Er – hi. My name is Ron Weasley – alright, it's actually Ronald Bilius Weasley. I don't know what my parents were thinking to give me that as a second name so don't bother asking (not that I hate late Uncle Bilius) – and I have a secret no else in the family knows. Yeah, I know I sound mysterious or something along the lines but seriously, I do have a secret and it's a bloody miracle that none of my family knew about this or I don't know what on Merlin's wrinkly arse I'm going to do.

Well, my secret is that I can see the future, just glimpses of it, through physical contact although it doesn't happen all the time or that would've been a bother. Another thing to note though is that I can see the future of others, not mine. Shame but it can't be helped.

How on Merlin's wet socks I got this ability? I'm not very sure but if I think about it, it showed up months after I had the Magic-Flu. No, it's not like the flu that the Muggles get, it affects the magic of the person. Mum said that it only occurs to children under twelve so it's unlikely someone will get it beyond that age. Anyway, I had one even I was eight years old. I kept blowing up some stuff back then and the worst was that I was able to demolish my whole bedroom room after a week of being sick.

So moving on, I realized I have this gift – yeah, that's what I'm calling it – when I had a vision about my older brother Bill – he's the eldest, by the way – that he took the Curse Breaker job at Gringotts after graduation, and after almost a year an a half (long, I know), it happened. Since then, I write down every single future flashes I get in a journal (which I asked dad to buy me one and he didn't question it, thank Merlin), even the ones I had earlier (it's a miracle I remembered most of them; I have a tendency to be forgetful).

Now I think about it, writing calms me down even when I have those visions about – er – gory and violent ones. I'm not going to write it down again, mind you.

Honestly, I don't know why I'm writing this. It's like I'm introducing a story. I must be going mental. I should really stop now anyway because tomorrow is September one so I have to sleep early. I'm on my first year at Hogwarts and I'm hoping to get in Gryffindor like the rest of my family who are all in Gryffindor – okay, there's still Ginny who's younger than I am but I'm going this year.

I'm sure I'm going to end up in Gryffindor. Imagine me being sorted to Slytherin, that'll be a nightmare.

This is going to be another Ron-centric and it's something that I've been wanting to play with for a while now. Whenever Ron says something he jokes about, it happens. There are some instances in the books and it has given me an idea.

No, he's not going to be Super or Powerful!Ron like Super or Powerful!Harry that I've read (I believe I read around six to seven stories about Harry having uber many and powerful abilities to the point that it's so unbelievable in many aspects). Ron only has this ability and he'll have to utilize it one way or another. He's still Ron – the loud, stubborn, sometimes rude, lackadaisical, judgmental, hot-tempered, insecure, emotional size of a teaspoon character we all love and know. But he'll be different at the same time so yeah.

I'll say something else in the next chapter because this is getting long. Oh before you leave this page, I'm asking if there's anyone who's willing enough to become the beta-reader of this story. English is not my first language to be honest.