Ch. 6

"This is my favorite part," Tony shouted out as the team sat around watching their footage for the umpteenth time.

"We know Tony," Tim pushed his partner away from him as Tony grabbed popcorn from the bowl in his lap, "You tell us every time."

"Look at him. He's a natural for the camera," Tony pointed at Gibbs explaining the events that led up to Lieutenant LaPage's demise. "Who would've thought that a case that turned out to be a mere, but tragic accident could make us look so good?"

"It was a humanities piece," Ziva shrugged.

"You need to go back and study some more of your idioms Zee, it's humanitarian piece," Tony teased.

"Even you guys came out looking good. I wonder if Vance paid them to not show your bickering," Tim threw in his own shot.

"We do not bicker," Ziva said defensively.

"Yeah, McArgue, we simply debate the facts," Tony smiled.

"Whatever," Tim rolled his eyes and smiled.

They were all glad that the cameras and the crew that accompanied them had left the Navy Yard soon after the case was closed. The director was pleased that things had gone well after the initial small fiascos that arose. They had proven that they were a good team and each member integral in piecing the case and evidence together.

Vance had to admit that he was impressed by Gibbs' interaction with the young girl. It made for a real sentimental moment, not something the gruff lead agent was known for. It was almost like getting a glimpse of what the man may have been like before he lost his family.

He'd congratulated the team after the show had aired on television and had given each member a copy to keep for posterity. The copies even had pieces of the outtakes that were thankfully not shown to the public. The only one that hadn't been cut was Gibbs' now well discussed 'sign of affection'. SecNav took a bit of convincing that it wasn't abuse from a superior.

He looked around the bullpen and noticed that Gibbs wasn't sitting with the others. To the best of his knowledge he had yet to watch the episode at all. He had no doubt where the man in question was at right now.

Down in his basement Gibbs grinned at the tv in his corner. The slap to DiNozzo's head was his favorite part, but he'd never tell.