Ch. 1

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs stared at Director Leon Vance as if the man had been on a week-long bender. Clearly the man wasn't sober and of sound mind.

"This is a bad idea," the lead agent warned.

"It's done Gibbs. Get your team prepared. I don't want any screw ups," Vance said dismissively. He wasn't sold on the whole idea either, but SecNav had passed down the edict. Their organization had taken a couple recent hits toward their credibility.

"This is a way to show what we're really made of," the Secretary of the Navy had told Vance.

The director shook his head after Gibbs had exited his office in his usual gruff manner. Yeah, it wasn't his idea, but it would be quite an experience to witness, he smiled to himself.

When Gibbs strode past Tony's desk still unsettled by Vance's directive, Tony look up. "Anything wrong Boss" he asked.

"There's a lot wrong DiNozzo. We'll just have to be the ones to fix it," Gibbs replied as he sorted things on his desk.

He had no idea what the director or whoever arranged the future fiasco was thinking, but he darn well didn't want his agents put under the microscope or to have the spotlight thrust upon them. Not that he doubted the integrity or ability of his team, but what being asked of them would only bring out the worst in them.

No longer able to delay the inevitable Gibbs stood with his palms flat on his desk and leaned forward. His actions and posture got the immediate attention of his agents. The three of them waited to hear what their boss had to say preparing for whatever battle they were sure to face.

"The powers that be have decided that the public," he snorted on the last word," needs to see us at our finest," Gibbs looked to each of his agents in turn seeing their confused, but attentive demeanors.

"We're always our finest," Tony smirked. Ziva scoffed and Tim rolled his eyes at the senior field agent's pure aggrandizement of them.

"You'd better be. This weekend we're going to be followed and recorded until the end of shift Sunday," Gibbs warned them all silently to no avail as they each reacted to the upcoming prospect of being on television.

"This will be just like COPS right?" Tony asked already primping his hair. "What should I wear?" He sat down to make a list of his wardrobe.

Tim sat making his own list of things to show off that would make their investigations more interesting.

Ziva simply sat sharpening her knife curious about why everyone was so excited. "What is this COPS?" she asked.

Tony stopped writing and gave Ziva a sideways glance. "Are you serious?" Tony stood and when his partner put her hands out shrugging her ignorance, he had to enlighten her. "Well my dear ninja, it's only one of the longest running reality TV shows where the cameras follow officers of the law as they bust bad boys and girls and bring them in for booking."

"I do not see the point of featuring us," she looked back at Tony. "Most of our work is done investigating the crime. We could go the whole time without making a single arrest."

"True," Tony mused putting his finger to his chin. "That would make for a boring filming. Unless…" he smiled.

"Unless nothing DiNozzo," Gibbs spoke up. "We will do our jobs and ONLY our jobs. I don't want this becoming any more of a circus than it's destined to be."

"Right Boss," Tony skirted back to his chair to finish his list.

Gibbs shook his head in frustration. "I'm going for coffee," he stated leaving his agents to contemplate the coming weekend.