just to make sure, I checked again but after another long hour of checking hoping it would appear I gave up and instead took a seat on the white swing.

Hours had passed but I just sat on the swing swinging myself absent-mindedly thinking almost about….Nothing at all.

"Gemini is nowhere to be found such a pity"

That was enough to snap me out of my trance.

That voice could only belong to him; in my 7 years of existence it was impossible to forget the voice that gave me happiness at the same time the cause of my pain and sorrow.

The only voice that could wake me up from my nightmares…The only one that could ever make me feel like my life was not as bad as it seems that no matter what happens he would always be there at the end smiling and telling me everything was alright.

"Rin-chan, no matter what I swear I will protect you and stay by your side!"

Promises he made were still playing over and over inside my head.

"Forever?" I had asked that time.

"Forever" he replied.

I stopped swinging, the conservatory was very quiet after he spoke the cold night air was getting colder and colder the moonlight lighting the whole balcony enough for me to see his face.

His deep blue eyes that mirrored mine were the same as before; gentle and calm like the ocean.

"Good Evening….Master Len"

"Oh please, stop with the formalities Rin-chan I would rather prefer it if you simply just call me 'Len' like before"

"You know I cannot do that I am only a maid wherein you are my master."

He laughed, "When have you gotten so melodramatic Rin?"

He took a seat beside me I glanced secretly at him admiring every inch.

He indeed had gotten taller, manlier and lovelier than ever.

My heart stung, he belonged to someone else so I should just stop with my wild fantasies and never ending illusions that he would-, in his whole life stop to look at me.

"What are you doing here at this hour of the night?" I asked.

"I should be asking you the same."

"I came for the stars" I answered pointing at the now starless sky, "But they are gone now."

"And you?" I added.

"Just walking around and ended up here" he grinned.

"How is the Mistress doing?" I asked the pain in my heart hurting more and more.

"Cheerful and playful as ever" he said with so much love in his eyes that it was very unbearable for me to watch.

"I bless you with eternal happiness" Lies, filled my mouth.

"Arigatou Rin-chan, you should also find a man someday someone who will love and cherish you" how oblivious he was that each word he said were like a rose's thorn piercing my heart.

"I do have someone, but he already has someone else" I smiled bitterly.

"Really? Who is it then?" he asked curiously.

How could I ever tell him that he was the man I was talking about?

"It's a secret"

"How unfair of you" he pouted adorably.

"Neh, Len"


"Do you remember that promise you told me when we were young?"

"Whatever do you mean? What promise?"

That was enough to make the tears appear on my eyes but I forced myself not to cry, the only thing reassuring me to move on from my past for years was now shattered with a few words.

But I could not blame him that promise was made years ago so it wasn't impossible to forget I was the only one hallucinating.

"Ah, nothing" were the only words I could utter.

"Len I have to dismiss myself now" I said getting up and waited for his reply.

"Of course, Goodnight Rin…."

As I walked farther away from the conservatory little by little the tears I controlled a while back started rolling down my eyes.

It hurts…So much.

I love him very much, make a deal with the devil himself if I had to.

But how could I? If the love I so much wanted was never there to begin with.

Len, how I would give up anything for you…..


Not knowing it, I fell asleep on the grassy terrain of the labyrinth.

The boy smiled at me his eyes calm and gentle like the ocean.

"Neh, Rin-chan, no matter what I swear I will protect you and stay by your side!"

"Forever?" the short-blonde haired girl asked.

"Forever" the boy said with a smile.



"Rin! What on heavens where you thinking!" Len exclaimed angrily I never saw him so angry before.

I stared not able to move on the large cabinet that fell and the broken glasses and plates on the floor while Miku was severely bleeding.

She tried to save me….

She tried to save me…

"QUICKLY GET SOME HELP!" Len screamed at the top of his lungs.

I quickly fumbled to the telephone panicking and started pressing the wrong numbers, Len grabbed the phone with so much force causing me to fall over.

"Aish, why can't a maid like you do anything right!"

"I am terribly sorry!" I apologized again and again hoping he would understand.

He stared at me coldly everything that I loved about him suddenly disappearing "Get away from my sight right now!"

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