Four A.M

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Warnings: Language

"Can I come to your house?"

"What… now?"

"Yeah now."

"It's like four a.m!"

"I hate my dad."

"… I… yeah, I hate your dad too."

"Please let me in your house. Please. I don't wanna go back."

Sora yawned into the phone, "Kairi says I shouldn't be left alone with you at bedtime, Riku… And my mom'd be mad if she knew I was on my phone right now,"

"Don't you care?" Riku bit back, "It's like no one actually cares. You know what? I don't think you care either. You care more about not breaking the rules. You're a massive square. Square's an understatement… You're just… a cube."

Sora groaned and threw himself at the carpet in an attempt to get out of bed, "I care!" he protested into his phone

"Good cos I'm outside your house,"

Within a few minutes, Sora had let Riku in and dragged him up to his room before he started ranting in the hallway and waking up his Mom.

"I hate him like so… fucking much…" Riku spat, hiding his face from Sora behind a mane of silver hair and shoving himself in the corner, at the end of Sora's bed.

"Let me see your face," Sora clambered on and prodded his shoulder.

"You don't need to see my face," It was little above a mumble.

"I do,"


"I like your face? I don't wanna have a conversation with some hair," Sora lifted a silver lock.

There was no answer.

"… Are you sad?" Sora murmured, and moved closer.

Riku only shrugged.

"… Did he hit you ag-"

"Yes he fucking hit me," Riku's voice trembled slightly.

Sora handed him a box of tissues, "… Tissue." was all he said.

Riku grabbed some and shoved the rest away, pressing the ones he held against his eyes, his back to Sora.

Sora frowned gently and rubbed the other's boy's back in little circles, feeling very slight shudders under his hand; "It's okay…"

Riku rubbed his eyes roughly, "Get off. D'you think I'm crying?" He sniffled faintly, "You're a doofus,"

Sora played along, "Nah, you don't cry,"

Riku grabbed more tissue, pressing it against his eyes harder, "S'right."


"I never fucking cry,"

"Nope. But if you did, that'd be okay too," Sora watched Riku's jaw clench tighter, just visible been varying lengths of silver, watched a tear travel down to his jawbone and settle in a strand of hair.

Very carefully, he traced the finger-mark-type bruises on his best friend's arm, and then pulled him into a tight embrace at the very same moment Riku burst into tears.