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When they found me . . . god, it was so long ago I can hardly remember. It was Hell, lying there, just waiting to die over my burns and wounds. I should've known better than to venture into Steam Cave by myself! I couldn't have made it, I know that now. I'm a Grovyle, and my level wasn't even that high! God, I was ignorant.

Onto the story: I was laid out in a corner, moaning softly. My burns from all the flamethrower attacks were insane enough, but the wounds from smashing into rocks and a Pokémon's body?

Fresh and bleeding. And don't get me started on my empty stomach.

Hell, no excuses.

I should've fainted somewhere on my first couple of days, but it was clear that these wild Pokémon wanted to kill me.

I think it was about a month being in there. I'm pretty sure my heart had almost stopped and a Magmotar was about to finish me off with fire punch, when suddenly, it got blasted back by a water gun attack. A Treecko came into my line of sight and finished it off with drain punch. A few seconds later, a Piplup came into my view. I think it was walking over to me, but the only thing I could process before I blacked out is this: "Those Pokémon saved me."

I remember waking up on a soft bed made of moss and straw. Surprised, I sit up and immediately feel dizzy, so I lay down again. Slowly moving my head, I observed my surroundings.

To my right, a window. To my left, a wall . . . and food?

I eagerly grab the small bundle, sitting up against the wall behind me and pick through its contents. An apple! And some berries! Yes! I scarf it down without second thought. It's the biggest meal I've had in about a month, so who cares?

When I finished, I faced the hallway in front of me, trying to sort out my thoughts.

How did I get here?

Well . . . I think that Treecko and Piplup brought me here. It seems unlikely, but when the Piplup was walking towards me, I saw that it had a treasure bag. I've heard that every exploration team has a treasure bag.

What is this place?

It seems that I better find out, huh?

I stood up, bracing myself for the dizziness-or pain-that was sure to come. It didn't. I looked around me, shocked. What'd they use? Potions?

I gathered my courage and walked into the hall, my footsteps echoing softly around the corridor. I noticed a closed door at the end of the hall, and two open doors on either side. I didn't want to look in the open ones.

When I reached the door on the far end, I pressed my ear against it to listen. There were voices on the other side, like in a chorus. "Two! Run away and pay! Three! Smiles go for miles!" "Alright, everyone!" A singular voice. "Let's get to work!" "Hooray!" The chorus again.

I heard footsteps going away from the door, as if the group disbanded.

"You there!" The second voice sounded. I flinched, thinking the speaker had found me, but then I heard two pairs of footsteps headed toward the voice. "Yes?" one asked.

"I need you to go to Apple Woods and replenish the larder," the conductor dude ordered. "Our food supply is running low, and Guildmaster Wigglytuff is out of Perfect apples-again!"

I didn't hear the rest, to in awe to speak. Did he just say Wigglytuff . . . ? So that means I'm in Wigglytuff's guild! That is really cool.

Suddenly, I felt the door opening. I jumped up to the top part of the door, hanging on to stay out of sight. Whoa . . . I didn't know I could do that. Who walked through was that treecko and piplup I saw earlier. They're headed back to the room. It's their room? Wow. It was nice of them to let me stay there.

I jumped off the door and landed silently, following them. They were in the room, gathering stuff and sticking it into the Treasure bag I saw earlier. Leaning against the doorframe, I asked, "Where's Apple Woods?"

Both Pokémon jumped slightly when they heard me. The piplup turned around first. "Oh hey!" it greeted. A boy. "We were wondering where you were, so we could ask you if you wanted to come to Apple Woods with us . . . if you were feeling well enough." I considered this for a second. "It depends on what type of Pokémon live there," I replied.

"Oh, just normal grass types like you and Treecko," he answered.

I mentally sighed in relief. "Sure."

He grinned. "Well, c'mon, we're all ready, so let's go!" He walked past me, Treecko following him. I trailed behind Treecko, realizing he hadn't said a word to me at all.

Out the hall and into the room. The floor had grass growing on it. Weird. Looking to my right, I saw another window. Hey . . . aren't we underground? Oh wait, we're on a mountain.


Piplup and Treecko are climbing a ladder to the upper floor, so I follow.

The upper floor is relatively empty, furniture wise, with the exception of two boards on the wall and a stone rise with a chimecho standing behind it, like a desk. Piplup most likely saw me staring, because he said, "That's Chimecho. She cooks dinner for the apprentices every night and runs the assembly. I'll tell you more later, so hurry up!" Looking back over at them, I saw they had climbed the ladder again. I scrambled to follow them.

We reached the entrance and walked outside. The sunshine slammed in my face, making me blink about five thousand times to get used to it. When my eyes adjusted, I look up. The sky was a bright blue with a couple of wispy clouds, and a cool breeze blew through the area, and by judging the temperature I think it was late September. I took a deep breath, losing myself in a daydream. Hey . . . I never thought I'd see the daylight again! Can you blame me?

"Hurry up!" Piplup yelled, snapping me out of my trance. I took one more breath and followed.

I was somewhat helpful in the dungeon, being a grass-type and all. I mainly used Force Palm, my main offensive non-grass attack, and Protect, which helped a lot. Also, Piplup told me about the assembly. Sometimes, wild Pokémon become impressed with you and want to join your team. If you say yes, they join. If no, they don't. Simple, really.

Soon, we reached the end of the dungeon. There was a huuuuuuuuuge tree in the center of the clearing, hanging with a bunch of perfect apples. We all stared up at it. "Will you two get some?" Piplup finally asked. "I can't reach them . . ."

Treecko and I looked at him. I shrugged. "If you say so. C'mon Treecko." I ran up to it and scaled the trunk in seconds. Treecko soon caught up to me, and we both grabbed as many perfect apples that we could carry and jumped back down.

I gave him a sideways glance. What does he think this is? A race or something?

Treecko's not very fond of me.

I pushed the thought out of my head and dumped the apples back in the treasure bag that Piplup was holding after Treecko. The whole team-including me-turned around and walked out of the dungeon, none of us saying a word.

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