Hello everyone~! I do apologize that we've taken yonks to update. These are the last two we've done in that time. Both of us are at the end of year 12 and have exams and such, so it's going to take a while and we really so apologize. But I swear that even if my interests change, we will finish this fanfic!

Shizuo could feel something in his head snap, and he let out a very aggravated growl as he held it and lightly tugged on his blonde locks.

Why, oh WHY, did he ask if Izaya was going to stay over his house while the deal for the week was just starting?

He could of just stood quiet and been happy about living in a small, quiet apartment. The only place Izaya wouldn't invade because the place wasn't to his liking.

He seemed to realize his mistake a bit too late now.

It hadn't even been 5 minutes and half of his wall for the crummy apartment was missing! Not even five minutes!

"Are you serious!?"

He grinded out through clenched teeth as he tried to calm himself as best as he could. As always, Izaya was able to annoying with smug and annoying comments that made him snap.

Sighing, he ruffled through his hair that he had just messed up not too long ago and pointed to the floor of where the couch use to be.

"Right there, isn't it obvious."

He turned away from the flea to look at the damage he had done to the crappy apartment and lit a cigarette.

Damn it, how was he going to explain this to the owner?

Izaya blew a puff of air out of the corner of his mouth as he studied Shizuo, his reactions, his mannerisms... oh, he was deliciously predictable and yet tauntingly capricious. He stepped into the room properly, the mess surrounding him didn't exist as he jumped through it.

Izaya landed his feet a meter or so away from the blonde, and then he stopped. Shizuo's words made him chuckle. And not a sarcastic one either. He was not sleeping on the floor.

No matter how much self-pity he bottled up, no matter how much dignity he'd lost in front of Shizuo; he wasn't going to give the brute the satisfaction of watching him fall asleep like an animal.

Said raven shook his head.

"No deal." He spoke monotonously, regarding the area around him as though he were interested in the mess as a subject of conversation for a brief moment, before with a sly grin he slipped past the tall male and into his bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him, and locking it quickly.

Here. He'd sleep here. The fact that he had left his clothes in the prior room meant nothing. He was staying here and that was it.

"Thank you Shizuo~!" He called through the door.